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Exact Match Keywords Ranking (SEO).

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Exact Match Keywords

When it comes to ranking for SEO keywords their are several methods an SEO Web Analyst can utilize and one of them is considered low-hanging fruit in the SEO community. But I beg to differ with this tactic, as we are going to observe and see how the exact match keywords technique can actually be used naturally with precise SERP targetting.

On a norm, every content creator such as myself that enjoys blogging and writing articles will only love to reap the reward of such effort when their quality, well spent timed, articulated post get's the viewership it deserves from the online scene, most especially via search engine ORGANIC KEYWORDS.

You know that kind of authoritative feeling you get when you first spotted your content ranking way above those you respect in the game?! yep! exactly that feeling!. It does not take much time to realize that you are all gunning for the best position in the driving spot, for every keyword to rank on search engines alike, and the only way to beat the traffic jam is to try and be smart about it, hence alight from the traffic jam and take a bike via a faster route and you're on time, way ahead of the park, with a much easier mode of transportation, may not be the best in terms of convenience but it sure did the job and you will have to find a way to get back your car at the end of the day...:).

Today I will be revealing an SEO technique if mastered well can land you some really great keyword ranking opportunities, you never thought were possible, this technique is well concealed in writing quality content and most especially driving engagement...This SEO technique is called Exact Match Keyword Ranking.


What Are Exact Match Keywords in SEO?

Exact match keywords in SEO is a relationship of the search query engine and the content being delivered to the end-user, which is an equal match of context that is supplied by the search engine exactly as entered by the end-user. Exact-match keywords are also used in paid adverts during keyword bids, but I will be focusing on the SEO impact of exact match keywords.

There are different methods and approaches to Exact match Keywords and one of them was to get an exact match domain name, this was doable back then as it made more sense for a webpage talking about attorney marketing should have it in its URL.

But a lot of spammy black hat SEO started gaming on this even backorder domain name sale exchange started flourishing for such tactics, when it becomes confusing or misleading (i.e., it results in a bad user experience), you have to draw the line. So this instigated Google to release its panda algorithm in 2011.

Google Panda Initial Release Date: February 23, 2011

The stated purpose of the Google Panda algorithm update was to reward high-quality websites and diminish the presence of low-quality websites in Google's organic search engine qouted by

seo web analyst blogger community

seo web analyst blogger community


The behavioral data now has helped Google and Bing make changes to the way they rank exact domain keywords as we do have notable genuine high-quality content that utilizes this technique. So in short it is not a bad idea to actually have a domain name that literally has the keyword you are trying to rank for on the search engines. I will like to point out a fact that having the exact domain match with your keyword you are trying to rank for is only a step towards your goal, from the examples I will be pulling out you will be able to comprehend the means by which some of this exact matches are gaining traction from their exact match keywords. 

seo web analyst blogger community

From the image above we can deduce that the exact keyword phrase was introduced as part of the domain and also as part of the title tag, this is one of the best methods to apply this technique but it is limited as you cannot expand on this and if you are a brand, using this approach will be very spammy, it's like having Budweiser using instead of, you know there will be a contradiction of brand and what it ought to stand for, frankly, their ideology is to have people think of it and know at the instant it is a brand for beer and not a beer brand...the difference in this statement is simply illustrated, you go to a pub for a drink, you don't go there and say what beer do you have, but make a request for that is the effect of a brand name and it should reflect on everything you do, including the domain name as well.

So what better way to remedy this? The answer is quite simple and ie the use of a blog! ie, integrating article, social, etc all mixed into content marketing into your blog. With a Blog, DO NOT NAME YOUR BLOG AS A SUBDOMAIN eg rather is far better as you do not want to compete with yourself in terms of working on a new authority domain for your blog URL instead of sharing the link juice and authority from your domain to your blog URL. The use of a flat URL is not a good idea, eg, such is considered spammy, the proper way to utilize the same keyword match is to place it in a category that makes it easier for search engine spider to understand and index properly, eg, for instance, our domain, it is a, mind you I am not using exact keyword but a long-tail version of it, how does this help in your keyword ranking of similar keyword phrases?

I will give you a good illustration, the use of exact match keywords can be tricky and it all depends on the kind of keyword your blog is targeting depending on the Keyword Effective Index and your Blog domain Authority and other aforementioned ranking metrics, so there is a higher chance you may not get on the first page of Google using this technique and will require a little bit of push to appear. This can be visible for the keyword phrase search for "how to build brand awareness"

seo web analyst blogger community

In the above illustration, brand awareness is assumed to be the main search will the exact keyword is correlated as a broad match, hence there was no exact keyword match for this search, every web page that ranked for this keyword either had Build/ing Brand Awareness or Brand Awareness in their first paragraph content and the closest to the search phrase ranking number one had Build Brand Awareness in it's the title tag, this is to showcase the usefulness of having the exact match keyword in your title tag. This is called partial match keywords, Partial-match keywords or phrases are often mentioned in the same breath as exact-match. They simply refer to search results that match some part of the keywords in the search query, but not all of it (or in a different order).

Recapping all our studies, it is best we now put our technique to test, hence I decided to try out the exact match keyword phrase with respect to the following

How To Rank For Exact Match Keyword

1.) Exact Match Keyword at the ending of the domain URL.

2.) Exact Match Keyword for the title tag.

3.) Partial Match For content H1 tag title.

4.) Mix broad match, partial match, and exact match keyword phrases in the body content.

5.) The use of partial match and exact match keyword phrases in the above-the-fold area or first paragraph of the content.

6.) The use of Keyword density and Keyword synonyms throughout the entire content. 

7.) Make sure the keyword you are targetting has a Low Keyword Difficulty Score.

8.) Make use of Long Tail Keyword Phrases, it is a sub-part of the main keyword you are more likely won't be able to rank for at ease.

seo web analyst blogger community

seo web analyst blogger community


In order to prove my point, I have used two popular search engines with a different method of indexing, to actually see if my above techniques were valid.

I can categorically tell you that this approach worked like a charm and to be honest, it had much turnout results with Bing as Google indexing seems slow nowadays with a lot of Google indexing issues, while Bing was actually making an improvement we could see our January post already ranking number one for the exact keyword phrase How To Fix ads.txt File Errors in Google Adsense

seo web analyst blogger community


Applying the methods of ranking your web pages for exact keyword matching is a technique that comes along with quality content, and the understanding that search engines have improved on the way they read and interpret a website content, we too must evolve with the strategic application of ranking on the top 10. You may not get it at the first instance but being diligent and building your online authority is a gradual process, content is king evidently, but making sure the write beat note follows accordingly may be daunting times, especially if you write high-quality content and not spinning content from the internet but doing research, writing from experience, having helpful content that actually provides solutions that work, takes hours, it won't be fair you have all that done and not get any acknowledgment via visibility.

This any other major factors is why I have in the works a perfect tool that can help content creators achieve what I have achieved with my content via pure research and automation to drive traffic via syndication, engagement, retainers, user data, and join me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as you journey with me into the stages and development of our powerful online marketing tool.

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