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How To Create HTML Email Signature.

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How To Create HTML Email Signature via Gmail and cPanel.

In today’s topic, I would like to talk about HOW TO create an HTML email signature which is all part of branding, why? Because when people keep seeing your brand name and can identify your logo as the name of your business or company, you have successfully created a brand. All it takes is to take that simple step of doing every aspect of branding correctly and capturing every single lead you get with your brand exposure, but you need to be consistent with the approach.

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Our last post was on how to show your business logo in Gmail, now a bit of finesse with the way our emails are being delivered and branded, in terms of overall context. Most email provider do accept delivery of emails in HTML by default, hence the reason why you will see lots of fancy email template designs that are being sent to you from numerous parties, alongside fancy email signatures.

Now most people are not aware of this development and do not seem to understand what an email signature is. Well in most cases, email signatures are like the closing sentence you add to your email content, and they mostly contain your branding content, which includes your website, your telephone, your social handle, your company name, address (if applicable), and logo and not to forget any other branding verification stamps e.g. your accreditations or awards, your brand partners, etc.

The HTML email signature is quite different from the normal email signature you probably provide at the end of your email structure, this type of email signature is deemed plain and none aesthetic to the reader to warrant a call to action from them, Hence the need to use HTML version when you are using HTML email template for your emails to begin with.

I will show you the steps on how to set HTML EMAIL SIGNATURE for your business emails using CPANEL and Gmail.

How To Setup HTML Email Signature Using Cpanel.

Step 1) Under Cpanel log into your webmail (RoundCube).

Step 2) Go to settings > identities and click on create.

Step 3) Display name is the name the recipient will see, so make sure your brand name is inputted here.

Step 4) Email is the current email address; you do not need to edit anything here.

Step 5) Organization you can decide to use your brand name or company name (I will suggest sticking to your brand name)

Step 6) Reply is where you want the recipient of the email to reply your email to, you can set a different email address for this if you want emails received to be sent to another email address.

Step 7) BCC is the other email you want the email to be copied to.

Step 8) Now Mark “set default”, under this you have the SIGNATURE, this is where you want to do major HTML editing, you have two choices first you will be presented with the plain format, changed to the HTML version and you will be presented with a WYSIWYG editor, with this editor you can design your signature in a much more professional way, including images, links, headings, blocks and using align to format the design.

Do remember that the essence of using the signature is to get the email recipient to click on a call to action you must have provided, being your Gmap address, Telephone, Email, social accounts, or even your website.


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How To Setup HTML Email Signature Using Gmail.

I need to bring this up here: using custom HTML directly in Gmail is impossible, from the official Gmail Help support on the same topic. But because of the limitation provided by Gmail WYSIWYG, you need to try as much to be very intuitive and creative with how you lay your HTML signature, their HTML editor format resembles a tiny editor.

How to go around this is quite simple, you simply need to use a simple Word doc to design your signature without coding and copy and paste this into a free HTML editor, from which you can clean all unwanted styling to edit the code to your style.

  1. Make your signature in Word or Google Docs

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Designing your HTML signature in MS Word

  1. Paste your signature into this HTML editor and press the Clean button to clear all styling.seo web analyst blogger community Custom Gmail email signature edited in HTML
  2. Edit your signature and give it your desired styling and spacing
  3. Copy your signature from the left panel (not the raw HTML on the right side) and paste it into your Gmail signature editor.
  4. Make sure your signature appears the way you intended. Add spacing or reload your images through the editor if needed
  5. Scroll down the page and hit the “Save changes” button
  6. Open a new message window to find your signature thereseo web analyst blogger community


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