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Does AI Content Rank In Google.

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Can Content Written by AI Rank on Google?

This is a very trending question especially if you are a blogger, most newbies in a content generation are easily swayed by the new disguise of AI content writing, and the most palatable sales pitch used is that AI content can easily rank on search engines like Google. This is far from the truth, as we now see a surge in AI-generated content on the internet.

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"The use of AI is taking an upward trend towards improving both the quality and quantity of creating content. It is forecasted that between 2020 and 2027, AI will see a growth rate of 33.2%." quoted by SEMRUSH

The fact there is a misconception about having an automated means of writing millions of unwarranted published content online versus having content generated based on research and trend, it is a fact that Google can easily spot AI content versus content written by bloggers (humans).

According to the post on SEJ, John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, AI written content is deemed spam and may result in a manual penalty by Google’s algorithms.

So therefore most bloggers are hit with the dilemma of whether this AI-generated content can rank on Google, the answer is a between-the-line kind of answer. I personally do not support AI-generated content, I find them incomplete, it's like having a terminator act like a human, there can never be a soul, same thing with artificial intelligence-generated content, it can never have the feel or equality as if it was written by a human blogger. 

Call me old school, but I believe that a professional blogger will understand where am getting at with my statement, using AI for blogging or content generation can be fun if not make things easier, similar to aggregating tons of content published from other websites (media outlets) on your site without proper referencing, same can be said of AI-generated content, what are the odds of you not having an AI-generated content not being republished on your post?

Let's play out a scenario, where everyone were using different types of AI content generation software, I can be certain that most will have grown dependent on them, and hence when they get bugged your website will get hit for quality content or when their are many similarities with other contents online even worse with your own post.

Automation can be fun, but giving full control is dangerous. If AI is created to follow all SEO checklists and presents content or webpage with this checklist, do you know that such tactics will be deemed as cheating and also blacklisted because it opens up a flood of spam content and ranking? You can never have a 100% that is why we are human and hence the need to always improve on our lagging inefficiencies in areas we do specialize in. My personal verdict or opinion on AI-generated content is on the fence right now and more of a gray area for me, I rather use our normal generated tools to create content than use an automated AI tool for that, even though their tool will generate 100s of content in equivalent to my single content in a week.

So for those that rely solely on AI-generated content for their blog content on search engines, this is my advice, try and pick up a pen and write sometimes, relying too much on AI content can be detrimental in the long haul.

Soley focuses on using a semi-automated tool that can aid with providing you with the necessary techniques to improve your content writing skills. For instance, SEO Web Analyst blogger platform provides LSI titles that you can use from a two-word phrase to nine-word phrases, providing you with Google in the search form to help you do a similarity search and a curator URL importer that aids you import the ranking URL content for you to easily paraphrase and claim as your own content or simply make a reference to the original content and publish.

These are very effective ways to actually work on your content writing skills to improve your ranking on search engines ultimately, by using AI-generated content you simply diminish the value and effort the original bloggers put in to create content online.

And if you are a blogger relying on making money via content, then you will know that using AI-generated content can actually get you banned, not to say the low-quality content that is attached to most, you can also see a decline in your content popularity and visibility online. AI contents are not suitable for monetization, and conclusively does not guarantee a ranking on search engines, as search engines like Google do not acknowledge content written with AI.

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