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User Experience (ux) Designer.

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How To Become User Experience (ux) Designer.

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There has been a bit of confusion in most SMEs businesses about the functional role or miss match job definition of a UX DESIGNER and UI DESIGNER and even worst missing it up with your GRAPHIC DESIGNER or a WEB DESIGNER.

Thus the need to really understand why it is necessary to have a USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER for your product or service development stages. Moreover, a UX DESIGNER is not only used on the web scenes, but can also expand his or her functionalities to offline brick and mortar businesses. Taking a note from Erik Flower's differentiation of what a UX designer can do in correlation to a UI designer we can see clearly in the differences below that the two are a yard stick apart from each others functions.

seo web analyst blogger community

When it comes to web visitors experience or product target audiences, questions like “is this a simple user experience (UX) for our users?” or “is this an effective design solution for our business?”, can only be answered by a USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER.  To begin to unravel the answers to questions like these,  your designer needs to be able to think beyond visual aesthetics, layout and typography, and instead focus on a user centric plan that’s grounded in business and technical feasibility.

But first it be wise to understand what the fuzz is, about getting a user experience designer, as wikipedia will define it...


User experience design (UXD, UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.

This definition is quite simple and straight to the point, but in real terms it involves a lot of stages and both money with time consumption, for you to be able to achieve the desired product or perspective of your targeted audiences. Which includes Strategy, User Research, content management, Interaction Design, Visual Design and Front-End Development, just to name a few.  Not to mention that in order to design a solution for a business or product, you must first have a clear understanding of that business and the environment and proposed target audiences.

seo web analyst blogger community

Since  designers have to deal with more complex UX issues to make their design more appealing to their targeted audience, they will require some UX design tools that can help them automate some tasks or cut down on the complexities and cost of resources, which can be easily sorted out into different UX design tools.

Tools for User Experience Designs.

Wireframing UX Design Tools

Wireframing are mostly use to build a prototype of a product or design within their test targeted audience prior project development. With these tools you will be able to test the product throughout the production process and make improvements to create a robust user experience for your target audience. The list below are wireframing UX Design Tools you can use to develop a wireframe prototype of your project.


A/B Testing Tools

A/B Testing tools  are so widely used that you can now find them on ad platforms on popular sites like Facebook, Google pay-per-click, well the concept is to create two versions of a page and then test their performances to figure out which version is better. Conversion rates, Average Time Spent on Page etc. are some of the metrics that you can use to judge the performance of a web page. Their are tools that helps in the designing of this strategy.


Usability Testing Tools

 UX testing tools are divided into remote usability testing tools, DIY services and feedback tools – The usability testing tools opens up a lot of metric information that allows you to understand the psychological aspects of your targeted audiences, this information goes beyond normal website metrics like page speed, design, etc. I personally did a case study on this tool 12 Things To Do When Designing Website User Experience Using User Testing.

It equips you with the answers about what is wrong with your design/product and not what is wrong with this people.There are tools built to help you get all the necessary insight to correct your flaws and allow you to design product that people will love.

Collaboration Tools

Team effort is a must when it comes to developing a great UX experience for your targeted audience. So, you need to have access to some tools that can help members of your team to collaborate effectively and effortlessly. Check out the following tools.

If you will like to get more break down details on how to become user experience (ux) designer or improve on your user experience design and user interface design, kindly get our Free ebook on UX DESIGN GUIDE.

seo web analyst blogger community

Simply fill in the pop up window on this page with your name and email to get the download link mailed to you, the product is in zip file and contains over 45 pages of useful examples, data, images and researches on how you can easily and psychological design a successful user experience for your targeted audiences...PLEASE SHARE THIS POST FOR OTHERS TO BE ABLE TO GET A FREE COPY OF THIS E-BOOK.

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