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How To Organize Successful Event Marketing.

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Have you ever been assigned a big project to plan, manage and execute within a short time frame? If so then you will understand the amount of energy that is required from you to make it a successful buzz, which depends greatly on how you execute the plans. Read through the event marketing tips used below and learn how to organize a successful event in a week.

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We recently encountered such a project from a client in the hospitality industry, they gave us a week to plan an easter program to help attract clients to the venue.

We had to outline a good strategy to pull in traffic for the event with respect to a close competitor who already has secured a well-known artist to perform in their how do you compete with that?

Simple, SEO WEB Analyst®™ struck out a lot of freebies attached to a lot of incentive sales with compensation from ticket sales, yea you heard me right we sold tickets for an easter program that had no special artist performing, not to mention we only had less than 7 days to pull this off.

From the image below, you can see a list of freebies we offered to persuade potential prospects to consider our Easter Package worthy, and we pushed a separate event under the umbrella of Easter Fiesta termed "Pool Party"

seo web analyst blogger community

This gave us a marketing strategy of killing two birds with one stone, as the idea was to capture both audiences for the pool offer and also the non-pool participant to enjoy the "combo" access to the pool.

We offered a buffet, a discount offer, and a special offer on pastries and confectioneries alike, so the remaining strategy was how we can get as much as possible participants to consider our offer worth it, and using web marketing was one of our core mode of marketing.

Why we centered or build all our awareness around the pool party was based on the fact that the pool session of the resort seems to be the only department that generates more interest in the establishment.

seo web analyst blogger community

We totally build our online awareness on their social media handles and creating awareness around the event, in general, to aid enthusiasm

from those that saw the event, we also capitalized on the resort workers to help engage and share the event on the social handles and tag their friends as well. This helped us build a viral trend for the event using popular hashtags around Easter and we capitalized on influencers and creating Offer ads on Facebook with radio hypes on popular programs, due to no flyer circulation (none was printed).

To create suspense and thrill for the event we created a live streaming buzz around the event and strategically assigned some hired influencers to record the event live on their handles, while they tag the establishments social handle, we likewise deployed same strategy of recording live streaming and getting people to comment and ask for the venue of the function.

The end result was a total number of estimated 300 attendees that were willing to pay #1,000.00 gate fee for a none concert by any popular artist, rather came for a buffet, 5% discount offer, and pizza special offers with a mix of different entertainments from neighborhood artist and freestyle performers.

In retrospect, we did not provide any superstar artist and offered gate fees unlike our competitor who gave free gate pass to watch their superstar perform and obviously hike the price on their drinks, we reduced ours by 5% and offered freebies in confectionaries and pastries.

We were able to make profits and did spend less compared to our competitors, this was the best strategy ever developed and executed in a week for our Easter Fiesta event. It was a successful exploit and we generated enough attendees that wow their expectations in terms of service delivery from all of the staffs.

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