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Types Of SEO Strategies in Digital Marketing.

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Best Types of SEO Strategies In Digital Marketing.

The best types of SEO strategies in digital marketing used for search engine ranking can be classified into the top seven known search engine optimization types.

Since the dawn of search engines, there has been a sought-out focus work on getting enlisted on search engines for online visibility which translates to targeted online traffic visits to one's website. This type of audience is classified as a ready-made audience in digital marketing as they are searching for your service in quote unlike being shown your service, for instance, If something that you buy is ready-made, you can use it immediately because the work you would normally have to do has already been done, the same logic applies to search engine traffic.

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What is an SEO Strategy?

An SEO strategy can be defined as the systematic approach to processing a website's on-page and off-page elements for improved visibility on search engines, these are steps taken to organize such workflow to optimize the chances of getting more organic traffic from search engines. 

Understanding what SEO Strategy can do for your small business and its role in digital marketing is very important, as most businesses ignore the organic potential of having their business websites optimized for search engines.

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You might start wondering how many types of SEO do we have in digital marketing? To be frank, we have 10 types of SEO strategies that should be highly considered the black hat SEO are advised to not be practiced, but such knowledge can help you avoid being penalized or correct your SEO work.

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What are the main types of SEO?

There are basically 10 types of SEO strategies that can be used in digital marketing and they are as follows;


1.) White Hat SEO:

This is the utilization of a well-approved SEO approach and techniques to organically rank a website for organic keywords on search engines that are pertinent to the website.


2.) Black Hat SEO:

This is the use of unapproved methods to try to deceive Search engines into organically ranking a website for organic keywords on search engines.


3.) On-Page SEO:

This is the optimization of the website HTML elements with respect to the keywords the SEO expert wants to rank organically for on search engines.


4.) Off-Page SEO:

This is the optimization of the website URL with references from more authoritative websites that provide juicy linkbacks and recommendations to point search engines to the same website for the keyword enlisting on the search engine ranking page.


5.) Global-SEO:

This is the optimization for international visibility on every local search engine enlistment, this is a more targeted SEO work that is focused on gaining visibility around the world and is suitable for brand awareness as well.


6.) Local SEO:

This is the approach of optimizing your website and other local elements for achieving visibilities on search engines for local search within a website locality, area, and country.


7.) Technical SEO:

This refers to both the off-page and on-page factors that are not found on your website but are more technical and requires a webmaster's services, this might involve your design UX, server installation, security, header response, etc.


8.) Grey Hat SEO:

This is the approach of optimizing your website and other elements with a mix of Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO, infact this practice is so common that most SEO practitioners hardly realize that they have crossed the line with this SEO strategy of a White Hat SEO.


9.) Enterprise SEO:

This is type of SEO strategy entails the total optimization of a website that has more than a few webpages, it involves the use of enterprise SEO audit tools. It is best suited for brands and big businesses that has a lot of webpages eg you have news websites, e-commerce website etc. This sort of websites are advice to work on an enterprise level of SEO to help them monitor their large amount of pages on search engines performance.


10.) Voice Search SEO:

This is an SEO practice that was initiated a few years back and its basically a step towards the voice recognition tech breakthrough, its introduction to search engine has not been as impressive as many will hope. But still it has its usefulness, and thats why its added to this list.


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Full-scale SEO work should be an embodiment of some of these main SEO types minus the "BLACK HAT SEO", as the name suggests it is for the dark lords that probably will end up having penalities on their SEO ranked keywords, they don't last, and are mostly short-lived optimization organic process.

These main types of SEO work in correlation with each other, though some can work perfectly without the latter, they do co-exist in general SEO work to do on your website. For instance, you need to utilize On-Page SEO and Technical SEO strategies and still get ranked on search engines for low-hanging keywords, also referred to as long-tailed keywords.

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Using keyword Difficulty Score can be a good method to access such keywords, another addition to this is to use the Google Suggest keywords also known as LSI keywords.

Why will you want to consider such keywords? It's simple they are easier to rank with little SEO work as well, take for instance our blog post, apart from the obvious FRESH CONTENT algorithm that our post conforms to we also work on the foundation SEO basis which is the on-page optimization, and the off-page optimization then technical SEO. These three originally are the main types of SEO to consider and when applying them you need to follow the white SEO layout, using them concurrently can help you with your ranking factors goals.

seo web analyst blogger community

CTR conversion and ranking chart courtesy:

The image above illustrates the kind of organic traction you can achieve from utilizing such an SEO strategy with long-tailed keywords.

I hope this answers the question of why you should focus on long-tailed keywords, they are like seasonal times, when you list expect the same long-tail keyword might start gaining lots of queries and also drop in trend, either way, it is best to have a mix and using the enlisted types of SEO can guide you to getting the best out of your SEO in digital marketing for your business.



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