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How To Write Good Engaging Content.

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How To Write Good Engaging Content For Blog.

There are several ways to write attention-grabbing engaging content for your blog or website, especially for your social media content like Linkedin, Facebook, etc., since most of these types of social content can accommodate up to 500-word counts.

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The first thing you would like to consider when writing a blog or social media content is to view your article from a reader's perspective, ie, you will want to have them stick around longer and find the intriguing side of your post. To do so you will need to focus on these few tips I would like to share with you, now if you are reading this post this far, you are already drawn in.

This is based on the style of my writing technique here, when I write I write aloud in my mind, as if am talking to myself when creating my content, hence it gives off the perception of me talking to someone about a topic. So let's iterate back to where we were, ie the discussion on how to write good engaging content. The following are tips and tricks you can deploy to better your content online and make them more interesting.


1.) Content Title

Your content's title, yes, is pretty obvious but yet most blog writers or content creators seem to miss it from here if your title does not stand out from the crowd right from your listing or visibility online whether via social media or search engines, you will never get web visitors to arrive at your post, to begin with.

A good-headed title is key to getting your targeted audience to engage with your content from the get-go. There are several ways you can construct a good title, since in most cases the title of a post you are considering writing has already been taken, so you rather focus on making yours a bit unique and not faring away from the possibility of a Google search position ranking for your post keywords.

A correct content title and headline are the first step into getting your post's attention from your targeted audience as the case can be seen with a simple search online for a similar phrase should be able to list your post, this is the SEO value of having a good title for your content.

seo web analyst blogger community

2.) The use of Headlines

You might find this very passive, but the fact is headlines are essential in content writing, in fact, we simply cannot do without them. If you would like to master how to write good content then you must infuse the use of implementing proper headlines in your post, In most cases the H1 headlines are used when starting your topic as the topic headline, and subsequently, the use of other lower headlines eg H2, H3, H4, etc these other headlines should be used in descending orders as they are arranged in terms of importance in the content.

The use of headings is a powerful tool, especially in the clarification of topic headings and subtopics also they are part of SEO basics, so they are pretty important and should be implemented during titles or subtitles in a post.

3.) Use Appealing Media Formats

The use of media format illustration to pinpoint or provide a POV for your content basis is not a new phenomenon in the world of article writing, in fact, we do this every day via our different social media platforms.

You can use any form of media format like video, images, infographics, or their combination as long as your web visitors or content readers are able to relate with the media itself rather than disassociate self, using the right image to tone your content can help you get more read time on your content as it does not make the content seem bored or plain

For instance, in this very content, we are utilizing images and infographics to describe "HOW TO WRITE A GOOD ENGAGING CONTENT" which is a common search phrase on Google. The use of the image format allows me to include extra text in the alt tag as well.

4.) Research Content

When writing a post no matter how good you are in that field it is good to do a bit of research so you use it as a reference, having an extra backup quote is not a bad thing but only provides more authenticity to your post and thus makes it more believable to the audience

I can assure you that it only takes a few minutes to get different sources to study their article and get more information you can add to your content to make it more engaging.

5.) Use External Links

Yes refer inbound and outbound links to a similar post or a continuation post, it could either be one on your blog or on another website, either way providing a full description of a topic is better than being half-spooned.

When you provide full content on a topic your audience is looking for, it makes you an authority in that field and also makes them patronize you more, not minding you sending them to another blog post to get the rest of the content. So, you need not worry about the issue of sending your traffic to another site, it builds authority between you and the third-party website and trust as well in terms of the topic you are writing about.

6.) Use of Colloquial

The use of simple English can actually help a lot when passing a message across, not neglecting the impact of ambiguous words as well. But to be frank, we tend to reach more people when we use simple English to communicate, this is one use of the flesch kincaid reading score, which grades the difficulty of understanding a sentence.

seo web analyst blogger community

The Flesch Kincaid Grade Level is a widely used readability formula that assesses the approximate reading grade level of a text. It was developed by the US Navy and worked with the Flesch Reading Ease. Previously, the Flesch Reading Ease score had to be converted via a table to translate to the reading grade level.

Recommended read SEO Readability Score

7.) Include Conclusions

This depends on the type of content you are writing, you might decide to include a conclusion based on the topic or not, it depends on the tone of the content, if you are trying to prove a point or simply on an experimental basis, could be a case study article or a recommendation based article, as said before it all depends on the precedence of your article composure.

Below are extra tips on how to write engaging content;

seo web analyst blogger community

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