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8 Things SEO Specialist Do On Websites.

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8 Things SEO Specialist Do On Websites.

Due to the increase questions from naive website owners that want to patronize SEO specialist or SEO company for their website SEO this list below are highlighted seo services to expect from your hired SEO company or assigned SEO specialist.

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1.   SEO Consulting Services:

The first thing You will begin with is to schedule a seo consulting service with an SEO specialist or seo company; with whom a review of your website SEO technical issues are analyze. Next, the SEO specialist assigned to your project will engage in a comprehensive keyword research to target search queries that attract most traffic in your business niche centric.

The SEO specialist will conduct KEI (keyword effective index) to help you filter most productive keywords that are consumer keywords and have a higher return on investment.

2.   Unique Content Creation:

After the keywords are finalized next is to get written quality SEO content for the keywords, hence balancing between the keyword density and relevancy on the page. They will use their training and experience to create highly effective content that is original and unique. They will also make use of your current website content whenever possible. The content that is created will not only be search engine (SEO) friendly, it will also be professional enough to market your site to the human readers without losing readability value.

We are now in a content age, where content is king and it’s a bio-metric rule for search engine ranking.

Quality content is the epitome of ranking; as it cut across users engagement on your content page eg. Social sharing, click through, bounce rates, and time spent, this are the values of rich content which are used as measuring yard stick to measure quality content in a SEO WEBSITE. Keep this up and you will not only tell the search engines to think twice ranking you higher above your competitors, but will also get rewards ranking for easy long tailed 3 to 4 keyword phrases.

 All these will be done in close consultation with you so that the essence and message of your website is not compromised.

3.   Website Redevelopment:

Your website would be redeveloped completely to ensure seamless integration of the new, optimized content to your website. In the process the entire website will be subjected to revision – the architecture, graphic text, meta tags, alt tags, internal linking pattern and the sub-pages will be modified to the necessary extent.

Cross-referencing link architecture is a big factor in website redevelopment because if you have a page that has links both internally and externally, you might need to consistently scan for broken links in anchor text links and image links. This affect the SEO website work as when the SEO specialist creates your site map and robot.txt files for search engine spiders to index your site, a broken link in your site structure will only send the bots to either a 404 or bad response code error message, which will deem your site uncrawlable any further.

In all these, the seo specialist will ensure not to disturb the design integrity and the essence of the website. He or she will employ only SEO techniques that are ethically sound. The website revision will only be subjected, if the website is lacking CTR- Click Through Rate from SERP- Search Engine Ranking Positions and ultimately a higher Bounce Rate, which might be due to any number of reasons caused by lack of User Experience Testing on the website.


4.   Link Building Development:

Besides site optimization, link popularity or link building development is another important aspect of your website’s search engine success (SEO website work). An SEO company ensures that you should have links pointing to your website from other popular websites with good page rank, page authority, domain authority, low outbound link, link juice relevancy etc. Most SEO specialist will take care of link development as well.

They use a number of highly effective link building strategies including:

• One-way links from content relevant directories and websites.

• Reciprocal link exchange with content relevant websites with good PR.

• Directory submissions to both free directories and fee-based directories.

• Article Syndication for creating link popularity.

• Blog posting/reviews for contextual link building and targeted referral traffic.

• Reciprocal link building.

• Targeted link purchases.

  • Social Media link distribution.


5.   Search Engine Submission:

Most SEO specialist do not stop with site optimization, but also take care of the submission of the website to all major search engines and directories including – Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ (Open Directory) AOL, AltaVista, Lycos, HotBot, Teoma and ASK.

They also submit to fee-based directories and review sites such as Google Place, Facebook page, Foursquare, Reddit, Yelp, LookSmart and a number of other top-class directories and review sites that will bring lot of targeted traffic to your website.

The SEO company will also create and submit Google sitemap and Yahoo sitemap so as to ensure easy indexing in these search engines.


6.   Search Engine Optimization Reports:

Most seo company have highly streamlined reporting procedures that will generate a ranking report prior to the commencement of the optimization process and this report will indicate your website’s ranking in various search engines. This report will be sent to you and this will serve as the point of reference which you can use to compare the results of their optimization. After the completion of the optimization, they will send you the monthly reports via Email so that you can keep track of the progress. Besides generating monthly status reports, they will also monitor your website on weekly basis to make sure that your website is not dropped out by any major search engines. Search engine Optimization Company’s team will be in constant touch with you via phone or email and will also be happy to receive your call or email anytime to respond to any questions you may have.


7.   Fees:

Fees will depend on how competitive your keywords are. That is from a request quote approach or you pay a stipulated sum for a job description with respect to a time frame and in most cases this type of fee approach is on long term contract basis. Most SEO company base their fees or pricing on either a fixed cost price aka a monthly contract of 3 to 6 months or a retainer contract fees (this will only make the seo company your online marketing agency, you tend to spend more depending on what they suggest and what your budget is for online marketing).

The fixed pricing is majorly wrapped around a retainer fee which is mostly more expensive but is without any doubt most lucrative in the long run. Because this kind of agreement is reached with not just your target for your SEO website, but will also cover areas of better website performance in terms of developing other marketing strategies. SEO is not just about getting higher ranking on search engines, but it also involves the visitors behavior on your site coupled with other factors as well that are beyond common SEO services.

[CASE 1] For instance; if your site has a lot of impression but a very low click through rate, no matter how much experienced you have in ranking a site you will see that your ranking will start depleting (one of the search algorithms that causes you to lose SERP- Search Engine Ranking Position).

[CASE 2] For instance; your website solemnly depends on search engines for referral traffic, i.e.  Over 80% of your referral traffic is from organic with zero other mediums, only spells doom! Why? Because it is not advisable to depend only on SEO or search engines, has they pick up relevancy of your website with respect to other ranking factors, e.g. like review sites, social sites, exact words click through rates to your websites. which can be achieve via using your exact keywords as anchor texts on blog comments, guest blogging, email campaigns, directory listings, press releases etc All this drive traffic to your site if implemented well and do send strong signals to search engines (but do not over do it, has over optimization is what penguin update is for! Moreover, low or duplicate content is what panda update is for! If you are over optimizing or spamming then your website SEO will be lose!)

So going for a retainer is much more advisable than the normal and mostly patronizes 3 months or 6 months contract basis, the contract basis pricing might be suitable for small business owners that are just interested in targeting their audience on search engines and not looking beyond the extra values of a long term ranking possibility. i.e dominating that niche keyword for years to come and branding your website /service /product around such keywords.


8.   Guaranteed Ranking:

Most search engine SEO company offers value for your money through its SEO service level guarantee for your campaign but really there is no such thing, they use this as a marketing tactic, why? This is what people like you and me want to hear, a assured point that you will get this position, which cannot be so, because the search engine companies, i.e. SEO company don't own the search engines.

On reviewing your website by the SEO specialist and correlating the keyword competition involved they will be able to give you realistic guarantee that is specific to your requirements (realistic only means a time frame in this context and not a search engine position in other misused cases).

They will certainly be able to meet any SEO guarantee that you get online if not outdo such guarantees, because such a guarantee one needs to be wary about their quality and how they tend to provide such SEO services.

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The best SEO guarantee any SEO company can procure will be a top ten ranking on search engines and is given within the period of 3 months to 6 months; this clause is with respect to both fixed SEO website pricing and retainer contract pricing. The SEO company will state that their SEO services will become visible after a minimum of 3 months, so you have to invest a minimum of 3 months before you start seeing value for your investments on your SEO website improvements.

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