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Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business

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Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business.

Facebook Marketing is a must do for most business and I will be touching the in depths of how you can effectively utilize Facebook Marketing for business via some sound marketing strategy using Facebook marketing tools.


There are some less expensive approaches to use when driving in more visibility for your small business on Facebook, and one of the most important factors of your small business page success will be the growth of your Facebook likes.
The more Likes you have on your Facebook page the more viewership or exposure you will get from your page post, which in turn provides engagements on each post you create. No wonder a lot of people have exploit buying and getting fake likes (all this are counter productive, and I will not advice getting into such).

Have you heard of the expression of killing two birds with one stone? well today I will be teaching you how to do more than just growing your Fan page Likes, you will be learning how to get leads and their data.

So how do you do this? You do this by creating a Facebook Marketing Applications that can serve as your small business Facebook marketing tools.

Create Facebook app

You have to create a separate Facebook application for each Facebook Marketing Tools

1. Facebook account verify

All developers must be verified before they can create a new app.
There are two ways to verify your Facebook account:

2. Create a new app

Go to Facebook Developer page and click on Apps / Create a New app link.


Select advanced setup.


Give valid application name and available namespace.
Then select Promotions and Contests category.


Select Settings on the left menu.
Fill out the Contact email field.

App Domain :


Click to Add Platform button.
You have to add 3 platform:

  • Facebook Canvas
  • Page Tab
  • Website


Please fill out inputs marked with red dot!

Note: The canvas url, secure canvas url, page tab url, secure page tab url, page tab edit url and app url are same.


4. Disable Sandbox mode

Go to Status & Review.
Slide switch to Yes.


5. Save application ID and secret code for following apps

This is a sound Facebook Marketing strategy for small business that will like to launch their product or services via a giveaway marketing approach.
It is an effective marketing strategy, has it can grow your Facebook likes, becoming viral and building your leads. If you don't mind the initial investment and cost of maintenance, it can help you to reduce your overall cost of Facebook advertisement from hundreds of dollars to tens. The best way to utilize this technique is to create a tab on your Facebook page and customize this Tab page to fit in with your brand and offer coupons for participants that execute or complete certain actions on the page.

For example, a participant might need to first Like the Facebook Page to participate and to gain points for claiming coupons they might be required to perform social share, email invite and provide their email and name for more points.

This applications can be customized depending on what end results data will be use for marketing, it could be use for segmentation, marketing research, or re-target marketing.
You can create this apps in various formats but the main goal is to help you build both your fan page likes and prospective emails, with as little as $100 you can get an exponential viral marketing effect.


There are numerous Facebook Marketing Apps for small business on the internet and most of them are all built as an extension so you might have to host them independently and setup a Facebook app via Facebook development center.
List of some useful Facebook Marketing Tools
1.) Facebook Marketing Coupon App
2.) Facebook Marketing Raffle Apps
3.) Facebook Marketing Sweepstake Apps
4.) Facebook Marketing Contest Apps (images and videos)
5.) Facebook Marketing Poll/survey Apps
6.) Facebook Marketing Puzzle Apps

SEO Web Analyst®™ understand the cost of building such Facebook Marketing Tools and the technicalities involve, we have spent a lot in the research and have noticed one thing, that such Facebook Marketing tools are suitable for seasonal events like a product launching, a promo campaign, an online awareness campaign etc. So such marketing strategy are best suited for one time effects, and cannot be deployed as a normal daily marketing strategy, hence the reason why small businesses cannot invest in such Facebook marketing strategy.
But to make it more conducive, we have already put such Facebook Marketing Tools into development and currently boast of this tools.

a) Image contest app is for participant to upload images and get votes, it is good for people doing image vote for photo shots eg beauty pageant (that is the idea) so they can upload the image on Facebook page of the moderator and get to invite people to their respective images (which will have more than one upload) for engagements, so the more votes they get by social engagement (like, tweets, invite [social and emails]) the more the contestant increase in ranking. Their should be terms and conditions for people to participate so they know the rules of engagement set by the moderator so as not to get disqualified by the system if caught cheating.

b.) Video Contest app Same as image contest app only difference is that it is for videos.

c) Raffle Draw Contest app Users can do social activities (like, share, tweet, invite their social accounts followers or friends from any social sites or emails etc.) to get more raffle tickets!
The more tickets they get, the more chance to win the prize.
The best choice for making brands and promotion campaigns more powerful!

Support your site/channel with custom skin social buttons.
The Raffle campaign display will come with a WYSIWYG editor so that users can edit the template or import template that will suit their brand, adding images,logo,videos or background sound (icon for visitors to off sound) for the campaign page.
Their should be a Term and condition pop up window prior a user starts to engage, the terms and condition should be filled by dashboard user and should also provide deadline and number of item or items to be won.
Restrictions can be used to monitor users, so that they do not cheat, winners will be announced both on the page and on the user account that won....

Users can earn extra tickets with social activities listed below:

  • Subscribe to your Youtube channel.
  • Google+ your site.
  • Tweet on Twitter (adjustable text).
  • Follow your channel on Twitter.
  • Share your site on LinkedIn.
  • Social Invite (adjustable) friends to the tab on Facebook from top 5 channels.
  • Share tab on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Email Invite.

Get new fans with like gate! You can enable like gate, so users have to like your page to participate.
You can choose hidden like gate, so users will automatically like your page if they click on the page to participate.
Statistics about new likes and old fans too. Like button with custom design for best fit and Availablility on multiple platform!

Facebook: App runs at your Facebook page via page tab application.
Website: You can easily embed to any type of website (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, simple HTML, etc) without programming skills.
Same contest can run at your Facebook page and at your website concurrently.
Mobile/tablet: Responsive designed with mobile optimized.

d.) Sweepstake is like a Facebook store it has function of raffle draw but participants have to claim coupons to buy a product or get a discount on a product and purchase it, they can also use point accumulated like the raffle draw app to redeem a product. eg they execute all points like liking the page, share/drop their email, retweet, Google +1, invite their email/social friends, etc to gain points that will redeem certain products on the sweepstake store.

e.) Puzzle App as the features to allow users to upload images (of anything they want to turn into a puzzle) it should have a background representing the brand and also a sample of what the complete puzzle look like/sound background upload (turn on/off).

The app also comes with a timer so every one that participate needs to break the record of previous person to win a position in top 5 or 10 or 20 depending the settings by admin in respect to terms either get position by timer ranking or fixing a timer mile stone and rank others by this milestone.
Users can have same record holders, the admin select prices to win with quantity and the background of puzzle come with editor and admin can upload music as participate it follows all the features of raffle draw, eg user must like,share etc depending on action specify by admin. and like the rest participant data are all downloadable.... QUICK REMINDER AGAIN: WE MAKE SURE ALL OUR CAMPAIGN LINKS THAT WERE SHARED ARE ALL TRACK ABLE, AND TO KNOW HOW ENGAGED A CAMPAIGN IS DOING AND IN DASHBOARD WE HAVE ALL DATA INFORMATION WELL PRESENTED FOR EASY DATA MINING, presentation is the key!

f.) SURVEY POLL App is for people to participate in a poll of survey to get information on a controversial subject. It can be best utilize to conduct researches, like comparison research or feasibility study on Facebook eg Samsung vs iPhone.
Our user create it on our dashboard and get people to participate by performing social engagement as mentioned above and after participating they see results displayed to them in powerful presentation, showing location, age trend, gender. The catch is our user must provide a catchy headline an image or video with description for this poll to work, this will be design like a sales pitch landing page ie it must have a WYSIWYG editor as well. Its this landing page participant will see and engage with to now answer poll to see results presentation.

on our platform you get to have all contact of participated users, their Facebook IDs, email, name, phone number, age,gender, address, birthday, status, location, technology and their interest or preferences/likes eg books, movies or shopping, or phones, if we cannot work with likes then we can work with what industry they are into eg carpentry, computer, etc.
FROM OUR DASHBOARD OUR USERS CAN MESSAGE THEM [also being able to setup auto responder as user participate] IN FILTERS OF AGE, Gender, LOCATION (city and country) and LIKES to send them tailored campaigns and emails with phone numbers can be downloaded alongside names. eg if i want to download names of female in Canada that participated in the campaign i should be able to see the data and then download it as csv or pdf (as report).
All this information are provided for you to be able to segmenting your audience, leverage your dollar by the penny with respect to creating a viral marketing effect from a lesser marketing budget in contrast to huge expenses by other big brands in your industry. What we offer will help you to gain even and some footing into gaining insights about your targeted audience so you can successfully build a persona of your client.

If you enjoy this post then you should consider reading a matchup post on Twitter Marekting Strategy am sure you will find useful tips in there as well, a bit different from what you will read by others out there, but definitely yarns result driven marketing techniques.

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