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YouTube Advertising Cost.

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YouTube Advertising Cost.

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Have you noticed an increase in advert placement on YouTube with a lot of businesses increasing their YouTube advertising cost? Well I have and to be totally honest am not surprised, but what am surprised about is the fact that have rarely seen YouTube advert placements for small businesses.
Now that makes me wonder why and two reasons stood out to me, one being the fact that most small business owners do not know how much do YouTube advert cost while the second is the fact that most small businesses find it more of extra work to create infomercial or commercial videos to place on YouTube advertisement. 
Best bet is the to break it down, it is not that costly at all to get a video editor to create for you a 60 second sales pitch for your service or product.
You can always hire from freelance sites, and if you have the skills you can try out to create video ads yourself via online video creation tools like or and other alike or probably you prefer a desktop video animation tool eg this tool is a whiteboard
video creation tool (desktop) or download a mobile video creator app from YouTube , this can be cost friendly, cancelling recurring bills from subscriptions. we have grasp the fact that video creation is not that expensive from the perspective of a less than 2 minute video, and as simple as a white board video or flat animation videos, you could even be so lucky to get it done for you for $5 on fiverr.

seo web analyst blogger community
Now With over 2 billion users, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind of Google and has over 1 million users every month. Often YouTube is over looked by people when thinking of advertising on social media, but if the numbers are anything to go by, YouTube should not be shunned especially for small businesses with a small budget.

YouTube is a very valuable communication channel for businesses, your videos and YouTube advert have the potential to be seen by billions, which is great for brand awareness and promotion. 

So let’s explore how much YouTube Advertisment costs  and how it can benefit your business marketing campaigns. 

YouTube Advertising Cost

As a YouTube advertising user, you pay per view with an average cost per view ranging from $10-$30 (per thousand) with the option to have your ad in four standard ad formats. If you have headache understanding the terminologies used in online advert placements then you should read this post on Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Tips and Tricks .

OK! back to the subject matter (YouTube Advertising Cost)...

1. In-Display

seo web analyst blogger community

Your video ad shows up inside of a YouTube display box along with one or two other ads. This display is similar to ads on Google search, except viewers can see a snapshot of the video. To watch the ad a viewer clicks on it directly.


2. In-search

seo web analyst blogger community

In this instance your video ad will appear when a person searches a particular category on YouTube. The key to getting your ad to appear the most is to use relevant keywords when setting up the ad, or the most searched key words on YouTube. Using Google you can be able to find the most searched keywords and set these up when putting up the ad.


3. In-slate

seo web analyst blogger community

This is when your YouTube advertisement shows up on YouTube partner videos that are 10 mins or more in length. It appears as a suggested video after the video has ended. Your ad can also show up in between ad breaks, allowing the user to choose which of the suggested ads to watch.


4. In–stream 

seo web analyst blogger community

Ads play before, during or after a video. The ad plays for several seconds while a counter counts down the time. The viewer is prompted to skip the ad after a certain number of seconds has passed. You pay only after viewers have watched at least 30 seconds of your ad. This is a popular choice among advertisers 


5. Hompage Red Zone 

seo web analyst blogger community

This is the most priced possession of YouTube Advertisement, it is some worth similar to Yahoo's! billboard ads located on yahoo homepage (not login page) an advertiser can purchase this large space for 24-hours and utilize however they like. This ad will usually take place in the form of a large banner ad with mixed media options like trailers and video clips.

If you’ve got $300,000 to blow in a day (and this is the discount rate!) and you’re an international brand, by all means try out YouTube Homepage Redzone. Its the most expensive of all YouTube advert placement, You’ll want to include interactive elements here like clips or games, all of which are highly customizable on YouTube, but also be sure to make your brand obvious even when the user doesn't engage. This way you’ll ensure that everyone within your audience easily understands your brand or call to action.


6. In-display Home page Ads

seo web analyst blogger community

In-display ads are quite the new introduction into the Youtube Advertiement placement and can run across YouTube and Google Display Network. On YouTube they can run on the search and watch pages for both desktop and, as well as the home pages for desktop and YouTube mobile apps. The ad unit consists of an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text. Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch or channel page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself. It's recommended to use CTA overlays on the videos to drive the users to the advertiser site.

The good thing about YouTube advert placement is that YouTube will not charge you If your targeted audience skip it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don't pay a cent, not a penny will be charged.
So what is stopping you to own a YouTube advertising placement? Let's do a little summarization using Ad format to explain a bit further.

seo web analyst blogger community

So is YouTube advertising worth it, we will help you decide by listing and explaining some of the best benefits of advertising on YouTube? 


Ad Targeting.

YouTube allows you to target your ads by selecting options such as personal demographics, location, language and subject matter. It is nice to have this much control over who gets to see your ad. Spend some time considering who your best target market is. The last thing you want is to waste precious ad dollars on people with no interest in what you are promoting, especially when you are a small business with limited funds.



Television advertising is very expensive to reach a significant percentage of the target audience, but YouTube video marketing is extremely cost-effective. When combined with targeting tools, YouTube is a great marketing platform for small businesses.



With a limited budget you will want to know where every cent of your dollar is going and how it’s being spent.

YouTube advertising allows you to prove whether consumers were exposed to a specific advert or whether they were totally engaged. Today’s advanced analytics enable marketers to understand exactly who is watching their advert and when.

Now that you have successfully read to this portion of the post, you can actually read  HOW TO ADVERTISE ON YOUTUBE , but if you are interested in getting your feet wet then kick off your own YouTube advert placement via .


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