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Free Blog Submission Sites List.

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Free Blog Submission Sites List [High DA]

Blogging has been one of the means of generating targeted traffic to websites, but most bloggers do fall short as to how to master this technique.

One thing to take note of is that blogging is a continuous process that needs to be consistently relevant and informative, so with all due respect, let's move forward with only listing blogs that are accepting submissions with high domain authorities that can help you attain visibilities and traffic as well.

High DA Blog Submission Sites also aids to promote your blog; all you need to do is follow the website process of filling their submission forms with your blog information and submitting them on these websites. These sites help in boosting the search engine ranking and the overall performance of your blog.

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5 Major Benefits of Blog Submission Sites

  • 1.) Authority Blogging

One of the benefits of Blogging is to hone your art of writing content, which defines you as an authority to reckon with in the category niche you write about. Being considered as an authority blogger comes with your number of blog subscribers and readers. The best way to become an authority blogger is to create high-quality content to attract the right audience, and this comes with serious dedication along with writing on relevant topics that cut across problem-solving, guides, and how-tos. With such content, you can easily get readers that will subscribe to your RSS feeds or newsletters even push notifications to get your latest reads, in effect, it also helps build your returning visitors traffic. Like they say it costs more money to acquire new customers than retain them, similar can be said about your new visitors vs returning visitors, the results are shown in your bounce rates.

  • 2.) SEO Backlinks

This is quite obvious as creating a blog post with quality content does attract reference linkings also known as backlinks both inbound and outbound, when you provide an inbound link you make references to another post within your site that might be old but relevant to the topic you are writing on. While inbound links are references from another website linking to your authoritative post, this may be dofollow or follow links, either way, they are part of referencing and linking network building showing that site A is relevant to the content on-site B, these are factors search engine looks at when ranking websites in comparative with each other.

  • 3.) Increase Website Traffic

If you are used to blogging then you will know that blogging is definitely a sure way to increase website traffic, for instance, imagine having a single blog post that can generate 10 visits per day and you now have 100 of does juicy blog posts, if you can do the maths you will understand this generates 1000 visits per day, this is why it is very important to have high-quality content with SEO improvement done on it. Generating quality website traffic is something that can be tasking and a continuous process, especially when writing a continuous blog article, so keeping up with this can be strenuous and the only way to do this is to simply work on authority content.

  • 4.) Boost Domain Authority (DA)

The use of blogging sites for submission is also to gain domain authority when you submit your blog URL to an authoritative website that has gained domain relevancy over the years, when getting backlinks or reference linking from them it helps to pass similar juicy to your URL as well. But what is domain authority? To understand this concept, you need to know the definition of domain authority;

The Domain Authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to assess domain authority through automated analytic wikipedia


  • 5.) Promotional Content

Blog submission is also another method of promotion that helps to increase your sales if constructed well, as a mode of free marketing you can use the blogging technique as a means of generating sales (not pitchy sales post) by using information or solution approach with your content writing. For more information, you can read the recommended topic below.

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The below blog list is a high-quality directory recommended website you can submit your blog post to, with high DA, and gain traction with reciprocal link building.

Also, these lists are created for free listing without making any paid subscription to their respective list categories on their website.

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