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How To Advertise on Yahoo.

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How To Advertise on Yahoo.

Drive your business through a combination only Yahoo! offers: the science to target an audience, the art to create engagement, and the scale to reach the right audience in meaningful numbers.

Yahoo advertisement is one of the most sought out media advertisement out let on the internet for brands and big established companies alike, but the most common misconception of Yahoo ads to medium and mostly small business owners is that they are not cost effective, especially for PAN African regions like Yahoo Nigeria.

Today I will like to help you understand how to advertise on Yahoo and to help shed some insight on this and bring to light how serving Yahoo advert can be beneficial to your brand awareness and online reach. There are two ways you can execute Yahoo advertising, one is via an agency, who will solicit on your behalf to place the type of Yahoo Advert placement your business requires or you can contact Yahoo advertising directly via adtech.Yahoo inc.

Pan Africa : Demographic and Reach

The images below shows you the level of penetration Yahoo advertising can bring to your business to reach a wider audience of targeted viewers via different platforms on desktop or mobile.

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Yahoo Nigeria.

seo web analyst blogger community

Yahoo Kenya

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Yahoo Botswana

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Yahoo Tazania

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Yahoo Uganda

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Yahoo Ghana

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Yahoo Zambia

Yahoo Advertising Cost



1. Mail Login Takeovers


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A fully customization, innovative, artistic and cutting edge digital format with high reach and impact. The average time spent on the Mail Login is 2.3 minutes per unique user and results in higher user engagements and performance. Also run your brand exclusively for 24 hours, the cost of each will vary on your creativeness, i.e rich media Mail Logins will cost a little more than static ones (eg ads with videos).



• Daily Reach: 100,000 readers /250,000 PV’s
• Monthly Reach: 774,000 readers /1,300,000 PV’s
• Largest canvas on YAHOO!
• Expected performance: 1% to 2% CTR
• 24-hour brand exclusivity and 100% SOV
• 15 to 30 second video available


A Yahoo Mail Login Takeovers can cost a minimum of $3000 for normal ad banner and for video interactive banner they cost $3500 per slot and you are required to make purchase of 2 slot with the third slot provided to you for free, payments are made in total and your agent can select the day in the calender to show your Yahoo ads, this cost price is only for 24 hours per slot.



2. Native Ads


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These ads can be seen in stream across the YAHOO! Network news stream. This advert Appear organically within user experiences.
As of 2014 Native Ads Now serving on:
- Homepage *
- InMail*
- Across all screens

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The minimum price for this advert place can be around $1000, and can base your ads either by cost per impression or cost per click, Yahoo! ads will charge a minimum of *$4.50 on a CPM basis and more for a CPA or CPC.



3. In-Mail


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This is similar to the Native Ads in terms of minimum budget and CPM and CPC, but this ads are always the one noticed by the right hand side of your mail. 


4. Homepage Takeovers


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*Homepage ads will run for 24 hours on the booked date of your choice. The "header" is also called a billboard.

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