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Often people do wonder what you are talking about when you make mention of squeeze pages or get confused when you refer to a landing page. These always pop the question; what is the difference between a landing page and a squeeze page?

These two pages are so much misinterpreted for each other as people tend to see them as interchangeable terms, but they are technically two different things.

This is due to majority believes from webmasters whom erroneously generalize the two terms interchangeable and mix them up when referring to some other type of web pages.

I will try as much as possible to differentiate them the best way I can, so that next time you see such web pages you will be able to tell the difference between landing pages and squeeze pages.

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TRUE OR FALSE (Home Pages are Landing Pages)?

Technically any page a user lands on from an advert link are generally called a landing page.

WHY? This is common sense, as to when you place a ppc advert of any sort (could be text, banner or video), you are always required to provide a landing page. Now the game changer is this; your so-called landing pages can be any type of page, it could be your home page, mostly the main page a user will see via your website url and it is normally associated with the index.file name [php, html, etc].  Your landing page could even be your service page, about page, and the most comical aspect of it all is that your LANDING PAGE could even be a SQUEEZE PAGE.

So then, what exactly is a landing page? From our description we can define, a landing page is any webpage that serves as an entry point to a website.

In this context, the use of a landing page to describe a squeeze page can actually be accepted but in content wise, both are not designed for the same purpose.

Take our website Home Page for instance, it was designed as a blend of both a Landing Page and a Squeeze page, mixing the above the fold concept of a short webpage with a long webpage concept.

It is obvious in the design that what we wanted is for users to take on our trial account and the second option is for them to sign up, either way the main goal was SIGN UP. With the right choice of words and call to action, our home page is designed for this specific purpose and can always serve as both a landing page and a squeeze page confidently.

seo web analyst blogger community

What makes a Home Page a landing page or squeeze page?

Home pages that ask you for a free signup or free trial is typically after your data so they can send you promotional offer on the item you registered for, this is the exact same thing squeeze pages are built for, to have a substantial email list/leads to send promotional offers, newsletters, etc.

While a home page that requires a discount purchase for a trial or subscription payments are typically in the business to generate sales from first contact.

Most home pages for SAAS products company websites in particular designed either as having a squeeze page or as landing page features. Am sure you must have seen a couple or few home pages that seem to have these functions while some like ours are a blend of the two.

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  1. Landing pages are mostly designed as a sales letter, a long form or a sales page with a buy now button mostly associated with a call to action Headlines and sub headlines (Squeeze pages also portray this features minus the buy now button).
  2. Landing pages are well associated to subscription forms in contrast to squeeze pages that are associated with sign up forms with the email and name details of users’ benign the main and only goal.
  3. Squeeze pages are used to build email safe list via the provision of giveaways also know as freebies, this are easily highlighted from the squeeze page headlines and sub-headlines.
  4. You can have short or long squeeze pages in contrast to what most webmaster believes that only a landing page is designed to be a long web page.
  5. Short squeeze pages convert most, that is the reason why you have so much of them, most business websites have incorporated a popup window to collect emails and names of web visitors for newsletters, coupons, gifts  and any other incentives in exchange for this users data, such websites have incorporate the use of squeeze pages (in a popup window).
  6. Landing pages are also used on popup windows with a buy now button associated with short timing discount price offers, or a coupon expiring offers, even incentive giveaways to buy on and get two free or get another item free. All this marketing gimmicks are easily used on landing pages (could be a popup window) to trigger a sale.
  7. Some websites home pages are basically landing pages but differentiate itself from the price or package pages because, apart from the call to action and bulleted descriptions of the offer/service/product, a price page only contains button for individual product price and have no persuasion tone in its description but will only describe the product highlighted.
  8. Some Landing pages consist of navigational system for you to easily scroll through or scan read the web page…examples are one page websites, have seen some sales page designed this way.

Therefore, in clarity, all squeeze pages can be landing pages but not all landing pages can be squeeze pages. As the name defines; a squeeze page is a web page designed to squeeze information from a web visitor, any squeeze page that does not do this is obviously poorly designed and will not convert. Hence, another name for squeeze pages is the term CAPTURED PAGES.

seo web analyst blogger community

I hope with this succinct post on “what is the difference between landing pages and squeeze pages” you will be able to confidently spot the difference and not get confused by other webmasters or web marketers on what a landing page and a squeeze page is.

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