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Digital Marketing For Business Promotion.

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Digital Marketing For Business Promotion.

If you are running a business in today's world and do not have a reference for it online, then you might need to reconsider your options in that regard, executing digital marketing for businesses is now a standard for marketing professionals. You might find this a bit unclear but we now have different sources to promote one's business via the internet. We have social media sites, search engines, pay-per-clicks, blogging, Smart TV paid ads, online cable advertisements, etc.


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The most exciting part of this is that if you are not familiar with any of these listed options you will not be able to maximize their usage. Hence, I have compiled a very thoughtful course module for digital marketing for businesses, especially targeting small business owners that cannot afford to hire an expert to run their online digital marketing campaign for them.


Below are the content details of what to expect in the course module, which we have prepared via our live class sessions, we believe if you are able to get your hands on these digital marketing materials you will be able to understand the mechanism behind setting up a successful digital marketing campaign for your business, giving you an edge to promote your business to your target audiences at a minimum cost.



ULTIMATE: DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMME (16-course VIDEOS [interaction session]).

seo web analyst blogger community

You can test your individual skills with respect to your digital marketing knowledge via the questions and answers Google form below, please note that the questions are solely based on the video material course


Test your proficiency in digital marketing course test here



Digital Marketing Video Course Outline.

The following is the content of the interactive digital marketing video course, if you are interested in making a purchase of this video digital marketing course, kindly reach me via WhatsApp.


*Keynote: Understanding Digital Marketing For Business.

Introduction to Google Ads campaign setup & management.

*Keynote: Understanding How To Write Ads Copy.

Explanation on Ads copy that converts with emphasis on Ads text content.

*Keynote: Understanding the Keyword strategy in Ads.

Explaining the different types of keywords used in Ads Placement.

*Keynote: Understanding The Use Of Landing Pages.

Explaining what Landing pages are and their purpose for ads campaign.

*Keynote: Understanding what cost acquisition analysis is.

Learn how to calculate the acquisition cost of leads in ads conversion.

*Keynote: Understanding Building an Ads Campaign.

Explaining and identifying the type of campaigns suitable for your goals.

*Keynote: Understanding Ads types Display & Search (Part 1).

Explaining the types Ads under Display and how to set them up.

*Keynote: Understanding Ads types Display & Search (Part 2).

Explaining the types Ads under Display and how to set them up.

*Keynote: Understanding what geographical targeting is.

Easily understand how to target your audience based on location.

*Keynote: Dynamic Keywords on Google Ads- How it works.

Detailed insight on how Dynamic Keywords operates on Ads.

*Keynote: What is SEO- Search Engine Optimization (Part 1).

Understanding the position of SEO in digital marketing for business.

*Keynote: What is SEO- Search Engine Optimization (Part 2).

Understanding the types of Keywords used in SEO and how to rank for Keywords.

*Keynote: What is SEO- Search Engine Optimization (Part 3).

Understanding the types of links and how to build a link strategy.

*Keynote: The Role of Content in Search Engine Optimization.

Detailed insight on why "CONTENT IS KING" in Search Engine Optimization.

*Keynote: Social Media Impact In Search Engine Optimization.

Understanding how having a social media presence can help your business SEO.

*Keynote: Illustration in setting up Search Console.

Understanding the role of search console in Search Engine Optimization.

*Keynote: How To Create and Submit Sitemap.

Understanding and interpreting what Sitemap does and it's function in SEO.

*Keynote: How To Setup Google My Business.

Understanding the fundamentals behind setting up Google My Business.

*Keynote: The Classifications and Terms Used in SEO Audit.

Understanding the fundamentals behind a complete website SEO Audit.

*Keynote: How To Setup Google Analytics

Explains how Google Analytics can be used to measure website performance.

*Keynote: Using Data Science in Digital Marketing (Part 1).

Explaining and identifying techniques used for data gathering and prediction.

*Keynote: Using Data Science in Digital Marketing (Part 2).

Reading Google Analytics traffic data proficiently using Data Science techniques.

*Keynote: Understanding What is Growth Hacking.

Explaining and identifying types of growth hacking techniques.

*Keynote: Understanding the Benefits of Growth Hacking.

Explaining the benefits of deploying growth hacking into businesses.

*Keynote: Merits of having a growth hacking funnel.

Explaining the practical aspect of growth hacking and how to set up a funnel.

*Keynote: Understanding How To Generate Leads.

Explaining marketing methods used for lead acquisition and retention.

*Keynote: Understanding the role of social media in digital marketing.

Explaining the types and use of social media with emphasis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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