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How To Choose A Good Domain Name

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How To Choose A Good Domain Name.

Securing an awesome domain name for your business website is a "MUST DO" for any business that wants an online presence and in most cases, people do get confused and tend to ask so many questions like.

  • how to choose a good domain name for your website or how to choose a good domain name for your blog?
  • how to make a good domain name or how to get a good domain name?
  • how to choose a domain name for business or how to pick a domain name for a business?
  • how many domain names should I buy?

In this post I will share some domain name advice you can use as tips to help you pick a good domain name for yourself.


TIP 1.) When brainstorming for the right domain to use for your website, you might want to make it local.
When I say local I do mean "LOCO LOCO LOCAL". This is the hint, your business domain name needs to project your product or service you offer, and when choosing a domain name you do not need to be professional about it eg if you offer a plastic surgery and in the field of "RHINOPLASTY" it be wise to go LOCAL with that and use what people are familiar with which is "NOSE JOB".
My domain advice here will be to make use a domain name that easily defines your business service or product that is commonly used.

TIP 2.) Now you have got the idea of selecting a domain name, ie. not compulsory it should be the same name with your business name or product/service name rather it should be a common name people easily use to refer to your kind of business/name/product. So the next thing is now getting the domain name that is not used yet, because mostly the one you have already decided to use has been chosen already or taken by someone else.
This is where keyword suggestions come in handy, you can utilize some free or paid keyword suggestion tool to help you provide awesome keyword suggestions you can make use of.
Start with a single keyword phrase in your niche and check which ones are available, you can select from a single keyword to a three word phrase keywords to use for a domain name.

TIP 3.) You should make sure your domain name is not too long with 20 characters in it. A domain name that is too long is not easy to remember nor is it easy to type, you might find the name appealing but if your audience do not or cannot remember the name of your website after seeing it on a outpost. eg a url like are made up of 3 keyword phrases that are easy to remember but SEO wise this is not a unique url and a brand name cannot be built around it, hope you get the picture?.

TIP 4.) Do not make use of numbers, hyphens or misspelt domain names as your domain url such domain names are not professional nor do they give a good first impression about your business to visitors. eg,
TIP 5.) If all is lose you can still make use of closely related keywords to represent your domain name, you can implement this method and also try to add a single keyword that represent your business/service/product in the url.
eg becomes you can also add "S" into the keywords  eg or the use of "THE" in the beginning of the keyword eg and another tactic you can employ is to reverse the names eg becomes

TIP 6.) Make use of other Top level TLDs like .org .net .info and with the introduction of country TLDs you could also easily target your local area eg etc, their are even further country TLDs like .uk .in .hk etc
which can be used in branding eg or or etc This all make sense when you are trying to build a brand name or make yourself unique.
With the introduction of new professional TLDs like .guru .shop .services etc you can now have domains like or

TIP 7.) When picking a brand name via keyword its best to pick keyword phrases that already have search volumes, but most of this keywords domains are mostly bought off the shelves by masses who will domain park or resell them for domain auction.
So I will say your best bet will be to stick with domain names that has a lesser search volume and then build on it, just has we did with "SEO WEB ANALYST". The name already had a search volume above 100 monthly and we build on it and within the span of 2 years its now  a suggested keyword on Google when you type in "SEO WEB A", so try to pick domain names you can easily build a brand around them easily. or make use of other domain research tools  as published on [Link Opens in New Tab]

TIP 8.) Avoid copyright domain names, this case is most subjected to domain names ending with only the country TLDs eg .hk .uk even .gov or .edu and purchasing brand domain names of other companies. Always check your keyword names on 
TIP 9.) When you have finally gotten the right domain name for your business website or blog, next is to make your domain purchase. Make sure you make a longer span purchase rather than the normal 1 year or 2 years domain name purchase I will recommend a minimum of 4 years, WHY?
well a longer domain name duration purchase means your in for business, and it helps secure your domain name from being back order or stolen right under your nose. Most domain registrar provide auto renews and email alerts to remind you, but most cases it is best to always buy a longer tenure after choosing a domain name for business. Like the old adage says "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE" always extend your business domain name every year even if its not due for expiration, who knows anything can happen in the future, you may not get alerts as it might enter your spam box, or you no longer make use of the email frequently as before, better yet there was no sufficient money for an auto renew, then what?! Hope you catch my drift.

TIP 10.) After picking a good domain name and you want to make purchase you can also purchase other relevant typos of your domain names, eg a typo for or all have substantial traffic in them and most people that visit this url and get landed to another redirected url may probably be thinking that the site has changed its url (best practice if the domain thief is actually a competitor) most new visitors do fall for this kind of gimmick, and also people that are not familiar with the original domain name.

Word of advice if you are a brand name and your keyword has tons of search volume, it be a great domain name advice for you to make purchase of not just this common typos but also other top level TLDs associated to your domain names eg .org, .net, .info or your country TLDs like etc this should answer how many domain names should I buy?

As this helps you protect your traffic from being stolen by shady website owners (am sure you must have seen slogans on web traffic sites that state they have tons of expired domain names they use to send traffic to your site, am sure this is one of their gimmicks and to be open on the subject...PLS DO NOT PATRONIZE TRAFFIC RESELLERS, because even when the traffic is targeted you will not get results. But high bounce rates, low conversion and low time spent, this is because your site is not what the visitor intended to see among other annoying reasons).

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