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How To Sell Products Online.

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How To Sell Products Online.

Today's article will be based on how to sell products or services online using paid ads from advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.

The first drawback with selling products or services online is the lack of realizing what is actually needed to generate a sale, ie the cost of acquiring a sale versus the profit margin on the product itself.

The other drawback is how much do you actually need to put in as a monetary effort to drive sales for your campaign online? to be honest that is something only your campaign manager can answer or you yourself, based on your turnovers from previous sales.

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I will use a basic case study to drive my point about selling products or services online via Facebook or Google. Let's say you have a service like the one slated below and you have designed your appropriate banner ads.

The first thing you will like to watch out for is when your campaign has been approved and has started running are the metrics

seo web analyst blogger community

For a Facebook Campaign, you have several objective goals you can choose from, ie you can decide to drive traffic to your landing page or drive engagement on a post down to having messenger and Whatsapp reachout.

For my rule of thumb when creating an online advertisement to sell a product or service you need to check your goal metrics ie your conversion or CTR, if you have anything below 1% then you need to be wary of such a campaign as that equals to a very expensive campaign with too much marketing budget going down the drain.


Using My Personal Ads Campaign (Selling Service Online) as a Case Study.

This was done to easily demonstrate the effectiveness of running a service campaign. So my niche area was to help individuals and SMEs set up, manage and run their ads online.

This online campaign was only focused on Facebook and Instagram and my goal was to have Whatsapp engagement. I only budget $20 for this advert and concluded to work with a duration of 7 days only...So, give or take I was hoping to spend below ($3) three dollars every day.

seo web analyst blogger community

The banner image above was the banner I designed and use to fly this ad campaign which actually turned out great as I was able to get at least 10 individuals to reach out to me via WhatsApp to make inquiries about my services.

I was able to convert one, as the rest couldn't afford my bill, so I compromise to offer my service in stages that way it was affordable for the only individual that bought through the service (he was no longer a prospect but a lead).

I was able to sell my service for $150 meaning I made a profit of $130 from just a single sale that was successful, one of the major issues I have come to see with the Facebook campaign ads is that you do need to leverage in on the use of Instagram and also you still need to persuade this prospects into leads as getting quality leads seems to have reduced on social media, especially Facebook.

Most pages now have redundant traffic with a less engaging audience, this is some discovery I made from some other client social media campaign I set up. We had a lot of good metrics and goals were being met, the ads were running on my Facebook Ads manager (META Ads), but to my surprise, all the audience targeted that actually submitted their forms didn't go further checking out.

This was when I had to introduce an outbound reach-out strategy using email and telemarketing, with this I was able to understand that the fee for the service was one of the issues and challenges, so the common sense to do will be to target the heavy spenders that are located in the urban areas of our targeted locations...but such features were not present on Facebook.

The other issue was the Facebook campaign page that had no Instagram page to showcase the same ads on, we had good numbers and paid less for clicks, but with all the CTR we had no single form submission. My candid response to this was for the client to transfer their ads to my Facebook campaign ads manager, after all, tweaking did not work on getting the visits to submit forms for the product.


Conclusively I will suggest the use of starting small or little with a test budget on your social media campaign, to see how the ads perform, This will help you not have an overhead budget for the placement of your ads. If you want to sell products online then consider the cost it takes to acquire an actual sale. Also, you should consider the cost of acquiring a lead vs conversion in other to help you withdraw from an obvious bad campaign.



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