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How To Use Email Marketing Retention Online Marketing.

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How To Use Email Marketing Retention Online Marketing.

Today's topic is a reflection on my personal experience with one of our online marketing that went south, and we had to complement our online marketing results with an email marketing retention technique to aid us to maintain relevancy with our prospective customers for our clients.

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The campaign was based on a very reasonable predictive outcome with a minimum of 1% conversion ratio with every sale funnel stage we have prepared for this campaign. But to our surprise we were not able to convert much of these leads into paying customers, we needed an accumulation of 50 paying leads for the initial bait fee...we called it that term because as a marketer we were looking at the cost of the service that our client was providing, in this case, it was a service in the educational niche market.

And knowing fully well the response and attitude of our targeted country towards education, we were certain we needed to add more incentives for this campaign to be successful, such incentives were to offer a 50% discount on the tuition fee followed by an outreach method of telemarketing.


Two things were deduced from this online marketing campaign.

Firstly we were able to understand that these individuals that actually submitted the first stage of the form had an interest in the educational services being provided by our client but were not able to make payment for such quality educational standards.

Others were simply doing so out of curiosity or not being able to afford the fees when it was presented to them...actually, we optioned that the price of the tuition fee should be placed below the first form submission page.

Secondly, the timing of the campaign was crucial, as such educational advert is more received in an advance method, ie we should have optioned in for an advert display a month before the D-day. Using such an approach helps to build your online awareness, even though the school admission is a month away from its deadline date.

Furthermore, we called most of the prospects that eventually ticked YES on their first submission so we could converse with them via telemarketing and pitch them the offer for easy dealing.

To cut the long story short we had 28 leads that ultimately proceeded into the 2nd stage of the form, where they were to make payment for their registration fee (which was our goal of 50), we were 22 leads short and needed to work around it, as we had a review on how much it was costing us to acquire such leads (almost $40 per leads), which was on a grey area.

We proposed a pause on the current ads campaign in order to focus on the telemarketing outreach to the individual leads we have not reached out to and also work on an email retention strategy that will enable us to maintain freshness with these leads, (ie those we have reached out to and others we are yet to call, to keep receiving email messages from us to showcase our clients' educational services). 

This is one dependable way to keep your leads glued to your brand, it is less expensive and works well in customer retention you keep doing this to target leads that are yet to convert into customers.


A retention email is any email sent to an existing customer for the purpose of keeping them around as loyal customers. As the most common form of email marketing today, retention emails come in all different forms.

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A sample of our retention email marketing sent out to leads


After several emails being sent out in a timely fashion, mostly based on peak periods performance time, ie days and time periods we are sure to have higher open rates, Our marketing team was able to compensate for the rest of the 22 leads required to submit the 2nd form submission for their registration fee.

This is why we do advise clients executing digital marketing, especially for high-end services or products to always integrate retention email marketing in their online marketing campaign.

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I can conclusively state that the use of retention email marketing in this sort of case scenario came in handy as we were able to deliver on our 50 prospective customers to our clients.

It is a norm to have setbacks and without further expenses on digital marketing ads campaigns, the use of email marketing as another means to target your submitted emails is one effective way to get your products or service in front of your targeted email list. Why? because these set of email lists actually submitted their information for your product so they are targeted, they may not be instant clients but they are potential customers that are willing to convert with a bit of persuasion on a constant reach out.

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