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Introduction to Squeeze Pages

Some of you may find yourself asking, “Well, what in the world is a squeeze page, exactly?” Let us go ahead and look at the definition for it so we know we are all on the same “page” here.

Squeeze pages are landing pages that are created solely to act as an opt-in for information - primarily email addresses - for potential subscribers. You can see an example of a squeeze page below:

seo web analyst blogger community

seo web analyst blogger community

Are you starting to see where this is going? I hope that you are. However, if you are not, no worries because I am here to hold your hand through the whole process and drum a marketing state of mind into your head until you finally have the beat. There will be no need to thank me until later!



The Importance of Building a List

The biggest and most beneficial thing that a squeeze page can do is to build an e-mail list. Once you have an e-mail list and thus, a list of subscribers, you can start sending targeted offers and products, which potentially ends up converting into huge profits for you.

There is also a vast plethora of other things you could do with an email list as an online marketer; the choice is really up to you in the end. But just get something straight.  Squeezes pages are easily the BEST way to get an e-mail list, and if you have a targeted e-mail list then, well, then you are golden. Simply golden. Like they say the “MONEY IS IN THE LIST”!


Bigger Is Better!

Now, it goes without saying that the bigger your e-mail list, the better your chances at a solid conversion. Your main goal is to make a squeeze page so well constructed and well-thought out that people will not be able to resist subscribing to your services. Share the Love You do not just have to market your own stuff. You can sell other people’s products to your e-mail subscriber list or even help promote a product that you yourself like. Most likely, any product you like has an affiliate program, which means you earn money referring new customers. There is nothing wrong with doing favors in this industry, but if you are helping someone push something, then definitely make sure that you are going to get compensated somehow. It is only fair!


A Strong Foundation

E-mail lists are an integral part of internet business marketing.

Email lists allow mass communication with a host of subscribers and people who are interested in the particular products or services that the company offers. It is also a very fine way to follow up with past customers to ensure that they will remain your customers. Are you starting to see just how important squeeze pages are yet?

I certainly hope so! The Sooner You Start, The Better Building your e-mail list has been equated to starting a retirement account. It’s similar in that, if you don’t get one going soon, at some point you're likely to be really, REALLY wishing you had just gone ahead and started one when you were younger. If you are just getting into the online marketing world now, then do yourself a favor and start building your list today.

If you start now, down the road you could have a mammoth e-mail list that you can utilize in every single one of your online marketing campaigns or projects.


The Proof Is In The Pudding!

If you do not believe that a squeeze page can realistically get people to give you their e-mail and subscribe, well, look at us! A well-designed Squeezed page can certainly increase your e-mail subscribers 75% month-to month thanks to using a well converting squeeze page! There are a lot of tested numerous homepage designs and consistently, the best performing and highest converting homepage has been the squeeze page layout.


It CAN be done. The hard part is, you just have to DO it!

While there are certainly a few other layouts to get people to subscribe or submit their e-mail addresses, a squeeze page is arguably the best possible kind. Why? A squeeze page is one of the easiest types of websites to set up.

Quite literally, squeeze pages are built and designed to squeeeeeeeeeze whatever information is needed from the Internet surfer. They are processed through the layout as they are read and are squeezed into the position with the best odds that they’ll submit to willingly give over their information or e-mail address.

Starting out building squeeze pages will also give you a strong foundation and base for when you begin to build more complex landing pages for other offers and projects, pages that will require the Internet surfer to not only give up their information, but more importantly give up something very guarded like their credit card information for a free trial product or something similar.

But don’t worry about that now as it’s really just your job to begin making the best squeeze pages you can possibly muster, because like we talked about earlier, you’re going to get cracking on this email/ subscriber list right from the get-go.

It’s bad enough growing old and grey. You don’t want to be growing old and grey and also without an e-mail or subscriber list. That’s no way to age.


Good Content = Conversion Is King!

If you haven’t already learned it, you soon will.

Conversion is king in the Online Marketing industry and the standard that everything is judged on. Success is measured by it, comparisons drawn with it and campaigns made or broken depending on how it is faring.

Whether you’re building a squeeze page, a landing page, or even just that online ice cream store you’ve always wanted to get running, the bottom line is how to make sure you’re getting as many sign-ups as possible and as many leads as possible (or as many mint chocolate chip gallons as possible).

One of the biggest ways to make sure what you have is tweaked enough to get the maximum number of conversions is... to test!

Change the background color, change the picture sizes, change the font, change the submit button. Just make sure you’re testing each one equally to see which one gives you the highest amount of conversions.


Less = Better

The less clutter and other eye-candy you have on your page, the easier it is to get an e-mail address. Everything on the entire page should be focused on the overall page function of an e-mail submit.

A squeeze page with fewer outgoing links will perform better than a squeeze page with external hyperlinks. Colors, layout, text copy, headers, footers - it’s all very important.

Again, test out several different things and if you’ve been brushing up on your HTML, CSS and PHP, you might even be comfortable with adding some type of function or supplementary doo-dad into the mix. Once AGAIN, test anything major that you think might be a positive. Whittle everything down to ONLY what works, and what you’ll be left with is a squeeze page so fine-tuned and efficient you’ll be hard pressed not to break out into a smile.

seo web analyst blogger community

Case Study: Your Tasks

1) If you subscribe to any e-mails, try and find the squeeze page that the service/company used to get you to give away your e-mail address. List these websites and think about why they grabbed your attention.

2) If the last one didn’t apply to you then make a rough, quick squeeze page and throw it up online. You can build a squeeze page in less than 5 minutes with Squeeze Theme.

3) Once you have built your squeeze page, get some of your friends to take five minutes of their time and have them go onto it, pretending that they are really just surfing around on the Internet. Count how many of them submit their e-mail, then talk to each one and pinpoint what could make your squeeze page better.

4) Write down how you plan to market to your e-mail list once you builds yourself a sizable one.

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