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Consumer Survey on Google Search

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Consumer Survey on Google Search.

From a Consumer Survey on Google Search done by Danny Richman and other popular online marketers, 7 Revealing Insights were observed on what Consumers feel about Search, using a data volume of 1,000 consumers in the UK and US in regards to their understanding and perspective towards Google’s organic search results and advertising.

Well this results only provide more solid proof to one of my post on Search Engine Marketing: SEO VS PPC - Which is better, but something very curious was observed by me from the given infographic presentation below.


From number 3 in the image above, I had noticed that people tend to have this perception about organic results in regards to paid results, and this might be a very strong conviction for most businesses that have an online presence should consider, when looking at the benefits of SEO.

60% find organic results more relevant than paid ads (ppc on search engine), 46% find organic results more trustworthy than the paid searches, while 36% believed that you have earned your position with +18% from men (so for short your url position in search engine results also plays a role in a web users perception of your they give more preference to sites ranked 1 to be more concise, viable than others ranked beneath it).
28% believes that organic search results have more business reputation than the ads, and 10% believe that the services offered by organic searches are more cheaper than paid ad offers.

The other point that strike out is the fact that over 70% people don't enjoy retarget marketing, this are offers created by ads system to allow an advert you must have seen or url you might have visited to be shown on other web pages you might visit on the web.

To some point this was a very intuitive approach to customer reacquisition, with the idea that people don't take action when they first see an advert or might be so consumed in their daily lives they might checkout your page without completing the goal, hence retarget marketing job is to help you find such visitors via javascript placed on your website, which tracks your visitors action and follows them with a custom ad set by you on other websites they might visit even social sites like Facebook.

So to come to think of the big margin in negative reactions on the questions, How do you feel about ads that follows you around the internet? and Do you feel negatively towards the business that use remarketing ads?  to be 79% and 73% is worth a jaw opener! This results makes you rethink if it is worth while to consider services like adrolls and others alike, in fact Google ads network do offer such services (doubleclick). My best advice here will be to use re-targeting marketing less, as its seen here as not worth spending much money on.

Another point you might want to look at is the fact that point 6 gives us a better insight on search users when it comes to click through rates, when you place a ppc ad to boost your organic results since from our post Search Engine Marketing: SEO VS PPC - Which is better I pointed out how PPC can be of merit and dismerit to your organic rankings. Now we have a data result that show what people think if your site is ranking and at the same is on PPC ads results for the same keyword, 54% will likely click on the organic results while 42% are neutral about it.

Finally what strike me out from last insight result was number 7, that the public have little understanding what makes a site rank on Google.  Danny ran a similar survey about it in 2014 and it is clear that the public still lack any real understanding of what makes one website rank above another in the organic results.  Almost half believe that it is due to the amount of traffic the site receives while also convinced that organic results are influenced by money the businesses pay to Google. Google’s reluctance to be transparent about how sites are ranked seems to confuse their users as much as it confuses the businesses trying to improve their visibility in the organic results.

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