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Using Twitter For Business Promotion

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Using Twitter For Business promotion.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media micro-blogging site out there, According to Twitter, 35 percent of users follow businesses to get discounts and promotions. Not every small business has the funds to engage in a full-scale paid promotional campaign, however. The good news is that just like other social media marketing channels, Twitter offers a variety of ways that smaller companies can market themselves for free. You just need to build a twitter marketing strategy that promote such ideology and business driven goals.

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So if by now you are not making twitter business your business then you don't know the potential of twitter marketing. Today am not going to pound you on using twitter for marketing, but will rather showcase some successful insights on some brands that are using twitter for business promotion.

You can emulate from the infographic below, what these companies have done and set up a standard for yourself, please click on the link above to understand how to get your business marketing on Twitter for free.

Top 5 Companies Using Twitter For Marketing.

[click on the image to download].


[click on the image to download].

Please if you find this infographic informative do social share the content or download it for personal keeps as a pdf, and if you have a strategy you utilize for marketing on twitter please do comment it below as part fo this post, I will appreciate every input from you.

[You might also want to read Building Twitter Marketing Strategy Using Twitter Marketing Software. Link opens in new window]



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