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Successful Blogging Tips.

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Blog Writing Tips.

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Welcome to my post, if you were wondering how to be a successful blogger believe me we all have gone down that path. Well, I have carefully done a bit of selection from individuals that have shared their personal successful blogging tips from a whole lot of blogging advice and hundreds of other blogging tips out there.

In other to spare the confusion and the great hurdle of digestive read on blogging, I have decided to only share the specifics in accordance to what other successful blogging professionals out there are applying to their blog success.

Below you will find a list of tips for blogging adopted by each blogger, which has been used or relied on during and after creating a blog, I do believe these blogging tips will be valuable to do interested in the blogging business and make money by blogging.

Most of which are contributed by Quora bloggers, copywriters, and startups...the question was raised by me in order to get like minds to share their ideas and provide you with succinct blog tips you can easily deploy on your journey to create a blog that is successful.

Successful Blogging Tips.

Out of all the tips I'd want to list to create a successful blog, I've chosen the top 3 that CAN make a difference between one that's mediocre and one that's extraordinary.

Here they are: Blog Writing Tips

The number of views you get is important, but what you should care more about is the number of followers returning to your blog. That's why almost every successful blogger insists you start building an email list. Long-term rewards beat instant gratification at any time or day.

Write the way you talk. A decent number of us (as much as we hate to admit) don't have our own voice when weblog. And instead, mimic others who are more successful in the hopes that our popularity would go off the roof. It won't. Because no matter how hard you try, you can't be the original. So why be second-rate of somebody else when you can be first-rate of you?

Engage with your readers A blog means nothing without readers. And it's sad to see how many bloggers don't respond back to readers' comments. It's like sitting in a room where everyone is staring at one person, only to find out that he/she is just browsing on their phone. Start a conversation. Make small talk. Compliment their personality. You'll gain loyalties, and with that comes more people willing to bond with someone who loves talking to people.

What do you think?

Blogging 24/7 @Rabbut (the name is Tiffany Sun)
Personally blog on Medium as well. 


This is a classic advice bloggers tip from Ben Rodda

It is easy:
1) Write about something that people find entertaining, interesting, or informative.
2) Make sure that the people who find it entertaining, interesting, or informative know where to find your blog.
3) Make sure you do constant updates and add content.
4) Make sure people can share your content with others who they think might also like it.
Anything else and you’re overthinking it.

Bloggers tips by Ben Rodda Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering. Startup Junkie.


Another Advice Blog Tips:

  1. Use high-quality and relevant images, attribute them.
  2. Divide post into various sections and subsections
  3. Use quirky language
  4. Write like you are telling the story
  5. Add quotes, stats, video, etc.
  6. Ask questions at the end
  7. Always end with a conclusion
  8. Reply to comments, even negative comments
  9. support your facts by references/cites
  10. Build a relationship with your reader (not romantic :D)

Advice Blog Tips By Kalpesh Singh, helping people to make blogging better

Personal site:


Ace Rich, (make money by blogging) Successfully blogging; earned a six-figure income blogging since 2010

Tip #1 Provide Quality Valuable Content ~ Make sure you are writing content or recording videos that are about subjects, topics, and problems people on the internet are searching for answers for. The bigger the problem and more detailed the keyword phrase is the more targeted leads you are attracting.

For more (make money by blogging) blogging tips watch this video:


Another Blogger Tips by Tom Southern, Copywriter | Blogging Coach | Writer

1. Find something you're really interested in that you could write about each week for 3 years.
2. Read blogs that already write about that topic.
3. Find what's missing in what they say, or advise, make a list of these missing topics, steps, etc because these are topics you could write about.
4. Think about giving information to your readers first, before thinking about how to make money out of your blog.
5. Follow people already blogging about your topic on Twitter. Get to know them on Twitter. Find out what they tweet about so you can write about the same topics, then let them know that you've done this and that they might like to read your post - send them a link.
And my final blog tips will be from Adeptniyi from and his successful blogging tips are;
  1. It's a tough job writing 365 blog posts in one year, but by leveraging the effort of others you can write 3650 blog posts in 365 hours. It's only original, consistent content that will put you on a fast track.

  2. Blogging without promotional efforts is like building an empire in the underworld.

  3. It's good to want to be perfect at what you do, but** DON'T** try so hard that you're confused.

  4. Simplicity is stylish. Your blog, design, grammatical presentation, and all should be simple yet stylish to comprehend.

That's my 50 cents!

I hope you enjoyed this post and must have learned some blog writing tips or taken advice blog tips from these professionals? if you want to be successful blogging it does not take more than what all these experts have shared with you.

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Now if you also have other successful blogging tips for creating a blog then let's hear them in the comment box below.

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