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Content Marketing Strategy is King

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Content has always been termed King in every aspect of online marketing, and you must be surprised to hear it but the facts are there for all to see.

In SEO you will find search engines giving more priority to webpages that have more quality contents on search engine ranking page, in regards to links or other relevant SEO factors. I have seen web pages with average SEO work but high quality content ranking for medium searched keywords on the top ten result pages of Google.

Another place content marketing is deemed relevant is on social media sites, the right content can get you viral, it may be an image, a video, or a simple post, if it has quality you are bound to have traction from it.

So how do you harness it? or what better way to create a sound content marketing strategy? before I diverse into that, it be wise to define what content marketing is itself, since a lot of misinterpretation and confusion has been spreading on what should be or is a content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Content marketing is also defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.[1]The type of content businesses share is closely related to what they sell. However, the content's main focus is on the needs of the prospect. This information is consistently delivered and can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white paperse-booksinfographics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, blogs etc.... As defined by wikipedia

If you have taken note of the definition mentioned above you will notice that they are mostly centralized on some set of marketing phases which revolves round the customer.

But majorly the best way a content marketer can work with all the mediums of online marketing is to build a content strategy that will encompass all the effort of inbound marketing. ie the mix of SEO marketing, Email marketing, Social Media marketing, Video marketing etc.

From my own personal experience have come to respect the value of content marketing using the voice of blog content as my own content marketing platform to reach my target audiences.

Before we go any further, I did like to let you in on a secret that most website that own a blog about their business do get more website traffic compared to those running just their normal website. They get more traffic via referral channels like search engines and social media sites and this can be well executed with the right content strategy aimed at their targeted audience.

Now the big question, how do you use content marketing via blogging to generate leads or customers for your business? First thing first, quickly take a look at the image below and digest it's content as it explains;

How To Create a Content Marketing Strategy.

seo web analyst blogger community

Please Note: Useful content should be at the core of your content marketing plan.

There are lots of content marketing tools and content marketing platforms that can help you to generate great content and keep your marketing content score on a loop hold on your audience, since the task of finding juicy content to publish and market is quite challenging nonetheless satisfying your audience desire for fresh and new piece of content can be frustrating if you are not up to the task.

These are one of the best list of content marketing tools listed by Lee Odden, he is a renounced SEO specialist and inbound marketer and one of my top 20 digital marketers, Content Marketing Tools A to Z that you can use now. While some other awesome content marketing platforms can be read via this lovely post by  THE 50 BEST TOOLS FOR CREATING ENGAGING CONTENT AND MAXIMIZING YOUR CONTENT REACH.

I on the other hand am a bit of the old school kind of fella, using this blog post itself as a good content marketing example; I prefer to blog and I blog a lot by brain storming, performing some couple of hours research, checking trends and keyword queries before I post, since my blog post is trimmed to my service which is online marketing...I write post that are geared to this, that way I keep my audience {which you are a part of} coming back for more.

My content strategy are basically based on this simple approach and hence after publishing, I get to execute a social share frenzy on 10+ social account I own on 10+ social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Friendlife, Referralkey, Apsense, weheart it, quora, forum sites, etc

Obviously some visits will also cause other shares and this in turn will get syndicated on various social sites, driving engagement and most importantly link back to my post which will automatically signal Google when next it comes back to index my site that a new page has been created and is getting a lot of recommendations. Now depending on my main aim for the content published, I may decide to go a bit further with executing a complete SEO work on the blog post, and now adding personalize banners to customize the content to suite my audience and business.

This as been a very successful way to generate leads as it fine tunes the traffic that eventually lands to my website or client website via a content marketing strategy using blog as a content marketing tool. No doubt most successful content marketer utilize this method of content marketing strategy to leverage the amount of traffic they get to a blog post to prepare the leads mindset prior entering or visiting the main page or website of the client.

You can see most blogs have all the inbound marketing influence in them, as they encompass SEO, social media, email marketing in form of newsletter or popup windows all in the aim of generating targeted audience that will lead to customers.

You too can simply follow this path and start creating content strategy for your business using blog marketing, marketing content that are pertinent to your industry. To help you on the path of content marketing using blog as a medium, please read

1.) How To Create or Start a Blog read more on How to create a blog

2.) How To Write Successful Blog Post That Ranks On Google. read more on How To Write Successful Blog Post That Ranks On Google

3.) Blogging Tips and Tricks For beginners. Read more on Blogging Tips and Tricks For beginners

4.) Why not learn from other successful bloggers? you can read their successful tips here on successful blogging tips

It is not an issue if you did rather blog on your website or blog from another blogging platform the main idea is to write quality content as we all know that content is king!

if you have other content marketing examples you will like to share or you utilize for your businesses please do share them below in the comment boxes so that others can benefit as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this piece and hope you gained a few thing or two from its content.

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