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How To Use Facebook Business Page Effectively.

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How To Use a Facebook Page For Business Effectively.

If you have some sort of business online, then you are not new to the concept that having a Facebook business page is an effective way to promote your business online, but subsequently over the years the relevancy of garnering an interested audience via Facebook Business pages as dwindled so much that organic reach via a published post on Facebook business pages cannot compete with a boosted post on the same topic effectively.

Another thing most newbies do not understand that a Facebook profile page is not the same with a Facebook business or fan page... kindly look at the image below for illustration.

seo web analyst blogger community

Despite this foresight, we still have some business pages that actually thrive well with reaching higher audience views simply by organic reach. In this article post, you will learn how to make a Facebook business page become one of your organic modes of traffic without the hassle of paying for your post to be viewed, just similar to what you will have with Search Engine Optimization, you can have this as Social Media Optimization.

These are the steps to go with optimizing your Facebook page or Fan Page for audience reach for a product or service you are trying to promote online organically.


1.) The Facebook Page Metrics 

The first thing you need to look at is your page engagement and likes, in general, do you have an authoritative page that commands viewership?.

In a day (I mean 24hrs) what is the average audience reach your page post covers? Add them all together and divide by the total number you published per day (you need to be consistent with the number of posts you do publish in a day). Furthermore, you need to consider what time in the day your post gains the most traction, ie, more viewers and engagement...those days are as important to note down.

Although we have narrowed down the most suitable time to publish on social media and the days with the most efficacy via our personal case study, which can be read here Best Times To Post on Social Media, I still believe the case scenario may differ from one page to the other base on page uniqueness, but you can simply use our theory as a rule of thumb.

seo web analyst blogger community

From the screenshot above we can envisage that within 30 days this business page can reach over 3 million viewers, all thanks to its accumulative improvement of individual post reach. Now imagine you add your 150-word character promo text  including a link to your landing page or whatsapp number on each of the posts that are being published on this page, you automatically gather such volume of audience yourself.

Organically your desired results of having instant click throughs or chats may take some time, but I can assure you that this is one of the best mediums of helping your pomo text get more reach on Facebook.

Back on track, if you are able to work on the aforementioned above, then you have solved one of the issues of optimizing your Facebook Fan or Business page for organic reach.

2.) Post Content on Facebook

Your post content is everything as content is king in SEO, likewise is content king on Social media, now you need to make sure that your media aspect takes more relevancy, as you are bound to get more engagement from an image or video post than a mere content post on social media like Facebook and the rest.

So when composing your copy ads text on your Facebook Fan page or Business page, you need to consider one thing, which is your end results, ie to click on your given link an external URL, Whatsapp etc

From my personal observation, URLs that are placed in the first paragraph of a text copy ad on a post always do better than you placing them at the end of a post.

One thing for sure is this, it increase easy visibility by your audience to see the link, and using the image illustration above for reach, you are sure to have that same quantity of people who would have viewed your url. Now always writing your copy ads text might be daunting especially if you need to keep it within 150 to 300 character length, all you haveto do is put in little details that will lead them to want more.

From the image below you can see that the first sentence was started with our url we needed them to visit then add concise information of what they are to expect, followed with a paragraph which when minimized in a mobile view the reader gets to see the read more truncated message.

All this add engagement algorithms to your post, sending signals to Facebook that the post is worth getting more impression on. If you now consider the image design impact you will have a complete click bait copy ads text system that can be used in post and pinned at the top of your Facebook Business page.


3.) Pinned Post on Facebook Page

The other method of getting your post on Facebook business page or fan page to be optimized for organic reach is to have it as a pinned post on that page. A pinned post are post that are published at the top of your page feed, and they do not disappear like the rest (no intended scrolling to see the post). I will advise when actually writing a promo text post on your Facebook Fan page of Business page you will need to work on your image or video to have a call to action.

Now a call to action for a video is easy, as you have to simply display the next step your audience ought to take. While in the case for an image, you are required to place a button on that image that displays the next step, subconsciously, and 90% of the time people tend to click on the button images believing it will take them to the description URL.

While on Facebook this action only takes the viewers or audience to a more elaborate expanded view of the post, where they get to read the entire content on screen and can see other activities they can do on that post eg leave a message, like, share or even click on the URL or whatsapp number left on the post.


4.) Click Baiting Facebook Post

seo web analyst blogger community

The art of click baiting is most essential for generating traffic to a post by using illusive headlines that arouse curiosity from the viewer or reader. This is mostly used by journalist and bloggers that want to increase their click throughs to their post, most times they use mismatch click bait topics to deceive unsuspected individuals into visiting there page.

But we will be using click bait on our image as shown below, on this post you can concur that we omitted any relevancy related to the content of the post but used image to display the content, simply have our audience guess what the post might be all about. From the image alone people can guess right that the post they are about to engage in is all about a seminar or training of some sort.

Now adding the illusive headline "WE MAKE YOU STAND OUT FROM THECROWD" is an inquisitive statement with an "APPLY NOW" button that suggest some sort of form filling will be required. From the post view it is obvious that the image takes more prominenceand hence will be the first call to viewers attention.

When they click on the call to action button then they are redirected to an expanded version of the same post which makes the post more readable with the content now full visible. This is the function of having a click bait added to a post, you can read more on click bait via How to Build a Clickbait Empire .




With this formal approach to generate leads and sales organically for your business via Facebook fan page without paying for ads, I was able to generate 20 individuals who filed the form and had 10 that paid, with their funds I was able to actually sponsor the post via boosting to generate my expected figure of 50 registered paying users.

This approach was what we utilize to actually sponsor our post at the end, as we were not able to fund it with any cash at hand, so we required t use our Facebook Page at the time to generate this fund and was able to get 10 individuals to convert from a routine use of the explain method above.


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