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How Do Bloggers earn money Blogging.

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How to Make Money as a Blogger: 7 Ways to “Cash In” Blogging.

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How many times have you gotten useful information that actually works on the internet? How much of does the information comes from a blog?.

Blogging is one of the arts of content marketing, and in most cases as a much vital role in most successful internet marketing strategy, in terms of traffic generation, lead generation, online branding, etc.

But this is a technical field online for anyone with the flare to want to settle down with as a means of generating money. You can actually earn money or make money blogging, I am a classic testimonial to this and in this, I will be sharing with you my best 7 ways to cash in from blogging.

1.) Display ads (Google AdSense and private ads): This is a number one means to generate money from blogging, as a blogger you will definitely be focusing on getting your site on Google Adsense, although the payout is quite small with respect to how many traffic your blog gets. You can earn as low as $1 per day or $1000.

If you can get your website verified for Google Adsense simply input the ajax code on your blog and see how it grows as you start generating traffic to your site. Another option will be for professional bloggers that will offer a spot on their site for advert display...this option is mostly presented by pro bloggers that have tons of traffic generation to them. Because without a steady stream of traffic you might not be able to earn from the advert.

This means of getting money via blogging is called blog monetization, whereby you monetize your blog content and space environment.


2.) Giveaway/coupons and Reviews: This is another means to earn money via your blog...simply visit or signup for giveaway sites that offer all sorts of incentives or coupons and present them on your blog post for your readers to get discounts. Such deals are partnership deals where you are paid to offer such incentives to your readers. Make sure that the Giveaway or reviews are related to your niche so that you are contacting the right audience.


3.) Sponsored Posts (brand posting or content marketing): I personally love this means of earning money blogging as I practice this in particular (alongside the 1st list). You are entitled to write a post for your client or a brand that is actually SEO and social media-oriented and the essence of such a post is to gear more filtered traffic to your client's website or brand awareness for your clients.

It is a tedious means of making money via blogging as it entails you writing up lots of posts with respect to your agreement on how many posts to publish, which entails serious background research on the niche or topic you want to write about. This is the most lucrative and strenuous as it involves you writing SEO blog and social blog posts.


4.) Affiliate Marketing: This is more like a substitute if you can't land yourself a juicy advert deal. You will be able to earn commission from affiliate banners you place on your blogs, and in most cases, this commission from affiliate programs is far better than Google Adsense.


5.) Guest posting: Writing as a guest for another blog may not be a paid service if you are not an authoritative author. But most guest blogging is done in partnership and also to encourage the Guest blogger in terms of online awareness and reach. such bloggers are recognized as authoritative figures in the subject matter. 

You can make money for Guest posting if you want to agree to such terms and conditions, but if you are an authoritative blogger you are most likely to get compensated for your time and followers.


6.) E-book (Infomedia): Selling ebooks based on your latest write-up or post can be a very lucrative way to make money blogging. If you can create ebooks aimed at solving the issues of your readers you are more likely to get buyers, especially if you broadcast weekly newsletters or send your reader email alerts whenever you have published new content on your blog. 

E-books are not meant for visual sites alone like visually, Scribd, etc you can also offer ebooks for sale to your blog audience which will only add a more authoritative persona to your resume as a professional blogger.


7.) Premium Membership/communities: You can earn money from blogging by providing premium content, this is only viable if your site is just as good or organized as NEW YORK TIMES DAILY, meaning you have a lot of areas to cover in the world of content and have resources to attain original content as fresh as they come. Another means will be to have a blogging community like quora and then monetize it by offering membership packages. But such a level of blogging platforms will require a lot of tenacity and spending to attain world-class traffic that will be able to sustain the blog itself.

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I personally utilize some of this means to earn money from blogging and I can state that if you practice any of them as mentioned above you will start to see earnings on your site..(ie if you have a steady flow of traffic already on the site).

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