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How To Generate Quality Leads For Your Business..

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How To Generate Leads:10-Step Lead Generation Process.

Have you ever wondered how to commence your business online, after acquiring a website and putting all in place for sales activation? Yep, we all have been there before, and the best way to approach this is via the sales funnel system. So, in today's post, I will be addressing the simple step-by-step strategies you can utilize to increase, and improve the quality of your leads by targeting the right set of audiences that are more likely to make a purchase of your product or service online.

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What is Lead Generation?

Before we commence, though, I would like to define a lead generation and its importance in your sales funnel map. What is lead generation? from a simple definition, lead generation can be described as a process of converting your website traffic visits into actionable converted prospects, actionable conversion, being form submission, comment, social share, etc but the most prominent, is the submission of data (ie email, name, phone number, etc).

Since we understand that lead generation is a process, it is fair enough that we illustrate these processes of lead generation.

1.) Call To Action: Under our list of actionable processes for lead generation, it is always wise to include your most actionable call to action above the fold of your webpage (Landing page). In this area, you are to utilize the space with a simple straightforward call to action, starting from your webpage headline, your button (call to action button), your image placement (product or service), and your offer.

2.) Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO): The use of Fear of missing out has always been a psychological means of marketing, with the use of anxiety as a tool to quickly make your prospect make the decision on the spot about taking the offer you have presented them on your landing page. This method does work well for duration/time span offers with expiration dates, limited offers and countdown offers, all methods are geared toward using the FOMO technique to get web visitors to make that instant decisive action.

3.) Pop-up Window: We have different types of pop-up windows, we have the fade-in and the exit pop-up windows, even though there are stats that point out the nuisance these web technologies are to web visitors we do see that the use of pop up windows correctly do convert, especially if they are created with some extra features eg A pop-up window with a video illustration, an animated character explanation, or an introduction to the website, etc.

4.) Viral Marketing: You can generate leads by leveraging on the current traffic your website might be generating organically or via the paid platform. The use of WhatsApp viral share button to gain access to the next page is a very classy way to invite more prospects to your webpage, the use of social share buttons with a counter can also be an effective way to generate viral ability, most of these viral techniques are majorly custom built by web developers.

5.) Social Media Marketing: You can use your social handles to actually generate leads by sharing your URL via relatable groups, if you have an active page you can utilize such as well. Not to forget the soliciting of ads placement from influencers as well can assist you to attain the potential viral effect of your URL distribution across the social media platform.

The other use of social media that blows one's mind is the fact that it can be used as a tool for customer retention or for following up on leads (lead nurturing), so personally, I do find the use of social media marketing as a very broad spectrum of case uses for lead generation and so should you.

6.) Create Landing Page: If you are really interested in generating leads, then you will consider the merit of using a landing page design specifically to house your offers with any of the aforementioned methods of increasing conversion.

Your landing page can be one of the major factors in acquiring data if used properly and efficiently, one of the major rules is to make sure that both your ads copy and landing page must have the same content and theme, more like a continuous conversation from the ads copy to your respective landing page, this is why it is advisable to not rely on your websites or home pages as a landing page for your ads campaign.

7.) Ads Copy: Oh yes very well-written content can also be a very high means of generating leads via paid ads, of course, you can achieve this via Google ads network, and social media ads eg Facebook, Instagram, etc to mention a few. But, the main concession here is your ad copy, a well-written ads copy with the written media (image banner or Video) can actually increase your Ad CTR (Click Through Rates) versus a poorly written ad copy.

8.) Paid Search: Using the pay-per-click search engine result is a very palatable means of reaching the first page of search engine results without having to wait for months in order to rank higher for pertinent keywords around your product or services that individuals are searching for online. Paid search is a better alternative if you are driven for instant results in terms of generating traffic to your website via paid search, and since the quality of these leads visits are of high end, it is advisable to execute proper keyword research, to fine-tune your search keyword target audience effectively.

9.) Search Engine Optimization: The use of SEO to generate leads is as similar to the paid version, the only difference is that you do this via organic results, and to be honest most organic results on search engines do tend to get higher attention than the paid advert, simply put, we are aware they are paid adverts so mostly we question their credibility, unlike organic results, worked their way to earn such a position on the result pages of search engines.

Apart from this, it is obvious that there are more opportunities with organic rankings as when achieved you stop paying for the service, unlike paid search results that stop as soon as you exhaust your funds. We also have other organic means of reaching organic SERP, which include the use of Google my business, map location results, image results even video results. So I will advise the use of SEO alongside paid adverts as one way to reduce your overhead expense on acquiring leads.

10) Retarget Marketing: This might sound obvious from the name, but most people still fail to see how relevant it is to retarget your marketing ads, this can serve as one of the ways to reduce ads cost and also help increase brand awareness. retarget marketing is the way to show your ads to your web visitors that didn't convert or execute a specifically defined call by action by you, so they tend to see your ads wherever they go online, Facebook does this via pixels and Google via track codes.

The more the customer sees your ads online the more they get convinced to perform the desired action of either making a purchase or lead submission (sign-up activation). Mostly retarget marketing only activates after acquiring enough data about your users that have visited your website, hence following them as they go on the internet until they execute the desired conversion goal set by you. 

Retarget marketing are applicable during paid adverts, another way to actually do retargeting is via email marketing, you can do this also by SMS marketing as well, so you can upsell other items or offers, these two method can also be used as a retention marketing means for your generated leads. Please check out the infographic image below for more ideas and insight as to how you can improve your lead generation system for your businesses.

seo web analyst blogger community

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