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Top 10 Ways To Generate Free Targeted Web Traffic To Your Website..

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The World Wide Web is gradually becoming a global industry of its own; with so many users online, the web industry generates free tons of web traffic per second! As a web marketer you would want to tap into this free web traffic source to help increase sales, online visibility, and reach with engagement for your web properties.

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These are list of proven methods to generate free-targeted web traffic to your website, some of this methods may require you to spend a little to see full effects, either way they are cost effective and at a point low priced but efficient.



Setting up Blogging Web Traffic: - Blogging Web Traffic is one of the most reliable ways to get targeted web traffic to your website, because most web visitors that you get via this method are specifically in your niche area and best audience for your product/services.You will need to create a blog on your site; you can get that designed for you using word press or any other CMS (Content Management System) blogging platforms you can install on your website or create your own blogging platform by hiring a web developer.

 Why would you need a blog to generate web traffic for your site?

  • It allows you to write contents about your services, which are easily indexed by search engines and relatively rank your web site for long tail keyword phrases. (As long as you keep writing quality content that can rank on search engines, for more info on that please read How to write successful blog post that rank on Google).
  • If you add social buttons on your blog; it allows easy distributions of your blog contents among popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. that can easily become viral and attract more visitors from the first person that shared, liked, tweet or pinned your content on their social profiles. Another interesting benefit of having social buttons on your site is the fact that your contents url gets syndicated on this top social sites and is also part of search engine ranking signals.


 Setting up (Really Simple Syndication) RSS Feed Web Traffic: - This is one positive way to funnel web traffic to your website, also known as Rich Simple Site  or formerly Rdf Site Summary and the beauty of this technique is that you do not need to own your own blog.You can actually use other blogging platforms, forums, article sites and any other web traffic established website to tap traffic. Whenever you created a post on their website or yours, you get the RSS feed url which normally ends with a xml. Then you need to visit RSS directories and RSS Search Engines where you can submit these urls. Some of the Blog Directories provide premium listings for maximum exposure of your RSS feeds you can consider to give the ones with higher traffic volume some trial. Just make sure that the RSS directory you submit to be relevant to your niche. Most of them will charge between $5 to $20 to make a premium listing and maximum exposure for a year…it is also a great way to get quick listing and get a one-way link back from their site to yours.



Setting up Classified Ads Web Traffic: - You can set up classified Ads on sites that accept free ad posting, sites like Olx, Craiglist, etc. This sites have a lot of traffic and have got easy targeting categories which you can list your services and website url under. There are some other classified ads that provide premium listings as well; you can consider paying for those that have huge traffic generation tendency. Most of them will charge between $5 to $20 to make a premium listing and maximum exposure for a year…it is also a great way to get quick listing and get a one way link back from their site to yours. Tap into the full features of classified ad sites to enjoy a steady flow of targeted web traffic to your website.



Setting up Social Book Mark Web Traffic:- Use this method wisely and you might enjoy the SEO benefit as well. Target high web traffic social book marking sites and use their platform to link back your blog url post, continue implementing this for every blog post you write and see a development in your traffic and also SERP (search engine ranking position).



Setting up Article Directory Web Traffic:- Using article to drive traffic to your site requires you writing educative and illustrative post. When writing on article directories, the best way to generate free web traffic is to discuss a problem and provide the solution that links to your website. Without this you will not be getting any referral traffic from the article sites. You can use article directory submission tools to help you spin your articles and post to top notch article directories in the industry. Another usefulness of this method is that you can use it to generate links, which are useful in increasing your SERP.



Setting up Forum Web Traffic: - For this you need to target forum sites that generate lots of web traffic and sign up to become a member. You need to be consistent with this method or it will not pay off. For 60 days you will be required to write insight full post that touches your area of expertise in your industry, then try to comment on other forum posts that can allow you to drop your website url as a signature. You will be surprised how many traffic this forums can generate, then after your 60 days try to link all your post with anchor text that point back to your site. This way you will be getting SEO values for your site as well.



Setting up Video Web Traffic: - This method can only be successful if you have a How To video, which shows illustrations or provides a case study. Using Facebook Video technology will be the best medium to reach out and get viral. But it will cost you a minimum fee to get the chain reaction ready, you can also look into hiring a video expert to create you short videos that helps showcase your brand

Show case your brand, could be a funny animation, a puzzle video, special offer videos, or even a call to action video. The idea is to get a worthwhile video that will catch your audience and it is appealing to them, if they like it enough, the video will be shared and they will visit your site for more information. Using Facebook video advert portal is a more less expensive way if you simply upload the video into Facebook and give a brief description, a catchy headline as title with a call to action button that links to your url.



Setting up Social Media Web Traffic: - The idea of generating free web traffic from social sites is frankly hard work! Especially if you own several accounts on several social sites. Managing them all and finding fresh stuff to post as updates can be daunting at times, but now there are many technologies built for social media marketing that can help you automate most of this hard day work (including SEO Web Analyst). You can manage several accounts, post to them all at once, schedule your post for several weeks to come, add RSS urls you want to get publish on your social accounts, and lots more. Using some of this social media platforms can help you to reach a wider audience via social sites and help you organize your post, as long as you point them back to your blog url or website, you will keep getting consistent social referral traffic.



Setting up Affiliate Referral Web Traffic: - This strategy might only come in handy if you have a product or a service you own and would like to get other people to earn commission from each referral that convert into sales on your site (using the affiliate referral link). When you set up an affiliate program that is web base, the major benefit to the owner of the program is the amount of traffic it sends to the site owner, which ultimately yields more sales depending on the quality of member affiliates. There are sites online that provide you a platform where you can solicit affiliates from, sites like Clickbank provides such services, with your product/service listing.



Setting up a Local Business Directory Web Traffic: - This involves you getting your business service/product and url on local business directories, as many as possible. It helps to build trust and reviews with feedbacks, placing your business on local business directories can be free, while others might require a listing fee. Any approach you take is fine as long as you can get your business site and description on them; try to get your business featured on some of them as well to get more maximum exposure and reviews from users. Being on a local business directory also helps to boost your local search engine ranking and a positive review or feedback has a long way to go in your business online reputation.



These are the top ten ways to generate Free Targeted Web Traffic to Any Website, this is a strategy that can take up to months to perfect, and will require some low marketing budget to spike up a bit. If you have little budget and require a substantial Targeted web Traffic to your site, then I employ you to try this list out, you can hire extra hands to speed things up. Depending on the niche you market, your website traffic generation volume may vary. Thanks and hope you find this piece insightful and useful.

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