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Online Marketing Strategies Olatunji Adetunji

Olatunji Adetunji

Local SEO Services For Small Businesses


Small Business Local (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Services There are over a Million customers searching for local small businesses per day on search engines and approximately 84 percent of prospects require digital capabilities to facilitate brand transactions. Without an executed local business SEO presence, you are missing out on valuable leads, traffic, and sales opportunities. Recommended Read: Small Business Local Seo Services   What is local (SEO) search optimization? Local SEO is the process of improving the local search visibility of small... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Best Times To Post on Social Media


What is the Best Time To Post On Social Media? The best time to post on Social Media depends on the time your audience is most engaged on these social media platforms. In this article I will be using Facebook as the benchmark for my analysis since it is the world's highest social media platform with roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users as of the fourth quarter of 2021, Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide. So I think it will be fair to take this data test from them and not be on a repetitive course, after our results as been derived we can now compare... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How Does Banner Advertising Work


What is Banner Advertising? To simply put banner advertising is the display of ads in graphic or text design messages for the purpose of delivering an advertisement sales pitch to a targetted audience on the web with the intention of generating click-throughs to their respective websites. A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser... as defined by Wikipedia. As... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How To Use Google SEO Stop Words List


The Complete Google SEO Stop Words List. Have you ever wondered what words are key to SEO or have more prominence with search engines like Google, and how can you implement them relatively in your keyword ranking with Google SEO bid? The essence of the SEO community targetting stop words for SEO is basically to try and optimize the pixel space or length space they have with their URL and Title tag of a web page they are trying to rank on search engines, and the fact that search engines place no priority values on stop words in order to speed up search results or to save disk space.   What... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

List Of Bad Outdated SEO Practices and Tactics


List of Outdated SEO Tactics You Should Avoid. There are lots of bad SEO practices that are still in use to game search engines for faster and higher-ranking positions with zero to no effect, thus questioning yourself, is SEO outdated? Most SEO tactics that were working 10 years ago are no longer relevant while others have lost their high impact on SERP, and this is due to continuous abuse of these tactics, making them spammy in nature. I will like to address some of these outdated SEO practices which are still in use and those that are also considered as BAD SEO. But prior... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Exact Match Keywords Ranking (SEO)


Exact Match Keywords When it comes to ranking for SEO keywords their are several methods an SEO Web Analyst can utilize and one of them is considered low-hanging fruit in the SEO community. But I beg to differ with this tactic, as we are going to observe and see how the exact match keywords technique can actually be used naturally with precise SERP targetting. On a norm, every content creator such as myself that enjoys blogging and writing articles will only love to reap the reward of such effort when their quality, well spent timed, articulated post get's the viewership it deserves from... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

Ultimate Guide To Effective Content Syndication


Curation vs. Aggregation vs. Syndication; How to do Content Syndication? This is a very interesting topic to me as it addresses one of the major functions of the SEO Web Analyst platform, ie the Community Blogging Platform. In this article, I will try to address all you need to know about content syndication and how it is highly relevant in content marketing, traffic generation, and SEO. Content syndication is a quintessential means of content marketing these days and an integral part of web traffic, sales conversion, etc. Back in the day, the premier mode of content syndication was blog... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How To Add reCaptcha v3 In Contact Form


How To Install Recaptcha V3 on Contact Form in PHP (Multiple Form). Web spammers are one threat to building a safe email list or receiving quality contact messages from your website, this is why the introduction of ReCaptcha to try and minimize the bizarre rage of spamming activity online, with most goals are on penetrating your server weaknesses. This has brought my attention to the need of installing Google Recaptcha v3 on our web pages, but the dilemma here is that we have two forms on the same page, so how to go about this? First of all, I do prefer the Google ReCaptcha v3 better... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

List of Top 12 Best Search Engines in the world


List of Search Engines Apart From Google What are Search Engines? There are few people in the world that actually know that we have other search engines on the web apart from the big 5, ie Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Badiu, and Ask. You will be surprised to learn that there are other websites out there that call themselves search engines, and because of simplicity's sake, I will try to explain what a search engine does. In lame man terms a search engine should be able to execute these three executives which are to discover, crawl and index a specific kind of information and be able... Read

Olatunji Adetunji

How To Fix Google Index Coverage Issues


How To Fix Index Coverage Issues Google Webmaster Google indexing is a very technical aspect of a webmaster especially in SEO, in this article I will be explaining the issues I went through trying to resolve my Google index coverage warnings. But first, let's discuss what is Google Indexing? Google indexing in a lame term can be likened to a system caching and archiving a web page on the web. Then displaying these web pages to end-users that execute a search via pertinent keyword phrases that are related to the cached and archived pages. There are 3 steps the search engine uses... Read