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How To Advertise on Facebook For Free

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How To Advertise on Facebook For Free.

Since the boom of Facebook over a decade now, social media marketing as picked up the pace of becoming a valuable tool in online marketing for reach and visibility, this is why Facebook marketer from far and near are exploiting organic reach on Facebook marketing to advertise on Facebook for free.


Free Facebook advertising relies on your post reach and engagement, with out this your post of 2014 still will not be in circulation, and imagine the number of people that would have seen it till date. You cannot compare a good viral marketing strategy with a paid advert on Facebook, its like  saying which is better in search engine optimization and paying Google for paid per clicks...its obvious, as soon as your money runs out your advertisements ends, but if you have organic reach and visibility you donot have to pay for it again to your social media marketer has soon as your post or url gets viral.

A lot of social media marketer have been having issues with their Post reach or content not getting more visibility on Facebook, this is because Facebook for quite sometime now has been restricting the reach of Facebook marketing post, either from a Page or Profile account. As part of Facebook advertising, social media marketers strongly rely on engaging content on a regular basis, but with Facebook reducing reach and visibility of a post This is majorly affected via FEED settings by users on Facebook, but today I will like to share with you some specifics on how to improve your post Facebook sharing and visibility, this will help you on how to advertise on Facebook for free, because with this insights even if you create a coupon, event or sweepstakes on your page you can use this simple steps as a social media marketer to get more reach and visibility, since its the same result you need from any Facebook advertising.

Most social media marketers do have a large number of followers, niche related groups and thousands of page likes on their pages, (some even run a parody page) might find it difficult to compensate all this valuables in other to advertise on Facebook for free or to spend less on Facebook advertisement. But still find out that most of their post only gets 10% reach and visibility or even worse less than 5% organic reach with poor engagement on their post.

 This is because Facebook Marketing Team needs to protect their business model as well, it will not make sense if you have 5,000 friends and 5,000 groups with 50,000 page likes and still want to spend money on Facebook adverts. Why you will not think of it is simple, in the terms of viral social media marketing you share a single post to all this 3 mediums, you are bound to have a ripple effect of networking, because each of this users account have got friends maybe less than 500 and they also get to see it. This was how it worked before Facebook started restricting what users get to see on their profile wall.

With Facebook beefing up security to restrict certain urls from being posted on their social sites, eg The BAN of Empower Network links on Facebook is one to look at, has they sense a lot of FREE advertising for that specific url is being tagged as spam on Facebook. You can see from the image below when you exploit this method of viral marketing to blast posting to pages, groups, and if you work via your profile to perform this methods (Facebook tag post blasting as SPAM) your account will be suspended.


You can read our post on Facebook Marketing Fight Against Spam Content: Group Posters [Link opens in new tab]

Sometimes a news feed that is a week are seen on users profile wall as news feed and this depends if that particular post is getting engagement like share, clicks,likes, and comments.

 If you are a Facebook marketer and fall under this category there is still hope to maximize your post sharing and visibility on Facebook with this infograph that shows you how to get to advertise on Facebook for free, using free Facebook marketing tactics.



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