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The Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing .

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Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Digital Marketing.

The digital marketing era is already upon us, and all we can do is embrace it, and in doing so we need to understand the difference between Inbound VS Outbound Marketing. To do this we need to define what inbound marketing is and what outbound marketing is and how they can be implemented in digital marketing.

Interruption marketing or outbound marketing is promoting a product through continued advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales. It is considered to be an annoying version of the traditional way of doing marketing whereby companies focus on finding customers through advertising. While outbound marketing pushes messages to a wide audience, inbound marketing is “magnetic.” Inbound marketing is more or less like a marketing strategy that is built on attracting the customers to benefits and offers, ie letting the customer come to you, it can be correlated with what you get from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), unlike Social Media Marketing where you showcase your service or product to the customer and are left to their perception or decision making to make the conversion or call to action.

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Now that we have better and clear Definitions of Inbound and Outbound Marketing, this is a topic I will like to explain further from my last post on Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Definition. 


Key Differences Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

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If we are going to be discussing the difference between these two digital marketing approaches then we might need to understand the role they stand for, ie their function in a digital marketing plan.

I have stated earlier that inbound is based on the customer getting attracted to your offer and you do this by getting them to come to you, and one good instance is the use of organic visibility on the search engines where the user searches for your services.

The use of social media can be classified as an outbound approach i.e if it is not organic reach, another way to place outbound marketing is to refer to it as a paid method of advertisement that tends to get your products in front of your prospective customers. You can read on my correlation write-up between Search Engine Marketing: SEO VS PPC - Which is better to get a better understanding of the differences.

So taking note that one is built around paid advertisement and the other around organic reach and authoritativeness sounds a little bit easy to grasp, so I will like to put them into an infographic illustration for further understanding.


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But now we have surpassed the decades of things being solely competitive and we are in a new dawn of technological advancement, we now have SMART TVs, Kindle Newspapers, Podcast, etc. So it is best to put all this into consideration as well.

This is why I have simplified the key difference between these two marketing approaches one being a paid service while the other is an organic reach of marketing.

In digital marketing, we should consider balancing inbound marketing strategies and outbound marketing approaches to get a synergy between these unique models of business promotion. It is my own opinion that a balance of the two marketing processes should be used to generate a sustainable result for any small-medium size business if they want to achieve some sort of relevancy online.


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