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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Tips and Tricks

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Tips and Tricks

PPC is by Far the most profitable way to earn quick cash and generate a substantial amount of targeted traffic to your website or blog, but a lot of people that dazzled into it get dazed so easily out of it. The major factor that contributes to this catastrophe phenomena is the lack of proper knowledge on how things work with pay-per-click systems. There are majorly two types of PPC Campaign that are widely used for online paid advertising, they are; Cost-Per-Impression and Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Click. Their acronyms are CPI or CPM and CPC or CPA, with whom other terminologies sprung up, such as Click-Through-Rate or Click-Through-Cost, and Click-Per-Conversion.


What You Will Learn From This Post: How To Perform Pay Per Click Advertising / PPC Campaign (Tips and Tricks)


arrowReadily simplify your PPC Camapaign log results by input-analysis of data.


arrowEasily check your PPC Campaign profitability with  ROI (Return on Investment).


arrowForecast how much you need to spend on future PPC Campaigns.


arrowEasily compare different PPC advertising signal results.


arrowEffectively maximmize your PPC rates with returns on Campaigns.


 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Terms ​



These are the clicks that convert to sales, your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign will need this value for you to be able to forcast the PPC Revenue cost of your click through rates, a vital indices to determine your PPC Return On Sales (ROS).


This is the overall or net percentage of cash generated from the PPC Campaign, this is not the same as your Return On Investment (ROI).


You can estimate how much you generated on sales from your Pay per click Advertising with the ROS calculation, using the conversion rate and product price units.​


This show you the revenue generated per impression for a 1000 view, and you may find it useful for comparing revenue accross different channels or platforms.

Pay Per Click Advertising Guidelines


The most vital key point to note during a PPC Campaign is to first perform keyword research,  this will help you to target your keyword demo-graph region with excellent response to your campaign.


Emback on further research with a Beta Testing of your campaign ads, this can be done effectively with placing a Cost Per Impression Ads, this will help you improve your CPC which yields better results for sales generation.


Finally when bidding for a particular keyword, it is far better to pursue keywords who's KEI's are High, the higher the Keyword Effective Index the lesser the competition and the more popular that keyword is. Also make use of long tail keywords that are used by web visitors to buy online (consumer keywords).

  • Step 3 is practically one of the best ethical way to get low bids for a very good keyword.
  • when putting all in place you can simply check the current bid for the keyword and use the SUV®™ PPC Calculator below as a guide in predicting how your PPC Campaign will likely turn out. 
  • Use the SUV®™ to understand the graphs presentations from Google and Facebook PPC Campaigns, and use the ROS results to help you know how much you generated on sales from your current PPC Campaigns.
  •  You should watch the video below, it explains and give more insight on PPC Advertising Campaigns, and how to get the best from it.


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