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Why Your Small Business Needs Online Marketing -Advertisement

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Hey where do you get most of your web traffic from? reading this content will give you a better reason to embrace the idea of getting quality traffic to your business websites and not rely on just one medium! Am sure most advert on your TV are not just on TV intermissions, but also you have ads when watching sponsor shows and soaps! so what mediums are you employing in your internet marketing -advertisement! just Facebook? just SEO? Just Tweets? you my friend have got a long way to go! because you need to know how to mix all the mediums of internet marketing simultaneously to improve your business websites results online.



As big as the World Wide Web is, it is paramount that most people tend to have a misconception about how things work online and try to relate it to offline (real world). Eg for your business websites, you need visitors to your shop or office.
You need to get the word out! You need potential clients to know what your into, which area of service/product you offer that can be of a solution to them.
The most consistent factor is how to proof or convince your clients that you are better than your competitors.
Now you probably will need to have a budget for Traditional marketing, starting form printing of poster bills, business cards, flyers, even business profiles.
Next Step you will need a medium where people have fond interest, this is where you can get the attention of a mass audience to target yourself to. This is done via newspapers, magazines, etc...this are medium level of potential audience, the other forms are Bill boards, radio ads, Tv ads, cable ads, show ads etc.
The whole idea is to get a mass audience to place advert to! even with your small business marketing, a bit of online reach and visibility does help.


Now you own a small business you want to use internet marketing medium, the first thing you need is a business website, can be of any value to you from a capture page (mostly used by affiliate marketers) to a full business websites.
You need to build your clientele list, via targeting ads on mass audience reachable websites.
This is where Facebook, Google, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and so many more of them come in handy!
But now you cannot reach all potential prospects by doing the work manually! it will take forever, so you option in for Paid Advertisement on this channels, this is where PPC Campaign comes in, and the use of Banners on forum site, bloggers, independent web sites, etc.
You hire an agency that knows their way around making your investments last longer in contrary to Paid adverts (this part is were internet marketing gets interesting) you can get your listing by recommendation from the sites itself, thus you save a lot and when your Paid adverts ends for COMPANY A, you are still in business as COMPANY B, because you have been placed on recommendation. eg imagine your Fanpage handled by social media specialist, that can execute a campaign that generates=670,000 Likes that is a network of a potential 6,700,000 post views! or imagine you doing SEO for a keyword and get recommendations for 20 more related keywords which in contrary would have cost you close to 10USD per click for a minimum of 200 visits per month! or an impression of 32,000! 


snap shot of sites you can generate targeted traffic from and the return on investments you can achieve from such internet marketing-advertisement.

///////////////THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO ////////////
Now the difference between the two is one is more accurately semantic than the other, one is more cost effective than the other.
There is a potential of universal reach, with online marketing, the introduction of viral marketing (thanks to social media marketing).

//////////////// DILEMMA WITH WEB USERS ////////////////////
This is where my question arises, I once think of web marketing as an alternative to traditional marketing, but it seems that to perform web marketing (the type that brands are built on) one needs a lot of expense budget, in fact a marketing budget that might literally exceeds your conventional marketing expense! To the point where SMEs will rather focus on the hard working approach of doing their web marketing step by I rather advice a small business owner to focus on SEO than PPC on Google, and place a bit of PPC ads on Facebook prior the given contract period of their SEO project.
This also is one of the reasons why SEO Web Analyst®™ was built...I don't discourage nor encourage the silly expense made on web marketing....imagine a company having a budget of 10,000USD per month to brand themselves imagine a small business marketing budget having that same amount and to be able to convert a R.O.I of 200%...because all you need spend will be a 167USD on a web marketing automated platform and will be able to perform a better online marketing strategy that cost you cent, still using the major websites mediums.


1.) Most web marketing are not successful at this! providing a higher return on investments. 
2.) Leveraging online mediums to provide higher returns on marketing budgets.
3.) Providing analytic data or call to actions that increase sales performance.
Having to focus on too many individual companies for each resources for targeting  internet marketing channels.
All this and more are the headaches that most professionals and newbies, even common internet marketer users face...This discourages them from such ideas.

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