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Top Digital Marketing Skills Required For Digital Marketers.

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10 Important Digital Marketing Skills You Need To Know.

Digital marketing is more than just a professional skill, it has become a vital aspect of every business that wants to do well online. Hence, digital marketers need to be seen as a white-collar job specification that can pay above any minimum wage worldwide. Apart from the obvious merit of being a digital marketer allows you to get remote jobs, breaking into the industry itself is not as challenging as other means of business.

seo web analyst blogger community

But, there is a mix of professional skills that you might need to acquire as a digital marketer. Now, someone like me I attain the grand stage of professional digital marketing through shared determination and self thoughts alongside being guided by mentors and followership of one the best digital marketers in my era. eg Mike Filsaime, Socrates Socratous, Sanjay Kumar, Randi Fishkin, Neil Patel etc.


Now, all these experienced digital marketers all helped mold me into acquiring the right mindset to become a well-grounded digital marketer myself. One thing I learned along the line is that digital marketing is a very broad niche, thanks to the introduction of new technologies every day, there tends to be a new evolution in the concepts of digital marketing itself, a good example being influencer marketing, growth hacking, etc all this type of marketing only came about with the introduction of social media platforms and the integration of new technology usage to boost online reach.

In any future form of digital marketing whether here now or in the future tense, some things will remain constant and these things called goals are as follows;

  1. Better Awareness and Promotion
  2. Generate and Sustain customers
  3. Increase Outreach and Engagement
  4. Reduce online Paid Ads Cost

For you to be able to call yourself a well-rooted digital marketing professional then you should be able to provide these said goals consistently and also be able to master the following skills without being limited to other variances of digital marketing skills as well.


Search Engine Marketing:

If there is any mode of marketing I hone my skills in, it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is one of my inspirations for the name “SEO Web Analyst”.

Over a decade now Google among other search engines in the world has stood out as a means of reach for end users to get reliable information when it comes to purchase, learning, news, etc.

So it will be fair to understand why it has come out to be a very strong and reliable medium for online advertising (also noting it stands as the number #1 most visited website online).

The best and most effective way to generate FREE traffic from this platform is via SEO, and to do that requires some technicalities and understanding of what to do and not to do. With several algorithms being dished out by the search engine giant to maintain some level of sanity with the use of ranking on Search engines, most average SEO’ers have little to no understanding of how they rank their respective keywords or how to target a keyword for ranking on Google, Bing and the rest.

This is where SEO Web Analyst ®™ platform comes in, to provide an in-depth analysis of your webpage and the respective keywords you want to rank for on search engines.

Not only that, but the tool also monitors your ranking positions and improvements both on mobile and desktop as well, not forgetting the tracking of your competitors on the same path of ranking as you. That is the deal with search engine ranking, you need to be consistence or you lose value and someone else takes up your spot.


Web Analytic Marketing:

It is obvious that in making digital marketing decisions on what works best for your business online you will need data, data mining in the scope of your website behavior, their location, time spent, and bounce rate (exit) from your website is important. But what if, you could get more? For instance, you can record sessions of visits on your website and see what your users are doing, or better yet have a heat map to showcase the most “clicked” area of your website, this can help you with your C-T-R (click-through rates) to other pages of your website or a Call-To-Action button placement, these is the major application of the web analytics you can use to improve your website performance and conversion rates to increase sales for your businesses, hence the need of integrating this into a marketing platform.

Furthermore, this area of web marketing is what completes our name “SEO Web Analyst” brand name and will encourage prospective digital marketers to get familiar with the basis of web analytics by using more Google Analytics, as it is one of the world's used web analytic tool to measure website performance.


Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the new dawn for traditional advertisement with the use of social media to market goods and services to prospects online. Noting this, it will be a big oversight for us to have a strong reference of generating traffic to a website or sales without having an organic means of doing this.

Unlike Search engines, we have tons of popular social media, and the organic means of reaching engagement or impression all depends on the kind of audience you build, the kind of content you share, and your type of service.

We have provided an automated means of sharing, scheduling tracking engaging with social prospects online with your content, providing you with an avenue to manage them all.

With the social media marketing tool, you can direct market, upsell, collect insight, and track mentions of related keywords to your service or brand.

Our tool supports major social media platforms even mobile messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram are not left out of the marketing optimization. We have also taken the step to integrate social proof marketing, a social preference for increasing opts or conversion for a call to action on a website, to mention a few interesting applications of the system.


Content Marketing:

The act of writing an article, publishing a press release, blasting it for views, having audiences that subscribe to your newsletters etc are all means of generating traffic, creating authenticity in your area of expertise…etc.

Now imagine replicating the same effort on your business, releasing content that provides solutions, solutions your target audience is looking for online via search engines and social media, what better way to do this if not content marketing?

I can say this for a fact, content marketing makes it very easy to generate traffic to your website, it helps to pull a target audience via publishing related content and it also helps in terms of link building for SEO.

Why spend money on press releases if you can do that via a content syndicator platform? This is one of the reasons we have added the blog curator to our marketing platform, it serves as an extension of a business website and can easily rank as the tools on the platform to help and guide users on how to achieve this, and the best part is to easily share and blast to other social media platforms or print on other CMS platforms e.g. word press, blogger, live journal etc.


You can out rightly say we are building a cocktail of digital marketing tools that would normally serve as a single platform for our end users.

Other notary mentions are Graphic designing, website design, and development (you might just need to understand the basics as long as you can design a landing page etc, you be fine).

The infographic image below are professional job positions you can apply for as a digital marketer

seo web analyst blogger community


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