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Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms For 2015

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Top 5 Most Used Best Blogging Platforms by Bloggers (Blogging Platforms World 2015).

Blogging is the next zing thing on the web, may be due to the fact that it is easy to own a blog and cost less to manage one. In our post the "top most used blogging platforms by bloggers in 2015" we present why these blogging platforms arrived on the list.

If you want to know the best blogging platforms that are mostly used on the web then you need to look at the facts howmany users do they have, how easy it is to use, and most essential is the accessebility of the blogging platform.

Well we have our own blogging platform as well but will not compare it with these other giant blogging platforms that has been around for years in the blogging industry.

Estimating the total number of blogs on the web is not an easy task. Taking into account data from the most popular blogging sites , the total blogs number can be approximated at over 400,000,000! is actually the most popular blogging platform. Accordingly to the number of blogs at this blogging site has increased significantly through the last 5 years.
Demographics research made by team established that about 50-60% of the Internet users are active blog readers. Majority of which are women.

Taking into account the number of blogs held by free blog sites the most popular are:

  • (mostly Russia and eastern Europe)

New blogs are made every day, for the most popular blogging platform – - the counter is now set at 239.1 million blogs and counting (actual data can be seen here)

Surprisingly the most active bloggers on the web are men. Although the most popular blog category – fashion – is developed mostly by women, more blogs (in total) are held by men. Mostly in travel, law, technology or design categories. 



There are still more beginners bloggers yet to find suitable blogging platforms for themselves, since the blogging industry is now becoming a global giant and now having a lot of pen on weblogs (aka blogs), there are other several blogging platforms springing up yearly.

With distinctive features and solution, their are other blogging platforms that suitable for bloggers of all levels even if you are a beginner blogger. Like most individuals that blog, they do like an seo blogging platform that is social media optimized and easy for monetization, why not add easy for email list building and growing subscribers.

If you fall under this category then we can confidently state that SEO Web Analyst®™ Blogging platform can be quite suitable for you or your bloggers Team, and like any other blogging platform all of our features are FREE.

I hope you find this post highly useful and informative, thanks to all the data provided by validated resources and will welcome bloggers alike to test run our blogging platform as well. You can read more information on our blogging platform and its features here How To Start Blogging For Free With SEO Web Analyst Blogging Platform.

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