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Importance Of Local SEO Business Listings.

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The Importance of Local SEO Business Listings.

Local SEO is not a new rave but has become vital for local businesses' online success. I have written previously some list of local SEO business tactics based on small business local SEO services and local SEO Services for Small Businesses, I will recommend you go through those topics, as they are the core perquisites to your understanding of how important Local SEO Business listing is to your small business.

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Local SEO Business Listings is a combination of both Local SEO and Business listings derivatives. What do I mean by that? Well, I am trying to say that both work together hand in hand, hence the term “Local SEO Business Listings”. 

Local SEO simply means getting your business ranked for local searches within your business environs, in most searched keyword phrases you tend to see keyword phrases that return a “near me” search phrase. This is because the user is already logged into their Google account and doing a search for a local service within their area. E.g. “Laundry Services in Lekki” Now if you were to search this term keyword and you are logged in with your Google account, Google will automatically check your location and make a simulation calculation for the nearest or possible search ranking results for that phrase with emphasis on the LSI (latent semantic indexing) keyword being “near me”.

Local listing on the other hand is simply you trying to get your business registered on major local directory listings in your country, state, or town. Each listings have something in common, which is the Business Name, Address, and Phone Number, some may include reviews and your website URL.
Getting your site on most directory sites does not provide any link juice, but they help build your online reputation depending on the type of directory that ends up listing your business, eg if Yahoo directory was to list your business versus having your business getting listed on an unknown directory, hope you catch my drift?.

Now imagine you optimizing your business with these two factors in focus, what do you think you will derive from these efforts, if not a Local SEO Business Listing? These activities are best sorted out by SEO professionals that can aid you to attain the desired result effects, by making sure there is consistency concerning your business local business visibility online. 

Now, we are in the age of the internet and most businesses are now relying more and more on online mediums, it should be of no surprise that we are encouraging businesses to look online for their next client call, or appointments and sales.
In executing a well-grounded LOCAL SEO BUSINESS LISTING you should consider including Google My Business in the mix, I have written a delicious topic on How to optimize Google My Business Listing for those that might consider using their service to promote their business online.

There is something I do like to emphasize when executing Local SEO business listing for your business, as your business is unique from each other, you also need to understand that the power of getting clients via search engines through this method will also not be the same, because of the volume of search for each niche is different. To explain this better I have done a short video illustrating a pivotal point of observant between two clients of mine, with one in the laundry niche and the other in the dentistry niche, by merely comparing the laundry service (who just completed our local SEO work with us) had thousands of impressions building gradually) but with a lower CTR, whereas the dentistry niche which has only started their business Local SEO with us had over 2% CTR, meaning their business keywords are more searched for and are more tailored for searches online.

Watch the video below:


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