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Facebook Marketing Fight Against Spam Content: Group Posters

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Today I woke up to realize something in my inbox, its one of the most popular plague that seems to be attached to internet marketing world wide.

It affects you as much as it affects me or the next person, as long as you make use of the internet and web base facilities you are bound to be hit with SPAMs.

SPAMMERs originated from Emails via the usage of email marketing, which was then in the mid 90s one of the most useful source to reach a wider array of audiences online. Sending bulk emails to unsolicited email addresses, fleecing unknowing account users into false advertised contents and harmful viruses, trojan downloads or scam schemes of get rich quick networks, which are still found in some inbox till date.

 During the introduction of Search Engines towards the early and mid era of the 1990s,  Search engines were more like directories with sites like altavista, yahoo directory,  before the advent introduction of remake of what search engine should truly be and the branding of it has Google.

List of Early Web Search Engines of the 90s (First generation Search Engines)

early web search engine, first released on September 2, 1993 by developer Oscar Nierstrasz at the University of Geneva.

 AltaVista was an early web search ngine. It was once one of the most popular search engines, but it lost ground to Google.

AltaVista publicly launched as an internet search engine on December 15, 1995 at

AirMosaic was an early commercial web browser based on the NCSA Mosaic browser. The browser won Datamation Best Product of the Year award for 1994.

MetaCrawler was originally developed in 1994 at the University of Washington by then graduate student Erik Selberg and Professor Oren Etzioni as Selberg Ph.D. qualifying exam project.In the summer of 1995, NetBot, Inc. was founded to commercialize MetaCrawler.

WebCrawler was the first Web search engine to provide full text search.It went live on April 20, 1994 and was created by Brian Pinkerton at the University of Washington.

Infoseek was a popular search engine founded in 1994 by Steve Kirsch.Infoseek was the first search engine to sell advertising on a CPM, Cost Per Thousand Impressions, basis, By September 1997, Infoseek had 7.3 million visitors per month.

In 1997 Infoseek was the first internet company to develop and launch behavioral targeting via its UltraMatch targeting algorithms.

In 1999, Infoseek engineer Li Yanhong moved to Beijing, China and co-founded the search engine Baidu.

Lycos, Inc. is a search engine and web portal established in 1994. Lycos also encompasses a network of email, webhosting, social networking, and entertainment websites.

Search engines were also exploited with spammy contents to get them ranked for unrelated search terms, hence damaging the authencity of the platform usage. This is why today you have a lot of alogrithms updates that are being used by search engines to try and reduce (they simply cannot annhilate spam totally) spammy contents or tricks.

Now this transmitted virus has finds its way into SOcial Media Marketing, in forms of posting bulk messages or contents of one single context to several outlets of social media sites.

The act of sending out bulk group messages of same content to several hundreds of groups you belong to is actually a spammy way to spam social media sites, and this method is so much practiced till date and it was first a manual thing prior the cunny invention of auto poster or group blaster products by internet marketers to syphon lazy social media marketers into buying spammy social media marketing tools. The author of most tools donot utilizing them and most applications built on Facebook APIs lose their permissions easily due to abuse of usage by their subscribers.
Most of this spammy tools are no less different from functionalities found on most branded social media marketing platforms like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Rignite, etc.

So the question of how do you then abuse the use of this tools into getting your post labeled spammed or getting your app access token revoked?

Simple users of social media marketing platforms tend to see it as a way to automate and get more reach on social sites, since social media marketing is technically a new way to reach more audience, its the web verison of direct marketing and you can easily solicite leads via different apps that built around the social media marketing platform.

When you use social media marketing or social media managing tools the first thing or most common mistake is posting the same thing to 20+ social accounts! This pitch has alwasy been one of the sales point you will see on most branded social management tool or social marketing tool, when you visit their site, but the truth is that users mistake the function as features of this branded social marketing tools.

This is the most ludicrous idea most of us fall victim to, you cannot post the same post on all your social account profile, eg you have 20 Facebook accounts your managing, how wise does it sound to post the same thing on all this account? if that sounds silly then why do people find it convenient to post the same post to groups which they purposely join thousands of them simply to get their post and links shared on them for referral visits?


First of all such people are totally unethical social managers, they exploit the weakness of social media reach for getting more visibilites, why Facebook as reduce Groups membership to 5000. Even Friend request also has a limit of friends you can have, to the point where by Facebook now shows on your wall all the thousand posts you have made to groups you are a member off on your news feed.

Your news feed is what your friend see when they sign into their Facebook profile, to see what their friends are doing or upto. Now imagine you posting to 500 groups all at once (which is impossible as you can only post to 100 groups in a certain time relay, before you trigger the recaptcha box). All this post will be displayed for your friends who now have to scroll 500x to se their other friend post! it is annoying especially when they are browsing via their smart phone.


They will unfriend you, you will become a nuisance to them and certainly the positive idea behind your group posting would be defeated.

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