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What is Onpage Optimization in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How To Optimize Website..

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What is Onpage Optimization in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How To Optimize Website.

Most people are still asking the question on how to optimize my website? What is Onpage Optimization in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? if you are not familiar with some terms in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you should know that they are divided into two processes. The first process is called Onpage Optimization or Webpage Optimization aka Online Optimization and the second process is called Off-page Optimization or Offline Optimization.

These two processes are the first step when performing search engine optimization for your website, the onpage optimization focus on your web page elements, while the off-page optimization focus on link building (you can learn it via blog post on how to build high quality links to your website).

The following are outlined steps on how to do Onpage Optimization in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a case study keyword phrase "SEO CONSULTING" you can use this sample to perform onpage optimization for any other keyword on your website.

Element is now becoming a high importance in SEO especially as an onpage optimization factor and it's now part of Advance SEO strategy. They are known to contain the web site's information for browsers, search engines, or other web services which showcases specific page description, keywords, and other metadata. Meta tags have gone advanced as well in terms of requirements.

For example, The Meta Tag below is a simple representation.

  <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />
  <meta name="keywords" content="" />
  <meta name="description" content="" />

This is still widely used, but will not be enough. As today's web users do not only rely on desktop or laptop to search for their preferences. Web service providers used to think only about search engines, when hoping to make their site become popular. But, recently, websites have to connect with multiple services now that people uses a lot of applications on mobile such as Facebook, Twitter, and other native applications. It's important how links to a website look like on those platforms in order to increase page views.

This is an example of a more robust Meta Tag.

  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <meta name="keywords" content="">
  <meta name="description" content="">
  <meta property="fb:app_id" content="">
  <meta property="og:locale" content="">
  <meta property="og:title" content="">
  <meta property="og:type" content="">
  <meta property="og:url" content="">
  <meta property="og:image" content="">
  <meta property="og:site_name" content="">
  <meta property="og:description" content="">
  <meta property="al:ios:url" content="">
  <meta property="al:ios:app_store_id" content="">
  <meta property="al:ios:app_name" content="">
  <meta property="al:android:url" content="">
  <meta property="al:android:package" content="">
  <meta property="al:android:app_name" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:card" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:site" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:url" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:title" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:description" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:image" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:country" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:name:iphone" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:id:iphone" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:url:iphone" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:name:googleplay" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:id:googleplay" content="">
  <meta name="twitter:app:url:googleplay" content="">
  <link rel="alternate" href="android-app://">

You should only make use of the metadata that you utilize, eg if you don't have a twitter account for your website, don't use the twitter metadata and same apply with the rest.

The last meta data to consider will be th euse of microdata shema, using Google's HTML Microdata specifications in order to markup structured data, You can use some or all of the supported structured data types to make your content eligible for a variety of Search features. Meaning it's purpose is to enhance your search engine results and provide more information than your regular meta tags, it's not has important or a compulsory factor but more of a way to increase your serp click through rates.  View Google's guide for getting started with microdata. 

This is where you place the title of your webpage, this field is most essential for your webpage optimization. Make sure your major keywords are placed in this tag starting with your primary keyword First, and make it an interesting one, unlike Titles like seo consulting services | Best seo services company  it is now best to use titles that will help increase click through  rates. Click through rates of a site ranking is a major factor and search patterns are now changing, to click on titles with more call to action headlines, eg Need seo services company? we offer best seo consulting services. Now there is an issue of character count which should not exceed 60, so whatever you want to do make sure the title length is not greater than 70 at most.

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Increase the back links to your site. DO NOT go for link farms and do not go for links with low quality , either go for a link exchange with sites that have similar keywords. Anchor text link are the best. One way link are the best, search engine like it when a site links to you and you don’t link back (Reciprocal links). Work with back links that have a very low outbound link count, does within 50 are best and does above 200 are fair enough. The links page authority should carry weight ie both the linked page and the domain of the link page should have a domain and page authority  to deem the link of high value with respect to their rankings of course. Make sure that where you are linking from is relevant to your page, this is crucial, because if you are trying to rank for a keyword it is best to get the keyword relevancy from the linking partner to be similar to yours.

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Here the keyword density and relevancy come into play in your body text. It is one of the major factors in ranking your keywords in the search engines. Also make sure that your keyword is placed in the first sentences of your body text. I have noticed that most ranking factors now comes with the body length, and the body length of your page should be in consistence of does ranking on the top 10, from experience the body length with over 1000 words are deemed informative and usually rank best (BUT NEED TO BE RELEVANT CONTENT AND NOT SOME SPOOFED CONTENT).

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Your site traffic is also an important value for ranking on search engines, and there are several ways to generate traffic to your site. This is a major topic and a lot of buzz on online circulates on how to get website traffic to a site, majorly their are two major ways to do so, either you pay for it or you learn and do it yourself...paying for it means you reach out to traffic generating sites and pay to them, eg Google, Facebook, Yahoo, outbrain (content and Native Ads network) etc and target your ads audiences.

Well I have written some few topics on this topic that might interest you, please checkout Top 10 Ways To Generate Free Targeted Web Traffic To Your Website.and Top 5 Ways To Generate Low Cost Website Traffic (Cheap Web Traffic) this two should explain how to get targeted traffic to your website...furthermore I will like to advocate that you should Stop Buying Traffic For Your Website its bad for your website and business!

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The age of your website is very important for your site ranking on search engines, it helps to add more weight for your search engine optimization. So frankly if you are ever opportuned to get a domain that is older than your site and you both are in the same line, My advice buy it and 301 redirect the domain to your original domain, but make sure the older domain you are purchasing does not have any seo penalties or bad reputation online, because after some time you will automatically acquire them.

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H1 Head line Text

Make use of H1 head line text to place your major keywords, this step is very important for your webpage optimization process. Some search engines give extra relevance for this tags in your web pages. Over using it may also lead to being hit by Google algorithm as over stuffing keywords (over optimization of a keyword), so please use with caution as each tags have an acceptable % of occurrence for any given keyword. A rule of thumb is to never let it exceed % of your total body word count of any other single, double or three phrases  another thing do not use the opportunity to only singularly add this tag on keywords only to over optimize relevancy.


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You should at least have one of your major keywords used in your webpage url or domain name. This is important for your web seo e.g you want a ranking for diabetic drugs, then your domain name should at most contain one of the keyword. E.g or or etc Read on 
How To Do SEO Keyword Research will be useful for you if you are new to this game.

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This aspect is also important for your search engine optimization; most search engines use social site references as a major weight for ranking your webpage. This means your webpage gets a lot of popularity from social sites...More like a word of mouth and if you get your links saturated among the top notch social media sites, it will help in getting sound referral traffic as well, which is also a signal for ranking.

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This is also an important factor, because the time it takes your webpage to load on a visitors screen lets the search engine to know how long they spend on your webpage. The average should be 3 seconds, most acceptable is 5 seconds, anything above that is flag as bad. You need to optimize how your web page load. Visitors don’t like to wait for slow loading pages, so also the search engines spiders. you can learn how to improve your website page speed and How To Speed Up Wordpress Site.

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H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 headline texts are the texts that are written in headline tags in the HTML code of your web page. Some search engines give extra relevance to search terms that appear in the headline texts, although not as powerful as H1 but they have more values than bold and strong, emphasize or cite tags. Do not use the opportunity to only singularly add this tag on keywords only to over optimize relevancy.


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Make sure you saturate your keywords into your image descriptions. It is important for your webpage optimization and it’s the first item that loads before your images and contribute width in your content or keyword density. Make sure to optimize your Images by compressing them, reduce them to the actual size you need to be on the page, add your correct width and height of the image, do not give the web browser guessing work to reduce images for you or providing wrong width and height.

If necessary you can add the title tag to your images, it really dose not add anything more than more description on your images when hovered on, it has little to no seo value.

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It is important to bold out your keywords in your body content. This quite similar to when writing a letter, you bold the major emphasis words from the normal content. It helps both search engine robot and human surfer to quickly pick out points about your website. Another thing to be cautious of is over doing things, do not over optimized your keywords only with bold letters, make sure you spread the love across the sentence the keyword is on, a
nd most particular is not to bold the entire body content..that is a bad seo practice that can easily get you penalized for seo over optimization.

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Anchor Link Text
Use anchor link text that contain your keyword you want to get high ranking on the search engines in the same domain url webpage, also use this method for same domain link url, outbound links and inbound links. Make sure the pages are related, eg for an inbound link, if your first page is targeting dog trainers and you want to link it to your 2nd page make sure the next anchor link (can be your navigation link) be named dog trainers and let that page show case list of either dog trainers or something related to the keyword, same goes for outbound links.

seo web analyst blogger community

Description META TAG
Most search engines don’t give relevancy but this is the tag that search engine will show searchers and a well description related to the keyword will get you more click through. Keep your description short and concise with your body text and keyword, any description longer than 150 characters will make no extra weight to your optimization.

seo web analyst blogger community

The easier your web content is to understand the better search engine robots can go through your web page content and sprout your keywords from your page content, the same with web visitors. They must be able to read and understand what your site content is about and must correlate with your keyword.

•Follow the simple steps explained in this presentation and see a difference in ranking score of your website.
•It takes up to 3months before you can see any positive work done results on your seo effort for your website.
•That is why you need an seo web analyst to help you cross check the seo onpage optimization work on your website.
•An seo web analyst can help you save money in the long run, by making it easier for you to know areas required for correction during your webpage optimzation analysis report.

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