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4 Quality Ways To Building Email Address List.

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4 Sure-proof ways on how to create a mailing list.

It's no news that email marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales on the web, out of all the online marketing medium that leads to a purchase, email marketing gets 56% followed by text messages and Facebook. This is to point out how influential Email marketing is if you are targeting the right email address list.

Furthermore Email marketing  is still the best for sales generation! and the reason is quite simple, email marketing gives a better return on investment than other channels of online marketing, currently it is ranked 2nd behind Search Engine Optimization (organic search) aka SEO. So how do you capitalize on this evergreen means of online promotion? which most people do start off with no email address list.

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Get More Insight: Email Marketing Strategy

Well then, let me provide you with some insightful means of generating quality email list. I am a practical person and would like to be as much realistic as I can be with this topic "4 Quality Ways To Building Email Address List", Getting your first quality list building technique right might be difficult at times but if you keep monitoring and making concoctive decisions you are bound to see some changes.

1.) Paid Advertisement : 

I will like to begin with this one here as I myself have found it very useful, placing adverts targeting your service or product online is one of the best ways to quickly reach your audiences/prospects. But what most advertisers miss out on is leveraging their advertisement spend by capturing emails of their targeted audiences.

No matter the form of advertisement you are doing, you should always consider the point of leveraging on your penny and the best way to do this is by getting email data of does that visit your site.

I did a case study on this that prompt me to write about Why Buy Email Addresses List if Opt in Form is Better?  I believe if you read this then you understand why you should leverage your advert money with an option in form to harvest email list from which you can create a mailing list.


2.) Social Media:

Now among the top social media platform out there Facebook seems to be doing awesome, and I mean in terms of lead generation and sales. Did you know that Facebook is the 3rd most used medium to generate sales on the internet? well you can get more insight: Email Marketing Strategy

Now apart from this point and the other obvious fact that it has grown to be the mammoth of everything social on the internet, it also provides internet marketers the means to be creative via viral marketing which can be an in-built page of your Facebook Fan page. 

You can create such an effect with trending contents on social media and add a link to your landing page (with an option in form) for people to subscribe for more information. I enjoy building my mailing list via this process as its fun and challenging, it brings you to various approach to target your audiences and get data like their emails, their preferences etc

Read More on :Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business


3.) Content Marketing:

Another favorite medium of mine, I so much enjoy writing content online and they are mostly under a niche I can expand into several topics. So how do one utilize content marketing to generate leads? My best approach is via blogging. As simple as writing 500 to 800 words and revising them for both user and Search engine friendliness.

You write a blog post that is targeted for your niche and place a pop up box for news letter, subscription or a side bar for collecting emails or push notification app for your website to always remind your subscribers whenever you publish new post to get alert.

This are means to build email list from your target traffic that visit your site. I for one always share my post on social media handles and let the content do its job of providing insightful juicy details, which in turn gets shared, hence generating traffic. And if the SEO keyword is relevant to some search phrases (already performed keyword research on my blog post) It will also be an add-on traffic the post will generate.

There are other means of generating contents online eg Videos, ebooks, podcast etc and the first thing you need to know is what we mean by content marketing and how you can use it to build mailing list of prospective clients. 

I have written some topic on content marketing like B2B Content Marketing ServicesContent Marketing vs Native Advertising and Content Marketing Strategy which all center on the values of using quality contents in driving profitable customer action by changing or enhancing consumer behavior, You should read them for insight.


4.) Re-target Marketing :

This is almost neglected in most web marketing strategies, but due to it's importance you will find sites like Google and Facebook offering re-targeting marketing to help you recapture an audience that did not finish your set of goals for the advert. Now you can utilize an optin form in this format to help you capture the data of the user before they leave again without ever coming back to your site.

This can be suitable for sites that are more into a discount offer or you can offer a special deal, giveaway or incentive that will captivate your audience instead of relying on pop up windows all the time, you can get your run away audience to fill your forms when next they are captured by your ads for something in return (incentives).

Another thing to look at after you must have compiled or grow your emails in their hundreds, you need to segment them and there are other ways to do that than to execute an email marketing campaign. This will help you segment and get to know your mailing list preferences to better target them with the right email advert.


You can share your opinion on other WORKING ways you have utilize to generate quality emails to build your mailing list in the comment box below.

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