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How To Improve Your Facebook Business Page Post.

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How To Optimize a Facebook Business Page Post.

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Frankly speaking, these are typical walkthroughs on how to improve your Facebook Business Page algorithm in terms of Facebook Post Organic Reach, Facebook Post Engagement, and relevance score.

I will like to assume you have a Fresh business page you will like to improve on, so let's get on board with the juicy parts leaving out how to create a Facebook Page for this instance.

The most valuable aspect of Facebook social media marketing I have personally come to agree on is the fact that no matter the type of content you post on social media, it must be a trending topic...period!. If you want to attain a wider organic reach that surpasses even paid reach, then you need to make sure your topic is palatable to your business page audience.

To better explain reach in terms of social media, especially Facebook marketing; REACH is simply the amount of unique individual that have seen your post whether it be a video content or imagery.

Now with this simple definition, we can now expand on the meaning of Organic and paid reach on Facebook

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts as well as your Facebook page. On the other hand, paid reach includes the people who see your content as a result of paid promotions.

With this definition you can easily understand that organic reach is far better in terms of optimization, it is similar to what is done on search engines when you optimize a keyword phrase for organic ranking. So the next question how do you attain this?.

Facebook Post Organic Reach and Facebook Post Engagement.

In other to have your content to attain organic reach you need to analyze the content of your post, most especially having it captivating enough it gets shared by your Page audiences. How to get such content is quite tricky depending on your business page niche, in our case study, I will like to use one of our clients Facebook Business Page to explain this.

The business page was focused on an alternative power supply and they had Facebook page posts that were doing terrible due to the simple fact that the business page itself had less than 250 Fan Likes, and the post was not engaging nor interesting enough to get their page audience engaged.

Our first challenge was to figure out what will make a post hit organic reach despite the fact we had a Facebook page of less than 250 Fan Likes and Followers. We worked around doing the following steps to optimize our post to attain a better organic reach.

  • First, we made sure that our post was engaging enough to warrant a comment or two from the local page target audience (will explain what I mean by this terminology below). A good example will be to write a post that is deemed for reply by the audience and infusing an illustrative designed image to further explain the entire content. Please note that this kind of post embodies and stimulate post "engagement" hitherto, you must emphasize what action you require your post audience to do on the post.

seo web analyst blogger community

  • Secondly, the post content word count need not exceed 200 words, and most important words like hashtags, URL and business page mention are placed in the first sentences, unlike most social media content marketer that include hashtags below their ending sentences we prefer to include the hashtags as part of the body sentences. 
  • Thirdly, we engage on something nifty, which is using the share button of the post to spread the post to other Facebook Group pages where my assumed profiled audience is likely to be members of. This encourages engagements on the post and increases the number of page views and gives the impression of other page visitors to share the post as well.
  • Fourth, you sincerely need to work with an influencer page to further optimize your organic reach and an alternative way to do this is to utilize the Facebook Branded Content Tool located on the Publishing Tool, this way both your post can be shared on each other Page walls in a timely scheduled manner or you can simply have the influencer Page admin simply add your page from their end only and share your post (not forgetting mentioning or tagging your Page).

seo web analyst blogger community

  • Lastly, you might consider boosting the post a little, but a post with so many words on its image will definitely signal a red flag from the Facebook Advertising team and will not have such boosted post hitting its maximum full potential reach. Your best bet is to appeal and ask for a review for the image inclusion by providing a good claim to support why the image is used, in our case for illustration purposes.

 And just to point out how effective achieving organic reach with a post is, we have the image below highlight how organic reach dwarf a paid reach executed same day, with the post well optimized for organic reach.

seo web analyst blogger community

This is for a Facebook Business page that had less than 250 Fan Likes and Followers at the time of Facebook Business Page Marketing

You can see from the image above that the organic reach of the post highlighted outperformed the paid reach, with the improved methods stated above we were able to attain same on the 11/28/2018 without the influencer solicitation we were able to reach 314 organic reaches. 

The major difference between Facebook organic reach and paid reach is simply the fact that one can become viral and still continues to accumulate views over time due to better post engagement (viral marketing) while the paid reach ends delivering views as soon as you stop paying for it.

Facebook Relevance Score.

What is Facebook Relevance Score? to be candid it pertains more with Facebook paid advertisement and it is one of the instruments Facebook uses in costing your Advert bids, you can get as low as $0.31 to $0.05 for cost results for your ads on Facebook marketing. On the other hand, Wordstream defines Facebook relevance score as; 

Relevance Score of 1 is bad. It means that your ad barely pertains to your audience and in order for Facebook to continue to serve it, you're going to have to pay a premium. Conversely, a high Relevance Score—somewhere in the 8, 9, or 10 range—increases the likelihood of your ad being served

To further demonstrate how relevance score affects your bid price you can subsequently check the images below to see the variances of result prices for each call to an action executed on the advert placement. You will notice among the list an anomaly of $0.01 for a click in respect to the $0.05 per click showed above, further investigation will reveal that both have similar reach but one had a better click-through rate (CTR) than the latter, and the one with a better CTR is video content.

This does not mean that video is better than image content, the page post with the best organic reach alongside paid reach was an image, this is to tell you that the content of the post does matter a lot but within a give an take scenario psychologically people are always prone to watch a video after reading an engaging content about the video itself, if the post content isn't then you have less engagement.

seo web analyst blogger community

Obviously, we were able to attain this $0.01 Facebook advertisement cost because our advertisement relevance score was very very good, we could have gotten the entire advert for Free.

The last thing to note when executing a Facebook advertisement is that the quality of the audience you are targeting matters and what defines them is their response, to be honest, we all mostly assume when starting out setting up an audience on our page for advertising.

You have the option of split testing your Facebook advertisement from the ADS MANAGER PAGE or you simply check the simple data given to you from your boosted post (Which was what we did). And factor in these metrics of Age, Gender, Location, and Preferences of the targeted audience that your post reached and engaged.

Calculate the ratio of reach and engagement to know the percentage of your audience that actually engaged with your post, then segment them and redo another post boost based on this. With your information analysis and study, you will be able to improve your overall Facebook business page performance and have a better profile of your supposed targeted audience for the Facebook advertisement.

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