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Challenges Facing Social Media Marketing :Facebook Marketing

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Over the past few months coming into 2015, Facebook has deprecated most of its API access. Which is now becoming a major game changer that will start to affect social media marketing platforms.

Most social media marketing / managing platform that basically utilize the Facebook APIs will now be forced to remove most of their former permissions from their Facebook Web Based, Desk Top, Andriod, IOS applications.

Facebook is now shifting the gear from providing 3rd party applications access to users/ profile functionalities to simply basic functions, which most social media marketers might question as being close to useless.

Currently deprecated API permissions like

  • Manage Notifications

  • Posting to groups
  • Reading profile streams
  • Messaging and Reading inbox
  • Tracking Mentions on Facebook (only to some partnered Facebook entities)
  • Chatting on 3rd party to Facebook
  • Getting Sentiment Analysis on Facebook

and some other use to be useful features on some popular  3rd party applications will no longer be functional, due to abuse or zero usage of this permissions.


Now on your business Facebook page a lot of modification has occured with admin having only the features to post on their fan page wall and can no longer share post to other groups or their profile wall but to other pages they admin (but seriously was the use of that function?).

What this does is to limit your post reach to only the individuals that actually liked your page and have accept to receive notification from your page, hence helping boost the need to BOOST PAGE POST for reach and engagements.

A far more deciding blow to the reduction of organic reach on Facebook pages, ie serving less page post, reach to your Fans profile walls, meaning lower engagement (hence you need to post more or simply by common sense perform a post boost...a very catchy preposition that Facebook now uses to eye advertisers, not shying away from normal users either).

All this modification from the new look of users wall, features and subtractions of facebook buttons like share button have all been based on Facebook trying to leverage their advertising reach against unethical spammy social media marketing tactics and against popular free way of performing viral reach of contents on the social giant platform, eg Group posting, spamming other users with your unsolicited inbox messaging and extracting facebook user profile email addresses [still common] (more reason the idea of having a facebook email was shifted to your profile email addresses, when a user sends you an email via your Facebook email address it gets routered to your primary profile email address you used to open Facebook account).

The future of Facebook Marketing is getting more and more challenging as Facebook is sorting out ways to better and protect its ads revenue by reducing opportunities for social manager that will like to get more reach and engagement by doing manual viral post activities (which are now automated via social media marketing tools).

Facebook Marketing will now be more focused on admin pages and less on profile user accounts, so 3rd party applications that are not building a Facebook-branded client on platforms where Facebook is not already available. For example, Android and iOS apps will not be approved for this permission. In addition, Web, Desktop, in-car and TV apps will not be granted this permission.

Now the question. How will major social media management platform react to this?

Social media management tools like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, rIGNITE, sendible, mavsocial, oktopost, socialdraft,  etc all this social media management platform all have something in common which will start to deprecated before the end of April 2015. (this common terms are listed above).

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