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Traffic Exchange Websites For Traffic.

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Traffic Exchange Sites Good For Website Traffic?


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diagram illustration: Websites for exchange traffic

This is a topic of no new interest but rather for newbies that are more interested in growing or increasing their website traffic by any means necessary, also it is a subject of interest to those folks with Google AdSense accounts that think they might fool the algorithm to pay them more for an increase in impressions or visits.

I will like to burst your bubbles on this one, because ever since the inception of traffic exchanges or traffic bots, we all knew that this can't be real. Why because they are not genuinely generated traffics. Back then the so-called traffic companies will seek out to buy tons of related domains or get backorder for parked domain names and domain names that had traffic and were not renewed on time (backorder).

seo web analyst blogger community

Even so, this is still not enough to generate sustainable traffic to be distributed among website owners that patronize them, so they use the IP bot trick to mess up with your analytics, sending bots to your website using different IPs persuading you that they are geo-targeted.

seo web analyst blogger community

But the most recent observation of mine is that they now offer time on site from 60 seconds to a whole 1 hour with the bots imitating human behavior on your site, by clicking through deep links or simply scrolling around your website perusing each page. I must hand it to them, that actually got me on their marketing sales pitch.  Funny enough I actually have a visit or impression counter on my pages to help me count the sessions actually made on each of these pages.

To my surprise what the traffic exchange site mentioned it gave was totally different from what my counter gave, in the past, they had the argument of your Google analytics not being able to pick up all sessions made on your pages, but seems they have grown past that now and can easily manipulate Google analytics to pick up traffic sessions (simply known as impressions).

seo web analyst blogger community

Because on my Google analytics, this page read over 2400  exactly what they promise, but my webpage counter itself was not reading any traffic visit from them, this led to me understanding one thing from the comparison, either they are messing up with Google analytic tracker and Alexa as well (their package also boast of improving your Alexa ranking) my webpage view counter sees nothing.

This is not a good sign and utterly terrible to think you can use such a service to gain traction for your Google Adsense earnings.

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Auto Surf vs Manual Surf

In regards to using traffic exchange to generate website traffic to your website, I do like to point out that I find the manual surf method more appealing versus the auto surf, no matter what they offer like the example above. The manual surf guarantees that a real human is at the front desk clicking through to view your pages (submitted for views) and is doing so via incentives of point allocation which are in turn used for their own page impression.

There is a counter for timing how long they have to stay before they can close the window, so the only issue you will probably have with manual surf will be the bounce rate of your website which will increase drastically, but if you operate a blog then this is no news, as most blogs do have high bounce rate and the only way to reduce such is to improvise with clickbait headlines.

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The advantages and disadvantages of auto-surf traffic vs manual surf traffic.
  Manual Surf Autosurfs
Navigation Manual, Requires User Input Completely Automatic
Engagement With Website A Little Disinterested Engagement (the user visits your website only in order to earn credits) Nearly Zero (an automatic system visits your page)
Security Your input constantly confirms your visits to other websites, so you always earn credits Some websites may block your auto-surf, causing you a waste of time


Traffic Exchange Website Benefits

There are other folks that might feel traffic exchange websites have no value at all, but I beg to differ because while starting out I personally used them.

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And have come to understand the way you could actually make them work for you, if you are much bothered about your website bounce rate, there is a solution to that already.

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To build numerous streams of traffic generation techniques that are sustainable is very tasking and utilizing traffic exchange websites should be considered as one of the ways of increasing your website traffic in general, like I have explained previously, buying traffic is a no-no for me, and using auto-surf method (which is likely the same or similar method with traffic sellers).

You can spend a minimum of 1 hour a day to execute traffic exchange on your blog post with others while utilizing other means to generate quality traffic as well eg SEO, Social media, and RSS feed syndication sites, etc.

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Although using traffic exchange sites might result in fake hits via using automated traffic systems or traffic websites bot, there are still some unique benefits if you stick with manual exchange traffic websites, as it provides you the exposure you require from actual people visiting your webpage.

Do not make it your primary source of direct or referral traffic but rather let it be a supplemental traffic generation system for your website.

Please avoid submissions of pages with AdSense ads to any traffic exchange. This is against Google AdSense Program Policies and may result in the cancellation of your Google AdSense account.

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