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How to Increase the WordPress Maximum Upload File Size.

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How to Increase the WordPress Maximum Upload File Size

Having trouble uploading your image file on a WordPress website hosted on Godaddy or any other host provider? Yep have been in that issue of getting the File Exceeds WordPress Maximum Upload Size error anytime I exceed a predefine upload limit set by default.

Well there are some few methods you can apply to solve this dilemma, but I will only focus on those methods that word with any latest version of WordPress, or those that come pre-installed on your host.

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Methods Used To Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress.

1.) WordPress Admin Settings

Some WordPress dashboard are built in with the functions to increase their file size upload limit via their admin back end settings, which grant the admin access to edit the maximum upload size along other WordPress settings. Some dashboard will provide you with upload limit settings, which allows you to increase the size of files you upload on your WordPress website.

Most cases this is only visible to some peculiar type of WordPress website that are not self hosted, that is you utilize the WordPress software provided by your host.

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2.) Increasing Size Using PHP.ini

You can increase your file upload size by creating or modifying an existing PHP.ini file on your server, for most shared server you may not be able to locate yours, hence the need to create one for yourself and upload it into your root directory of your website.

PHP.ini contains the PHP configuration for your server. You can find it in the root directory of your server. Go to your hosting root directory and search for php.ini file. Due to security reasons, it might be hidden, so don’t forget to check “Show hidden files”.

Open php.ini file with any text editor and search for the three settings to modify them according to your requirement. You can set your PHP.ini file as describe below:

File size to be uploaded: 64MB. upload_max_filesize = 64MB post_max_size = 64MB memory_limit = 30MB


Incase you don’t find the php.ini file on your server, simply create one by Right Clicking your mouse and selecting Add New File. Open the new file and paste the three lines above and save it as php.ini.

Sometimes your server’s php.ini file is named as php5.ini, hence, don’t get confused between the two, if 64mb won't work you can try something smaller.

There are shared host provider that may need you adding the suPHP directive in your .htaccess file for the above php.ini file settings to work. To do this, edit your .htaccess file, also located at the root of your site, and add the following code towards the top of the file:

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/yourusername/public_html


If you’re using cPanel, modifying the php.ini file can also sometimes be done via the MultiPHP INI Editor tool. Under Software click on “MultiPHP INI Editor.”


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3.)  Change PHP Options in cPanel

This is one of the best option in getting the desired results needless of the type of host provider you are on, as long as they run a cPanel console. Under Software click on “Select PHP Version" then click on “Switch to PHP Options.”


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Simply check each values and properties on the image below with yours and check on the missing ones. Then click on “Save.”

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Next you click on the "Switch to PHP Options" when all has been saved accordingly.

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On this page you can click on the upload_max_filesize to get a drop down like the one above and select your desired upload limit.

4.) WordPress Filz Size Increase Plugin

You can automate this process of getting your file size increased via the use of WordPress plugins that are built to allow your WordPress website exceed it's limited upload size. Simply make a search from the plugin page and find one that is compatible with your current WordPress version. Try using Increase Upload Max Filesize  or any other plugin that is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

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From the left pane of your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins -> Add New, search for the Increase Upload Max Filesize plugin from the top right corner, and Install it.

5.) Host Support

This should be the last resort if all is done and you simply can't get a desired results from this previous four steps above. I will advice you quickly contact your host provider to help you to setup your WordPress size limit and increase it for you.


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