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How To Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign.

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How to optimize your Google Ads account on a tight budget.

Have you been given a Google Ads Campaign to manage under a small budget plan, with a stringent marketing goal? Well in this article I will be sharing with you the several ways we adopt to maximize and optimize our Google Ads campaign budget to deliver our client's goals still.

The most obvious task to do in optimizing the campaign budget was to actually reduce the cost per day, which in effect will surely reduce the huge traffic you were getting from the ads, so to not make it too significant, we decided to take the budget down by not exceeding 10% of the initial budget.

The next thing we also decided to look into was the CTR, ie the click-through rate of the ads set up. And to our amazement not all the ads were giving the same CTR %, we decided to correlate the ad's CTR with the days and noted the time or period we do have an influx of traffic spike

We correlated these results with the daily traffic and visits, to confirm the days and times of the highest peak of traffic. With this information, we were able to execute our campaign longer than expected.


There are other means to make your limited budget last longer, by resuming your ads campaign during the time periods you record a spike in the traffic.

If you take a look at the image below you will notice that the image showcases the days and hours that traffic or clicks are being made on the Google campaign.

seo web analyst blogger community

The image above shows the time and day we have more engagement on our banner advert and we have to confirm that with another traffic measurement analytic tool, ie Google Analytics. And from its dashboard, we were able to deduce the fact that weekends tend to do well and we need to optimize and leverage our account.

seo web analyst blogger community

Using Google Analytics (Synchronizing the Google Ads Campaign) we were able to deduce the following traffic activities for the days and peak periods.

Days Peak Period (Time) Google Analytics
Sunday 8 to 2 (PM)
Monday 9 to 2 (PM)
Tuesday 10 to 9 (AM)
Wednesday 12 (AM)
Thursday 9 (AM)
Friday 10 to 3 (PM)
Saturday  10 to 8 (AM) and 11 to 2 (PM)


Days Peak Period (Time) Google Ads
Sunday 12 to 3 (AM) and 10 (AM) to 9 (PM)
Monday 3 to 11 (PM)
Tuesday 6 (AM) to 5 (PM) and 9 (PM) to 12 (AM)
Wednesday 12 to 8 (AM)
Thursday 12 (AM) to 2 (PM)
Friday 5 (AM) to 12 (AM)
Saturday  7 (AM) and 11 (PM) to 12 (AM)

With the information gathered from the two sets of analytics data, we were able to deduce that some days outperform other days that the campaign was on, and the use of CTR as a measuring stick on the ads was also a good metric for us to select the days and ads in which to let the display run and which to pause during off-peak periods.

Applying these methods;

1.) Reduce cost per day by 10%

2.) By leveraging peak periods with high CTRs

 We were able to maximize the duration of our Google Ads campaign with a tight budget and still deliver our client's goals.

An estimated budget that was meant to last a week ended up shooting close to two weeks with the aforementioned methods. I believe if you introduce this system into your Google campaign you will be able to achieve similar results, this approach is somewhat similar to that of optimizing your social media post time in other to post for engagement, thus using the best times your audience is most engaged online (social media platform).

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If you run search ads it is best you remove broad matches and negative keywords and only focus on exact matches, you can then tweak with LSI keywords (Latent semantic Keywords) that are synonyms to your focused keywords. Applying this method will help you reduce costs on bids and will also allow you to only target interested audiences in your niche only.

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