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How To Add Blog Website To Opera News.

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How To Submit Your Website or Blog To Opera News Feed.

Submitting your website or Blog content on Opera News Feed is a generic means to add more targeted traffic to your website. Opera News has a base user of over 50 million, and can arguably be reckoned with as a sure means of online awareness as a publication media outlet for website and blog owners.

Getting your website or blog content to show up on the Opera Newsfeed is actually a manual process and not something that is done by oneself, unlike Bing News and Google News Feed submissions.

seo web analyst blogger community

There are two means of getting your content featured on Opera News, and one of them is via their Opera News App, you need to follow the instructions below to get started.

This is a form for curators and bloggers to earn by blogging content that is Newsworthy to feed the opera news app itself. They pay you by impression and the content is curated on their platform exclusively.


How To Earn On Opera News Hub as a Writer.

If you are a content writer and a blogger alike you can Opera News Hub has made it super easy for individuals to engage in their hubby by writing for the platform and earning money from it.

You will need to write consistently writing articles that will be published on the hub, your content needs to be between 500 words and cannot be spun articles or refurbished content.

You will need to make sure that your content contains engagement phrases or call to action since earnings on Opera News Hub (a self-hosted platform) are based on engagement.

Your article needs to meet up to Opera News standard for earning rewards, payments are done every 1st and 15th of the same month, based on performance ie all fees of the current month will be paid from the 15th to the 20th of the next month. For example, all the fees in February will be paid from the 15th to the 20th of March.


How To Register On Opera News Hub as Blogger.

First, you need to register on the Opera News Hub account by visiting the opening an account page.

You can register via your email or you do that via the social media login option.

seo web analyst blogger community

Second fill in all required information as seen in the image below.

seo web analyst blogger community

Next, you will be prompted to provide your Opay account details to integrate payment for your articles as they attract engagement and meet Opay requirements for earning.

seo web analyst blogger community

After successful registration, you will be prompted to your News Hub Page, this is your personal dashboard where you can start to create content and have them published on the platform. Contents are circulated among the platform users and there are provisions to link back to your outbound links (website).

seo web analyst blogger community

Before you can start to create content your account needs to pass a validation requirement, whereby your account will be reviewed, and if passed you will get an email, or else you will be prompted with a decline email with details as to why your account was not approved.

seo web analyst blogger community

After fixing the issue and trying to resubmit your account for revalidation, you can be rest assured you will be accepted and from there you can start to create quality content, OperaNews does not accept duplicate content so as to avoid plagiarism or clickbait headlines, so you need to be careful of such contents that are misleading inorder not to get your account banned on oper news hub.


How to Change your Opay Account on Opera News Hub.

You can do this simply by visiting your hub page account (using the opera news browser as well) and navigating to the account section.

seo web analyst blogger community

and edit the Opay Account you want to change and click save, that is it.

seo web analyst blogger community

How To Submit Your Website Blog To Opera News Feed.

The second method is domain indexing, this will help your content to be indexed via Opera News Feed, which will have your domain News content being featured and serve as Feeds to the Opera Newsreader audience. With this approach, you are only building referral traffic to your website as this will have a link back to the original content on your website or blog, there is no earning involved.

The decision of domain acceptance is done by an in-house team and there are no guarantees of acceptance into the Opera news feed.

Your content needs to be dynamic and not the usual content they have or are already spinning on the platform, that is why it is a bit tedious to get your website or blog submission easily accepted on Opera Newsfeeds with a lot of bloggers out there refurbishing contents and spinning them as new without the authenticity voice to back them up.

To get started you will need to send an email to the following email addresses depending on the kind of website or blog content.

If you work with a press media outlet you should send your email for website or blog inclusion to [email protected]

If you operate a blog or a dynamic website for content submission, you should send your email for inclusion to [email protected]

Next, you prepare a very succinct email body with the following content;

Hello Opera News,

Please I will like to have my website (blog) site

Provide URL

(optional: You can include a brief summary of what the website or blog is about and why you think it is a good fit for their platform).

Be included on your platform.

Thank you for the consideration


Your name.



Within 24hrs you should get an acknowledgment email to alert you that your email has been received.

You might be requested to provide a Wemedia Name if registered on their self-media platform, you may submit this information if you do, but to me, I do not understand why they would ask, but I can assure you it is not a prerequisite for acceptance into the Opera News Feed domain program, you can actually run both the Opera News Hub and Opera News Feed together for mass exposure and visibility. Now, within the period of their email reply, they will be monitoring your website or blog for updated content. It can take up to 3 months for them to respond to your request and either way you will definitely get a response, you can send a reminder once a month just in case you do not get a quick response.

If you get an email Your Domain Has Been Indexed, then congratulations to you for successfully submitting your website or blog to Opera News Feed.

As long as you continue publishing original and authentic content on your blog website, you will definitely start seeing your traffic from Opera News as referral traffic on your Google Analytics (if you use it to measure your website traffic performance).

To avoid being banned or getting your domain unpublished from the platform you need to follow their guidelines;

1. Publishers need to produce consistent original content 

2. Do not copy or plagiarise content and refer to the guidelines in the links provided - clickbait - fake news

If you can abide by these rules of engagement you can rest assured that your content will always be syndicated on the opera news feed shared with over 50 million audiences online.

BONUS INFO: If you are able to get your website blog content submission or addition on the opera news feed, you automatically will start having your content being aggregated on the Phoneix web browser as well! Because the Phoneix browser gets its news feeds from both opera news hub and scooper news hub.

But if you will like to still go the extra mile to try and see if you can get more publishing media submissions you can try to send a replica email to the Phoneix browser for a blog or website included in their news feed via sending an email to [email protected] you may not get any response, but you need to be very patient, since they do not have an automated means of doing the blog addition system.



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