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How to Remove an Admin from Your Facebook Business Page.

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When a Facebook Page Admin is removed to a Moderator.

Now the following experience occurred to me when I was frankly oblivious about some random changes on Facebook page Admin role.

If most of you have noticed some changes with the Facebook user interface and admin backend functionalities for pages, you will care to understand that by default now your Facebook Page is automatically accessible via a Facebook business url as shown in the image below.

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Accessing your Facebook page via this url " YOUR BUSINESS PAGE NAME YOU EDITED YOUR CHANGED YOUR PAGE id URL TO" offers some features you can only NOTE on the page as shown by arrows in the image above.

There are also some noticeable changes made or removed from the Facebook business page which are itemized below:

  • a.) For instance, features that allow you to switch from one page you admin to another is no longer present at the profile button, which now only takes you to your main profile page.
  • b.) Another removed feature is the one found on the Facebook business page, when you make a post, you no longer can "post as" your profile name, showing your profile icon or the page icon.
  • c.) Furthermore is the way you create a post on your pages, features that allow you to pre-create schedule post via the admin section of the page "publishing tools" has been revamped under a more robust tool called the "Creator Studio" which is linked with the Facebook business url, with this new robust feature you can post from a page and publish/schedule on another page you admin, you can now view insights and manage content from Instagram in Creator Studio as well if you have Instagram account for the page and can link them together.

Apart from this, there is nothing peculiar about the business page url, so how did I remove myself as an Admin from my Facebook Business Page and got by default a moderator role? Well what I got to learn was that if you access your page via the business page url and set up another business profile apart from the default profile (original owner) of the page as the new default and signing out of that business page url and login to your normal facebook profile page to access your page, you will encounter the following problems.

  1.  Your administration roles on your normal Facebook url page will no longer be recognized and you will have a hard time posting, your role will be demoted to a moderator and all admin features will be automatically stripped from you. 

The only time you can easily notice this will be when you have a Facebook mobile app and are still logged into the app as shown in the image below, this role will become visible if you share your page post on your profile wall.

seo web analyst blogger community

  1.  When you try to access the settings of your page on both urls you will see yourself as an admin but without the features of adding roles to others as seen in the image below (in your case the edit button will no longer be clickable), this only makes the issue more complicated especially if you have bought your Facebook page via some other admin and are certain you have removed the original admin from accessing the page (this feature was released back in 2010 and cannot apply to original group admin, who can appoint and remove other admins he/she added).

Another thing you will notice is that as an admin you will not be able to edit, the edit button located in the row of your admin and role will be unclickable.

seo web analyst blogger community


  1.  When you noticed a visit to your page is prompting you to like the page you own/created or admin then you will have thoughts of your page being hacked, as it is a prerequisite for a page admin or owner to like he or her page, especially when the message is in the same sentence as the ones are shown in the image below.

seo web analyst blogger community


Some Facebook Business Page Roles

  • Admin: Can manage all aspects of the Page. They can: send messages and publish as the Page, respond to and delete comments on the Page, create ads, see which admin created a post or comment, view insights, respond to and delete Instagram comments from the Page, edit Instagram account details from the Page and assign Page roles.

  • Content Creator: Anyone with the Content Creator Admin status can edit the Page, create a status update, create ads, and view Insights on your Facebook business Page, and it will look as though the Page made the update, not them personally. The status update has the Page thumbnail image and the Page name listed. A Content Creator can do everything a Manager can do except add or remove Admins.

  • Moderator: The Moderator Admin status allows someone to reply to comments, ban and block people, send messages, create ads, and view Insights, but not to create a post on the Page.

  • Advertiser: The Advertiser Admin status allows someone to view Insights and to create and manage ads on behalf of the Page.

  • Insights Analyst: The Insights Analyst Admin status lets someone into the Insights interface and download data from that area.

  • Jobs Manager: Can publish and manage jobs, view and manage applications, and create ads.

If you find yourself with this facebook business page issues, don't be alarmed as the solution is quite easy, all you have to do is to login via the Facebook business url and locate the PAGE OWNER that has BUSINESS assign to the profile drop down and click on it on the business page to make it your default, when logged out and try to login to the normal facebook business page you should have the entire business page working perfectly ok.

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