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Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns.

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The 4 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns Every Marketer Needs To Master.

Email marketing is not a new way of marketing content to prospects or leads, on the contrary, email marketing is more of a retention and soliciting marketing tool. You can basically use email marketing as a tool used for creating groups of similar like-minded communities, somewhat like the way you do with your social communication platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Hope you get my drift. So in other words, email marketing can serve as a means of communication alongside other platforms, it can also be used as a way to pitch your new associate services or products to your email list.

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The stressful aspect of email marketing is the building and the regular check on dead malls or unsubscribed email lists, but with proper segmentation, you will be able to get better results from your email campaigns gradually.

You can read some of my old evergreen articles on our email marketing campaign case studies for further insight.

Today I will be addressing the major types of email marketing campaigns, and although you will find some lists ranging as much as 10 or 20, I find them over-exaggerated.

There are basically 4 types of email marketing campaigns and no matter how you look at the other list they still fall under any of the four categories mentioned below;

  1.  Newsletter Emails
  2. Acquisitional Emails
  3. Retentional Emails
  4. Promotional Emails

What gives them away is majorly the email marketing content, this is what sets them apart and the type of leads they are targeting in their campaign adverts.

Newsletter Emails are majorly emails that are targeted to individuals that subscribe to a website to receive information specifically regarding the platform itself, such prompts are noticeable when you want to register on a new website, you will always find the check box that you are required to thick alongside their terms and privacy rules.

seo web analyst blogger community

While others use the newsletter format to get their reader's blog information like the way bloggers broadcast their new content to their readers that subscribes to them. But what you should know is that they always have a copy of these emails at their disposal for email marketing campaigns.

seo web analyst blogger community

The essence of this is that you will be sent emails that are company-related and also industrial-related, and they use the opportunity of you registering with your email on their platform to achieve this type of email campaign.

Others rely on offering you a free tool that will require you to submit your emails for you to receive or view the results of what you have executed on their platform, all these processes are the first stage of gathering emails, which does not involve segmentation really since such emails are broad and not tailored or profiled.

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Acquisition emails are already defined in the name, Acquisition email marketing is the process of using email campaigns to grow your customer base. This involves sending campaigns to permission-based emails where a third-party marketer can email their offer or service to a prospect they don't have an existing relationship.

In most cases marketers (newbies) will want to rush things by buying email leads of the time, I do not encourage such emails, as they are emails that are solicited from a third party or from a competitor forming some sort of joint venture cross-marketing scheme.

The backfire of this is you may not get any instant results as expected and it may take more time to groom this set of leads as you are yet to understand them, hence the need to segment them into categories.

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Retention emails are emails sent to existing customers to encourage them to continue using your product. Retention emails come in different forms, but they are all designed to communicate the value of your product and keep existing users loyal to your brand.

To get a full insight on how to implement retention email marketing for your online campaigns I suggest you read How To Use Email Marketing Retention Online Marketing.


Promotional Emails are quite simple, and these are periods you target for your best deals or offers to convert more sales or reward your loyal customers, so they feel special. In most cases, promotional emails are targeted at acquiring new customers as well as retaining old customers.


Extra Inputs on the Types of Email Marketing Campaigns.

seo web analyst blogger community

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