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Marketing Automation Software (Definition): What is Marketing Automation?.

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Every marketing platform has a different definition for marketing automation, depending on each marketing automation software functionalities and vision behind the creation of such online marketing tool.

But in reality they all tend to share the same goal of automating process of lead generation and nurturing, both in the area of marketing and sales department of any business.

Marketing automation software were previously saturated around email marketing automation and CRM softwares, but with so many marketing mediums evolving there is a great sense of development in the way business automate their online marketing process.

What is Marketing Automation?

This is a technology world, marketing automation is no more less than a digital platform that helps businesses centralize all their marketing efforts across numerous online marketing channels, automate the manual processes, track and analyze results for conversion.

Depending on the type of marketing automation software you are using, your marketing tools should be able to perform online marketing process that yield targeted leads for lead generation and conversion, customer’s acquisition and nurturing, optimizing and leveraging social media sites and pay per click campaigns for better sales and return on investment.

All done with far less effort and at much lower maintenance cost to sustain the inbound marketing strategy and marketing software, SEO Web Analyst ®™ is that solution you need.

What Does SEO Web Analyst ®™ Do?

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We focus our marketing automation software development on how users can target the right audience that fits their business profile.

We help you to sustain this leads and optimize the use of pay per click on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Using data mining to generate cross reference profiling data, that can be used for retargeting via email marketing, sms marketing, and social CRM with collaboration tools.

Our marketing automation software is built also to leverage the use of several online marketing channels for a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Generating (Targeted) Leads Data Using Social Media Marketing

seo web analyst blogger community

The way we tackle this is via the use of social media sites, using our platform; businesses can easily profile their targeted audience. Tracking and analyzing their targeted audience post with engagements on social media sites we support. Based on our social metrics we define the audience preferences alongside other targeted audience data.

  • Demographic
  • Age
  • Status
  • Followers/Friends
  • Location
  • Language

With this data, users can easily target similar users that share same preferences when targeting them via PPC campaigns on the social site. This will yield a better engagement and conversion rate.

Developing and Implementing Email/SMS Campaign

seo web analyst blogger community

We believe that it is best practice to use option in emails and SMS for campaigns on individuals that have given you permission to do so.

We also believe as an ethical practice to make use of Emails and SMS Marketing as a retargeting tool for leads that you have targeted via social sites.

In other to set this method right, you need to acquire more data of similar lead preferences that fit your business profile. You can do this via a Pay Per Click advertisement on the social site that we support; we track and analyze every engagements and clicks, providing you with essential data you can easily reuse for re-marketing to those that did not convert.

Using emails or SMS marketing in this method provides a second or third method of reach to the same leads targeted, to remind them, to offer them exclusives, or simply thank them.

Each medium of online marketing are tracked and analyze individually on their independent dashboard, you can also use the data provided to add them into a group you can create to communicate, nurture them into customers.

Practicing this kind of reach is by far better off and not too challenging as you have acquired data you can always reuse, save, store or assign to a marketing team.

This by reach is the best way to develop email and SMS campaigns, as retargeting marketing strategies to re-advertise, re-offer, re-brand your service to your prospects.

A customer gets more familiar with a product or service when they keep seeing the same advert repeatedly, and putting your business ads in front of your target audience via email, SMS and their respective social accounts is a secure way to get them to engage, trust, and inquire about your service or product.

The Use of Customers Relation Management (CRM)

seo web analyst blogger community

We have stated earlier that the early adopters of marketing automation software utilize customer relation management (CRM) as one of their marketing tool for businesses, which helps the user in terms of organizing and analyzing their email campaigns.

We offer a social based customer relation management that is centered around Leads management, using social sites to provide the customer relations.

It is said that most business clients are on one social account or the other, and using our technology you can easily reach them, track what they are saying and quickly respond to comments or messages associated to your business.

You can establish a lead management for campaigns set up on social sites to manage this leads and nurture them from prospects to customers.

SEO Web Analyst ®™ social CRM and collaboration tool makes it possible to segment your support, sales and technical staff to each leads and customers account under the preferred social sites we support.

Your support team gives support via any social sites their prospects or customers try to reach them on (supported), track each customer and engage to their post, the same routine is applicable to the technical team.

While the sales team has an invoice recording for each customer which sales is done via social media, we have provided a lead scoring factor to help the sales team to estimate the buying potential of their grouped leads, scoring them as good or bad for the profiled services or products.



This are some unique features that are built into our marketing automation software, which will help your business grow a better lead and retain existing ones.

With many other marketing automation tools in the market it be a better choice to not rely on one.

 We cover some extensive areas in marketing channels as it is, but will not subject our technical knowhow to just what we offer. You can also seek out other marketing automation software that has some missing functions you desire.

Nevertheless, one thing we can proud ourselves at is that we will always be a cost effective choice for any business online marketing budget.

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