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Social Media Influencers Marketing Personalities.

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5 Types of Social Media Influencers Marketing Personalities.

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We have all been in one aspect of engagement or the other on social media and must have noticed that some contents never die. I meant post you must have seen over a year ago resurfacing again and again with a reach that even evolves around your friends who have already seen same post as well. 

How does this sort of post kick off and how do they get to such potential feet? it's quite simple they are all construed via influencers, these are people with a social media authority across social networks. The benefits of such influencer marketing is that you don't need to spend much on advertising to get the same kind of potential audience reach.

So to get a better understanding as to what influencer marketing is, let's borrow wikipedia definition in this context.

Influencer marketing, (also Influence Marketing) is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole.

From the definition you can see that there is a need to strategize for such influence marketing techniques and the first step is to target this specific key individuals, with their help you can get a successful viral marketing content delivery to far more social network that can rival paid advertisements.

Merits Of Influencer Marketing and Why Your Business needs it too.

According to research firm Yankelovich, the average American is exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day. Whether or not that number is scientifically proven, it gets the point across: we are exposed to A LOT of ads.

In fact, we see so many that we’re unconsciously tuning them out, a phenomenon called “banner blindness”. Infolinks, a digital advertising platform, found that only 14 percent of their respondents could remember the last ad they saw and identify what was being promoted. With all of the advertising interrupting them, it’s no surprise that people love products like AdBlock, Netflix, and Spotify Premium that take ads out of traditionally ad-saturated media experiences.

According to MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency, 70 percent of internet users want to learn about a product through content rather than through traditional advertising. Another study by Dedicated Media found that purchase intent is 53 percent higher for native ads.

The merits of influencer marketing has become vital, but who can you consider as influencers? Your popular bloggers, celebrities, and important online reps or personalities, even brands that you can co-market with can be classified as influencers. Unlike other forms of online reach, goals for influencer marketing are often less about increasing sales and more about increasing viewership, targeted audiences and public awareness.

The only major drawback of influencer marketing is that it isn't as controllable as traditional marketing. While some influencers only add to the positive image of a product, influencers who encounter legal trouble or fall out of the public light might negatively impact a product's chance of success. Marketers must prepare to deal with negative fallout if the influencers they use misrepresent or reject their products.

Another thing to look at will be the fact that such influencer marketing can actually be data driven and analyzed via tools Like Google analytics or by setting them up via ad campaigns and campaign tools like pagemodo and social media influencer tools  like traackr to enable you to track your post viral reach and content engagements, extracting useful data...this and much more are what we design to offer at SEO WEB Analyst®™.


Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • Identify the Most Relevant Influencers – Digital tools like SocMetrics and Appinions make it easy for companies to analyze the social media landscape for the most influential profiles based on geography, category, or other demographic data.
  • Form a Relationship with Influencers – Try to develop a relationship with an influencer before asking them to advocate for a product or company. A simple message on Facebook or Twitter can help ingratiate a possible new influencer to the company.
  • Find Your Influencers Preferences – Deliver content and advertising material to influencers in the format that is more convenient for them whether that be print, video, audio, or some other format.
  • Abide By Regulations – The FTC requires that any and all material connections be disclosed. Simple online tools make the disclosure process simple and seamless.
  • Make it Easy to Access Content – Influencers are more likely to share content with their followers if it is easy for them to integrate into their blogs, Facebook pages, and other portals. Online tools like SocialChorus make it easy for companies to distribute content.
  • Don't Neglect Minor Social Networking Sites – There is the tendency to think only of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter when thinking about social media. But Instagram has 30 million users and growing. Minor social networking sites can expect significant influence as well.

The first point of reasoning will be to understand how to target such top social media influencers and the way to go about this is to profile them, below I have written out the classes of social media users, you might be interested to know which one of the category or mix you fall under?.

With this guide you can easily understand how to target your social influencers and get the word of mouth out about your products, there are some strategies you need to build on social media influencers and most of this campaign comes with endorsements, incentives for participants, online PRs and co-branding alike.

seo web analyst blogger community

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