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How To Get Backlinks: 12 Different Ways That Really Work.

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How To Get Backlinks: 12 Methods To Get Quality Strong Backlinks


In today's post, I will be looking at the essential means and methods you could actually get your page links distributed freely for you as backlinks pointing back to your site from authoritative websites like Facebook, News media sites, etc

Backlinks essentially act as a website's vote of confidence and inform Google that your website is a reliable source.

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12 Ways To Get Quality Backlinks (That Really Work)

If you’re looking to build your white hat backlink strategy, then this post is for you.

This post will share 12 proven strategies that work to get backlinks and boost your SEO strategy.

Let’s begin.

1. Guest Blogging or Posting

Finding guest blogging opportunities is one of the best strategies to develop white hat backlinks.

By including connections to your own resources, research, and more when appropriate and relevant, guest blogging enables your company to naturally increase the number of backlinks pointing to it.

Additionally, websites enjoy the publication of guest blog posts since it generates fresh ideas for blog posts that they might not otherwise cover and expands their calendar of content with minimal work on their part.

Find websites that are related to your industry, offerings, or services and that accept guest posting.

Additionally, search for content publishing opportunities on websites that rank higher because these websites will give your backlink more exposure.

A page is more likely to rank higher with higher domain authority.

Higher domain authority means a page has a better probability to rank in the SERPs.

Use Moz’s free tool to check a website’s Domain Authority.

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2. Ask For Two Way Reciprocal Backlinks

Another easy way to build backlinks is via two-way reciprocal backlinks, by exchange of links between websites with similar content.

One way to do this is simply by making requests via emails to such designated websites that might find your service or content relevant to theirs.

What this does in effect is to have you link your service or product page to your partner page while they do the same, in most cases, you both may not have

to sell the same product or provide the same services, but you can have relatable services/products that can benefit your targeted audience.

Instead of fighting for the target audience, you learn to share, eg you might be a car dealer and place a link back to a spare part dealer, hence you already have a correlation in terms of product and service to your target audience.


3. Ask For Positive Online Reviews

Using this method is very critical it is both constructive and damaging if the wrong perspective is conceived by online viewers.

It can have both negative and positive impacts on your Online reputation management if not handled professionally.

If you are a service or product provider, it is now good practice to have your current customers reference your brand or just concluded service/product 

delivery via online review sites and place a backlink to your service page.

Additionally, most new customers do go online to research a business online reviews prior to concluding to do business with them.

So setting up a similar tool to find websites mentioning your business...a good example is that of Google Business, Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook page review

You’ll receive an email notification whenever a website mentions your business name.


4. Leverage Media Publishing Sites

The use of media publishing platforms can also be used for cognitive backlink distribution, especially on research media outlets like academia or wikiHow, in most cases, you will find out that the more of your case studies or product publications you have on this web platform the more you will find your content being published on relevant sites that reference you as the source.

The use of press release sites should also be classified under Media Publishing and you can easily get backlinks from these news outlets if you patronize their service on a regular.

There are several lists of pdf platforms you can use for this case, eg Issuu, Slideshare, Scribd, LinkedIn, Coursera, Academia, etc.


5. Create Engaging Visual Content

Nearly all marketers claimed that creative images, such as infographics and illustrations, contribute to the achievement of their marketing objectives.

Additionally, marketers emphasized the importance of visual material in their marketing plans.

Why does it rank highly for marketers? because it is simple to consume and spread.

It's simple to boost the likelihood that your material will be shared whether you're making an infographic or another form of visual.

Additionally, your website will receive a great backlink.


6. Publish Original Research

You must take into account the psychology of content sharing when figuring out why and when individuals share material.

According to recent research, responders think carefully about how the information they offer will benefit the recipient.

In the same study, over half of the participants said they shared content because it gave them the chance to let others know about the goods they cared about and perhaps influence their views or motivate them to take certain actions.

Your content is more likely to be shared if it is more educational.

By utilizing your knowledge and unique research, you may establish yourself as a reliable source for content sharing.

You will get a white hat backlink any time a customer, blog, or company references your research.

This raises your profile, which contributes to Google rewarding you.

This helps improve your prominence, which ties back to Google rewarding you with improved search rankings, leading to more organic search traffic.


7. Build A Useful Free Tool

Building a Free web app tool can also help you to generate backlinks as long as you provide a two-way reciprocal link confirmation URL.

For example, you might own a service that requires testing for an eye clinic and create a tool for people to use to test their eyes when they get their test done the only way to see the results can be for them to share it on their social handles.

This system is quite similar to trivia games that are notable on Facebook, whereby you are provided a set of calls to action and you will be expected to share the answer on your handle.

The other benefit of this is that it will generate another means of targeted traffic to your website.


8.  Affiliate Referral Program

This is the most overlooked means of actually generating quality backlinks to your websites.

Imagine you offer a very juicy service that attracts a 20% commission for referrals, and with the use of banners or linkbacks, your affiliates

are being tracked and they do this by implementing their referral links on their websites for tracking.

If you make the anchor text of your links to be a pertinent keyword phrase to your service or product, this click-through performance can be of positive

impact in your SERP.


9. Use Citations

Citations may not be as important a search ranking element as they once were, but their advantages are still relevant today.

Local citations aid in disseminating information about your company throughout the extensive search ecosystem.

While Google and other well-known search engines receive the vast majority of searches, these directories also see traffic and provide another channel for customers to find your company.

First, Yelp (formerly Google My Business), Facebook, Apple Maps, and Yelp.

then expand to more general or sector-specific directories.

You receive a backlink from each directory where you are listed, which helps you develop your backlink profile.


10. Leverage Influencer and Public Relations

An excellent technique to increase your industry's visibility and authority is to have a public relations strategy.

Additionally, it will definitely aid in the development of your backlink profile.

For instance, every news release that your company issues gives you the chance to add at least one backlink to your website.

It also builds your company as an authority in your field; the more frequently you have material that is both beneficial and pertinent to offer in your field, the more authority you will gain.

Public relations also includes sharing content links on social media. If readers value your article, they might share it again, which will help you create more backlinks.


11. Create A Roundup Or “Ask the Experts” Blog Post

Asking others for insights around a certain topic can help strengthen your content and add valuable information you may not otherwise have had.

It’s also a great way for the contributor to include their own link in your post to improve their backlink profile.

Creating a roundup or an ask the experts-style post increases your chances for shareability, too.

Your contributors are more than likely to share the content piece with their own networks, which will cause the content to reach a wider audience.

Ask potential contributors for a short contribution – maybe two to three sentences – to encourage participation.

The less burdensome they ask, the more likely they will want to contribute.


12. Utilize Email Newsletter System

Similar to the affiliate links distribution and its relation with SERP, via CTR (Click Through Rate), using emails as a means of distributing links is also a great way of improving SERP for a particular keyword.

When using email marketing to distribute your links to your contacts, you need to understand you will get a reference back to these links as the email domains, so the more diverse your email addresses are the more your backlink counts will suffix.


Cracking Google’s evolving search engine algorithm can be time-consuming and full of trials, tribulations, and errors.

Focusing on improving your brand’s relevance and prominence are two surefire ways to boost your page results in the SERPs.

Link building, including internal linking and backlinks, is just one way to get there.

There are plenty of others to follow too.

But, working on building your backlinking and internal links is a great place to start.


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