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3 Free Facebook Fan Page Marketing Tools

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3 FREE Facebook Fan page Marketing Tools.

Facebook Fan Page is one of the most utilized web marketing mediums for social media marketers, apart from the recent changes that have now begot Facebook. We now have some features mostly found on social media marketing platforms available on Facebook fan pages, if you own  a Facebook fan page you must have notice some of this recent changes.

This FREE Facebook Fan page Marketing Tools are built to help brands and social media managers/marketers get the best out of their social media Fan Page Campaign, kind of an emphasis on marketing Fan pages (I wrote a topic on this Challenges Facing Social Media Marketing :Facebook Marketing stating that Facebook is now concern with users and 3rd party platforms to be able to promote Fan pages and its now deprecating its profile api permissions for this purpose, all in the name to fight spam).

This also brings me to the question of such development? well if you take a look at search engine giants "Google" they were the first to pave way to providing FREE SEO MARKETING Tools for better insight and analytic for websites using their Google webmasters Tool and Google Analytic, over the years we have seen a lot of sophistication and technology development in this area that actually competes with premium SEO DATA driven tools. So, why not in the social media scene as well, with Facebook paving the way for such FREE social media marketing tools with the 3 FREE Facebook Fan page Marketing Tools below.

1.) Facebook Fan Page Insights Button

This is a very useful tool as it provides you with all the standard features you will normally pay for on some top notch social media management  or social media marketing tools.

The Facebook insight provides arrays of features springing from page likes features to help you monitor your page likes growth with Succint informations on days and weeks, gender and dislikes. This brings me to the recent published post on Facebook fight against Facebook FAKE LIKES which now causes decrease in most Fan pages that have acquired Likes either by bots or Fake Ids...buying Facebook Likes are not ignored likewise.

Another feature to look at is your post reach and post engagements, below that you have 5 most recent post on your Fan page that highlights legend which represent this descriptions;REACH [Organic/Paid], Post Clicks, Likes, Comments & Shares. The only thing I presume Facebook won't get its hand in is AUTOMATED MASS FACEBOOK POSTING you read why here Facebook Marketing Fight Against Spam Content: Group Posters

One way they have approached this is via restricting post on Fan pages to be unsharable to the groups the Fan page admin or other managers belong, so you likely have to wait for the post to become saturated by the next day before you will be able to now manually share the post to groups (this will be an area most group posters will find promising). Incase you have encounter such issues, this is simply away Facebook is discouraging the act of sharing post to groups via your Facebook Fan Page, but you can have access to this the next day as when you click on the share button you should be able to see the changes.facebookFacebook

2.) Facebook Fan Page Publishing Tools
This features is mostly accustom to social media marketing and management platforms, and with Facebook now offering this tools at a FREE giveaway price the only thing that separates such third party platforms from Facebook is the ability to share to multiple social media platforms (this will not surprise me when Facebook will soon offer such connectivity to share your post to other social sites, like the way twitter does with Facebook, when you share a post on Facebook it gets reposted on twitter and vice versa). 
This Facebook Fan page Marketing Tool helps you to schedule, draft, check your post activities, making it an awesome additional Facebook fan page marketing tool to look at and see how far Facebook will continue to expand on its features. This will certainly be a challenge to other social media marketing platform providers has they have to now step up their innovative ideas from what users can get from free on Facebook Fan pages and concentrate on more sophisticated data driven technologies that will stand their applications out from what Facebook renders to its users for FREE.
3.) Facebook Fan Page Auto-Reply
This is another feature found on Facebook Fan pages, it is only accessible from your notification Fan Page Marketing Tab, if you have messages curated by same ID user.
It allows you to create auto replies to page visitors that try to contact you when you are not online, pretty cool and intuitive idea which is similar to what other premium social media marketing platform provider offer their users.
With all this automated Facebook Marketing Functions you might ask then what is the need to pay money to premium social media marketing tools? The answer is quite simple, you have more flexibility with other tools than Facebook and its easier to navigate through your stored post or archived post, they provide you with more social account functions to combine other social networks under one platform, and every one of them has something unique to offer that might suite your method of social media marketing or social media marketing strategy.

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