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The 5 Different Types Of YouTube Adverts

YouTube advertising is no new means of getting your brand in front of your targeted audience online or building awareness as the platform is one of the biggest search engines for videos online. But this post will not be discussing that, we will rather focus on the various types of YouTube advertising mediums that are available to advertisers such as you. 

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There are basically 5 types of YouTube Ads placements available to advertisers, you decide which is best suited for your advertising needs, and these 5 types of YouTube Ads are described as follows;

1.)    True-View In-Stream Skip-able YouTube Video Ads :
This type of YouTube Video ad allows advertisers to place their videos on YouTube videos with a skip-able button appearing after the first 5 seconds of the advert being displayed. 
This allows the audience to forcefully watch an advert for a minimum of 5 seconds prior to skipping it to watch the main video.
These ads can be placed to auto-play right before the main video or after the main video streams.
These video types are typically 30 seconds long with a minimum of 12 seconds, although it is recommended to keep whatever content you have less than 3 minutes, being the longest duration for a Video Ad.
The benefit of this ad type is that the true-view in-stream skip-able video ads are mostly accompanied by banner ads, so, even if the viewer skips your ad, your banners are still in place for you to gain traction.

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2.)    Non-Skip able True-View In-Stream YouTube Ads:
As the name suggests it is clear they are no skip-able video ads, which can be displayed either before or during a video stream play. Now having in mind that 76% of YouTube viewers do skip ads within the 5-second margin, the non-skip-able ad is best for brand awareness and it’s best to keep this video within the time duration of 5 seconds to 15 seconds max.

When should you do this? When you’re aiming for a wide lift in brand awareness, and you’re confident that your creative is strong enough to hold your audience’s attention for the full 15 seconds, Or up to 20 seconds if you’re in India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, or EMEA in general.

The method of billing with this type of YouTube Ad is also different as it is being charged by impression in most cases between $0.02, and $0.03 per 1000 impressions (CPM) if your advert quality score is great with respect to engagement.


3.)    Bumper YouTube Ads:
This type of ad is a bit subtle as they are 6 seconds, non-skip-able video ads that play right before an actual video stream play. 
The best suitable for advertisers that intend to send a succinct message and do not require an elaborate informative ad that makes up a minute video.
Just like the non-skip-able in-stream video ads, the bumper ads should be used to target awareness, promotional events, or bonanza.
If you find the 6 seconds Bumper Ads to short for your YouTube Ads placement, Google has provided a report that analyzes 300 bumper ads and showcases that 90% created a big impact on ad recall, read more at


4.)    YouTube Discovery Ads
The discovery ads are quite different from the rest types of YouTube Ads, as they work in terms of search.
Your videos are being driven by searched keywords by YouTube users who find your video display organically among other search results, just as a search engine would. Similar to Google paid ads (search), you will notice the “Ad” text on the video corner in a box to let viewers know that the video is a paid result.
What is also unique about this type of ad is that the video can display on the search results page, video watch page, and YouTube home page which gives them more visibility.

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5.)    Non-video Display Ads
These types of ads are similar to Google Display and are part of the Google display network, where you have only banner displays as adverts on the screen of a playing YouTube video. 
The merit of this type of YouTube Ads display is that you can choose where you want your ads to be displayed either on the right or on the video stream.
This video ad features some text to the right of the image and a button to click to your website and also can display a banner ad overlay that pops up during a video from a channel that has enabled monetization. These non-video ads are charged on a cost-per-click basis.

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When it comes to the cost of YouTube Advertising I will say from experience that a rule of thumb is to have a budget of $2000 to target a minimum of 100,000 impressions, meaning you will be charged a minimum of $0.02 for your ads based on performance. This makes YouTube Advertising quite an expensive platform, not comparing it to Yahoo ads which are more expensive. 
I will suggest depending on the advert goals a mix of the non-video display ads should be included with any budget an advertiser will like to use to target the audience.

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